Moving house like a minimalist

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    Do you remember what is there in your attic, cellar, garage, or the deepest parts of wardrobes and drawers? Presents and souvenirs, unused holiday and sports equipment, in-case-I-need-it-one-day stuff, heirlooms, etc.? When the time for relocation comes, this guide to moving house like a minimalist will be very useful since you will go through all your possessions and try to declutter. You can hire the best Manhattan moving and storage agency to help you, but it’s up to you to decide what to get rid of.

    Why relocate like a minimalist? 

    First things first, let’s discuss what minimalism is. For those who aren’t sure, minimalism is a concept of life that means you can live well with less. Of course, it doesn’t mean your life will be void of any colors and interesting things. It is just a notion that you don’t really need a lot of stuff.

    a minimalist shef
    Being a minimalist doesn’t make your house all black and white.

    Accordingly, this concept can truly help you in many ways. One of the most significant is relocation. There is no doubt that minimalist moving will save your budget and time. You won’t need to spend a huge amount of money on driving bulks. Especially if you are moving to another state and hiring an agency. And the majority of cross country movers NYC offers are expensive, while their prices often depend on the volume of the belongings. Besides, you won’t need too many weeks to pack and unpack. 

    How to make a minimalist move?

    The process of minimalist moving starts with decluttering and reducing the number of items. It may be difficult owing to the fact that people are normally sentimental about their belongings. As a rule of thumb, experienced minimalists say that if you don’t use something for one year, you should get rid of it. Those more radical minimalists suggest a three-month period. 

    When you determine what the right period is, you will move on to categorizing your belongings. We would recommend that you stick to the following pieces of advice:

    • moving house like a minimalist requires keeping only necessary things
    • unnecessary stuff should be sold or given away
    • completely useless items can be thrown away and recycled

    Earn money while moving house like a minimalist

    While sorting out your possessions, dig deep for something you can sell. As for minimalist moving, you will dispose of some clothes, spare electronic devices, home appliances, books, spare items of furniture, jewelry, paintings, collections, etc. You can organize a yard or garage sale if you have enough time and space. Additionally, you can make deals with antique shops or second-hand retails. Or just post the items on websites for selling and buying used things.

    A yard sale
    Yard sales are a good idea if you have a yard and will to organize everything.

    Extra tip: Don’t fall into a vicious circle. Set up a deadline for the sale. If something hasn’t been sold after the deadline, give or throw it away. You don’t want to risk keeping it again for ages. 

    Minimalist moving, sharing, and caring

    If you don’t want to bother selling some of your stuff, then think of giving them away. Talk to your friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues. Is anyone from your surroundings looking for a good chest of drawers? And do you have one that won’t fit your new house or apartment? Then, why don’t you offer them that chest of drawers? 

    What is more, moving house like a minimalist can make you feel better if you donate some things. Contact local charity organizations and ask if they need anything, such as clothes, shoes, toys, old school books, even items of furniture and blankets. Go to local libraries and give them some books you don’t read anymore. Each gift, no matter how small it is, will be appreciated and received cordially.

    People donate clothes they don't need
    If you haven’t worn some clothes for a year or more, give them away to those in need.

    Extra tip: Always bear in mind that someone else will find a better way to utilize something that you haven’t used for a long time. 

    Decluttering in a green way

    Unfortunately, you will also have to pare down the number of items by throwing some away. Well, no one has ever said that moving house like a minimalist will be extremely easy. The burning issue here is what is for the garbage. 

    To illustrate, if nobody wants to buy the above mentioned chest of drawers or accept it as a gift, you should definitely throw it out. And don’t get offended. Some people just don’t like or don’t need it. 

    Moreover, a lot of us save damaged items of furniture and put them into the garage. But the point is that we won’t use them again. And not a single person will ever use them. Thus, you know what to do — the garbage is calling!

    Throwing away doesn’t need to be so black and dark. You can make it green by recycling. Paper, glass, and plastic are some of the typical recycling materials. Don’t wait and unload your wardrobes, shelves, and cupboards. All damaged glasses and mirrors, spare bottles, used notebooks, unnecessary holiday (or party) decorations, etc. ought to be sorted. Once you sort them, put them into special recycling garbage bins according to the material they were made of.

    Extra tip: Don’t throw the damaged electronic devices and batteries away together with the mixed garbage. Find out where to dispose of them. 

    Moving house like a minimalist with the must-haves only

    When you finish decluttering, you will find yourself with the stuff you really need. Now the relocation will be lighter and won’t cause many problems. Most people feel relieved and realize how much they wanted it. Furthermore, moving house like a minimalist will teach you not to cram your rooms again. You will also learn not to waste money on something you don’t need. You will also become more aware of the importance of recycling and giving things away, which makes the whole process a satisfying experience. 

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