Moving heavy furniture into a high-rise apartment

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    If you are in the moving process and you are about to move to your new apartment on that seventh floor, then you came to the right place. Moving heavy furniture into a high-rise apartment is a process through which you can go step by step and in that way move the furniture fast and more importantly safe. If you want to be one hundred percent safe that this type of move will go well then maybe checking moving service Manhattan can be a really good idea. On the other hand, if you want to turn this into a DIY project, then let’s see some of the best ways of moving heavy furniture into a high-rise apartment.


    So, one of the most important things is the circumstances under which you are moving. For example, does your new building have a working elevator? How wide are the stairs and hallways? These are the questions to which you will have to have an answer in order to move heavy furniture. Even if the elevator is in working conditions, is it big enough to have a couch fit in there? Do your investigation before you find yourself in front of the building with a closet, couch and two huge chairs having to move it by foot on the seventh floor. Do not let the situation with “pivot” from Friends happen to you.

    Moving heavy furniture – call all your friends

    When you are moving heavy furniture, think about all the people who may owe you a favor. Or people that you know they will help you whether they owe to you a favor or not. It is important to gather people, who are physically prepared to help you move heavy furniture. This is not an easy task, and it is not all about strength. You must have a certain technique as well. If you decide to simply have some strong men to help you move, who has no idea whatsoever how to do this, but by simply using their strength, then a serious injury may happen. That is why you should get familiar with the lifting techniques.

    Lifting techniques

    So, as we said, it is not just having a lot of strength and being in good condition. It is also very important to know how to lift a certain heavy item. For example, when it comes to a heavy couch firstly do not even try to lift it yourself. This is like the worst idea ever, also it is probably impossible. You need to have someone to help you, to lift the other end. One of the most important lessons on moving heavy furniture is to lift with your knees, not with your back. If you get this wrong, you are risking a back injury.

    man lifting boxes
    Make sure you know how to lift heavy objects

    This is very painful, and recovery takes a lot of time. Another important thing to do is to stretch before you start lifting. Think of this as of some kind of training, because it has all the components of it. So, get ready, it is very important to stay injury-free and healthy during the move.

    Disassemble the furniture

    Another great solution to the problem of moving heavy furniture is to have it disassembled. Of course, this may be a problem. It all depends on whether your couch or a chair can be disassembled. The good news is that the heaviest and the biggest part of the furniture family, its majesty, the closet can be disassembled in no time and then put back together once in the apartment. In order not to forget what screw goes where take pictures so that you can reassemble it later. On the other hand, there are some furniture pieces that cannot be dismantled. This is where you simply have to deal with the fact that it needs to be carried to a high floor in one piece. It may take a while. But as we said, with few helping hands all of this will go faster and smoother.

    assembling furniture
    Disassemble whatever you can for easier handling

    Moving heavy furniture into a high-rise apartment – what to do

    So, let’s put all the steps in one place, to have a clearer vision on how to move a heavy piece of furniture to a high floor:

    • Is the elevator working?
    • If so, is it big enough to accommodate a large piece of furniture?
    • Learn the lifting techniques to avoid injuries
    • Get help
    • Disassemble what can be disassembled

    If you do follow these five very simple steps, you will do what is required here, and that is moving heavy furniture by avoiding any type of injury and delay.

    Moving heavy furniture- do you need them all?

    Before you start with the moving process, make sure to analyze your true needs. Do you really need absolutely everything in your home? Maybe not, maybe the heaviest chair out of those three simply does not fit in the new concept in your apartment. If this may be the case, not only that you have less to carry on that high floor, but you will free up some room for new items. Until then, Manhattan storage units, are the answer to this problem. Store everything you don’t want to carry up the stairs right now, get a clear idea and just then decide whether you will get that heavy furniture into your new home.

    big sofa
    Try to avoid moving unnecessary furniture

    Moving is a big deal, it is really stressful, and people tend to get anxious as the moving day approaches. This is what you should try to avoid. Having some tips and tricks on how to move heavy furniture to the high floor will make everything easier and better.

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