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    Whether you are moving locally or out of the state, you will have to prepare for the relocation process. Moving from NYC to California also requires good organization, preparation, sorting out a budget and making a checklist. Every relocation process gives us stress and headaches. However, there are some things we can do in order to reduce the moving stress. One of those things is hiring a professional mover to assist you with the move. But, you should also research and get familiar with your new neighborhood before you move. If you thoroughly inspect everything, you won’t feel like a stranger in your new city. So, today we are talking about moving from NYC to California! Let’s start.

    Moving from NYC to California – Prepare in Advance

    People are moving for different reasons. Some people move because their job requires it. Others move because they want to be close to their friends and family. And of course, some people want to start a new life with their partner and that is a solid reason for relocation! Whether you are moving from NYC to California or you are relocating to Manhattan, you will need a professional mover to assist you with your move.
    You should start planning and organizing everything at least a few weeks before the move. The checklist will help you to finish all your tasks on time. In order to finish everything on time, you should also involve your family in the whole moving process. Their help will reduce your stress level to a minimum. Before you move, you should gather information about California. The most important things are:

    • Public Transportation
    • The weather
    • Price of the Households
    • Fun is Affordable
    • Job Market and Opportunities
    Train, Railway
    Transportation system is not something they can brag about! It’s kinda “slow” and you will need some time to adapt.

    Public Transportation in California

    You might have a little problem adapting to California’s transportation system. NYC has very good transportation and if you are used to it, you will get from point A to point B in a short period of time. However, the transportation system in California is lacking. The existing bus and metro systems have limited hours and range. Staying out too late will put you in an uncomfortable position because you will have to rely on car share services to get to your home. Otherwise, you will stay stuck in downtown for a while.

    The transportation system will definitely work for you, but you will have to adapt. It might be slower than in NYC, but you can always use your own car if you have no patience and don’t want to use public transportation. However, if you want to save some money and you are not in a rush, you should find out when is the best time to relocate long distance!

    Moving from NYC to California – The weather!

    California is also known as the Golden State because of the wonderful weather. Even though it has a bad transportation system, California’s beautiful weather makes it up for it! This is the state with the sunniest days during the year. Most of the state has warm temperatures and dry climate, which will allow you to spend a lot of time outside, enjoying outdoor activities! Northern California gets rain and mountain cities, such as Tahoe, gets snow during the winter! However, if you are moving from NYC to California and you are selling your home in NYC, here are some tips on how to stage your home to sell!

    Price of the Households

    If you are moving from NYC to California, you are already familiar with high household prices! In fact, California cities claim nine of the top ten spots for the most expensive households in the country. Most of the people in California are renting apartments. For a small condo, you will have to pay 350 thousand dollars and more! If you are moving from NYC to California and downsizing, you might consider getting one of the Manhattan storage units and store some of your items and furniture before the move.

    If you are moving from NYC to California, high household prices won't surprise you much!
    If you want to buy a small condo, you will need 350 thousand dollars or even more! A lot of people choose to rent an apartment rather than to buy one.

    Fun is Affordable

    The best thing about California is that it has plenty of budget-friendly activities. The wonderful public beaches, such as Santa Monica State Beach and La Jolla Shores are some of the Southern California attractions. You can also visit Balboa Park and take your kids to the wonderful Sea World and Disneyland parks! Northern California has plenty of low-cost activities too. There are miles of coastline as well as parks with incredible views, such as Siera Nevada and Yosemite, and plenty of hiking trails! There’s something for everyone!

    Moving from NYC to California – Job Market and Opportunities

    A job market in California is very healthy and blooming every day! Relocating your office to California might be a very good move! However, if you are searching for a job and you have a lot of experience in a specific field, you will definitely find a good job fast. The Bay area is home to Apple, Google, Netflix, Facebook, and other tech companies. If you are searching for a job in the production, marketing, advertising, and law, you should search for a job in Southern California. If you are searching for a job in healthcare, you will be able to find a job almost everywhere in the state. As you can see, the job market is good and blooming and there are a lot of wonderful job opportunities for you! You will definitely find a job in no time!

    "We are hiring" sign
    The Bay area is a home place for Facebook, Google, Apple, and other tech companies. Therefore, if you are a tech expert, you should search for a job in the Bay area!

    The only thing you might have a problem with if you are moving from NYC to California is the transporting system. However, you can fix this problem by transporting your own car and using it until you get used to public transportation. Other than that, household prices are almost the same as in NYC, so that won’t surprise you much. But sunny and warm weather during the whole year beats everything! Have a good move and best of luck!

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