Moving for love — how to make it work?

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    The USA is a huge country. With the development of cutting-edge technology, we can easily meet lots of people online. And we can possibly fall in love with one of them. What happens when someone from Miami relocates to NYC to start living with their partner? Since they are moving for love, they are ready to leave their old life behind. Suddenly, they pay for the best moving service Manhattan can offer. And a whole new life can begin. But how can they make it work? It isn’t just about moving, but rather a constant effort to improve the relationship.

    How to move house for love?

    The best thing to do when changing the place of living is to hire some movers. It doesn’t save you money, but it saves you time and nerves. To illustrate, hiring a NoMad moving company while relocating for love to NYC is far better than self-moving. There are fewer things to worry about than when doing it by yourself.

    No matter the reason, moving house can be expensive. This is especially true for long-distance moving services. The price usually depends on the weight of items and mileage. However, if you are relocating for love into your partner’s home, you can’t imagine how lucky you are. Not only will you live with the person you adore, but also you won’t have to move much furniture. That could lower your moving expenses to a great extent. 


    The less stuff you move, the cheaper it is. Don’t move your kitchen because your partner has one.

    How to know if moving for love is right?

    It is a process that requires lots of thinking and planning. Here is our checklist of the things that can help you make sure moving in with your partner is the right step forward.

    1. You’ve discussed it several times

    The decision to start living with your partner has to come up as a result of a number of discussions. You shouldn’t make it based on a single conversation. If you are relocating for love to another city, that must be a matter of serious planning. Of course, cohabitation is far from unusual nowadays. It has become a necessary step prior to getting married. Still, it is a demanding task and a decision that can change one’s life. 

    2. Ready for a new life after moving for love

    You definitely like being close to your friends and family members. But are you really certain that you could leave them? Are you prepared to quit your rewarding job? Do you want to do all those things because you are relocating for love to a place far away? If the answer to all these questions is a big fat yes, you are on the right track

    As for the job, you ought to start looking for one in advance. Why would you wait until the relocation is over and only then begin job-hunting? Being employed from the very beginning will make the adaptation process easier. You will know how to spend the day and also make friends with some new people. And you won’t have to “borrow” your partner’s friends. You will have your own crew. 


    A girl having a video call
    You will miss your old friends and family. Stay in touch with them. Organizing a video call once a week is a fantastic idea.

    Another way to overcome nostalgia is to spend quality time with your partner. It’s not like you ended up moving to Manhattan alone, but you decided to move house for love. Now, it’s time to do fun stuff with your partner. Watch movies, cook together, go jogging at the same time. Just indulge yourselves and enjoy it!

    3. You have arranged everything about living together

    Living with someone means both of you must adapt to each other. The fact that you are about to move house for love and start living in your partner’s place doesn’t mean you are the only one to change something. Everyone wants to add a personal touch to a new home, so why shouldn’t you? Your partner needs to understand that he or she will have to alter the lifestyle and habits as well. 

    For instance, a man is moving into his girlfriend’s flat in Manhattan. And she expects from him to respect all the rules she made because that’s her flat. Now, that’s the problem. The right thing to do is to create a joint set of rules. Both of them have to reach a compromise so that neither feels neglected.

    This is a wide topic. It ranges from who does the dishes to whether you will keep their armchair or bring yours. Of course, you can’t plan every single detail. Some issues will appear randomly, so an immediate on-the-go solution will be necessary. 

    Red flags indicating you shouldn’t move house for love

    Just like there are numerous reasons that can prove your relocation has been or will be a smart choice, some negative indicators might appear as well. You shouldn’t take such a step in the following cases:

    1. You feel like you are giving up too much and don’t get enough satisfaction.
    2. The act of moving for love is an excuse for trying to save the relationship.
    3. You and your partner have completely different views on the future.
    4. Neither of you two is ready to make a compromise. 
    5. You don’t or won’t enjoy living in that city no matter how strong the love is.


    A man who has experienced moving for love enjoy with his girlfirend in a hot bath
    If living with your partner is what makes you be on cloud nine, then you’ve made the right choice.

    Moving for love is just the beginning

    Finally, when all the fuss has ended, it is high time to enjoy living together. Still, you should be aware of the fact that moving for love is just one big step in your lives. It is of great importance to preserve and work on that relationship every day. It can be really amusing to discover surprising stuff about the partner while cohabiting. After all, love is unpredictable and can’t always fit into a how-to pattern. 

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