Moving day playlist for long-distance moves

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    Needless to say, moving house is one of the most stressful and exhausting experiences in life. Just choosing one that is the most reputable among loads of cross country movers NYC encompasses can be overwhelming. Furthermore, having to deal with all that packing, preparing, relocating, unpacking, etc., we get utterly shattered. Music is a perfect stress-reliever. That’s why creating a personal moving day playlist is a fantastic idea. So, how to do that? Which songs are the best? What are the positive effects?

    Can music really help reduce stress?

    Just imagine what your long-distance move would be like if it wasn’t for music. As a result, imagine relocating silently. If you ask me, it would be so boring and tedious that I would fall asleep. That’s why a powerful compilation of songs for your moving day is a great idea. You won’t fall asleep and your relocation experience will be less difficult. 

    Science has proved that music has healing effects. Among all its advantages, music can reduce stress and that’s why we all use it to unwind. We listen to it at birthday parties, weddings, other celebrations, nights-out, etc. But we also enjoy it when we are sad and under pressure. 

    A girl is lying on the floor surrounded by packed belongings
    You don’t have to play the guitar to reduce stress while moving. Enjoy some music on the phone and gadgets instead.

    How can a moving day playlist facilitate relocation?

    There is no doubt that choosing your moving day tunes will be beneficial. Therefore, there are numerous ways music can alleviate stressful influences of a moving day:

    1. it makes you feel more active and energetic
    2. optimistic lyrics and cheerful melodies help you boost your courage
    3. a moving day playlist keeps you, your kids, and other people with you entertained
    4. it decreases blood pressure
    5. it reduces stress hormones

    How to create a moving day playlist? 

    You can listen to your favorite tunes not only during a long-distance drive to your new place living but also while doing other things to prepare for the relocation. For example, unless you hire one of the really useful agencies for packing services NYC has, you can play your moving day tunes while packing and unpacking by yourself. 

    To help yourself, you should create your moving day playlist in advance. Why? The main reason is truly logical if you think of it. Well, you don’t want to interrupt your relocation chores every three minutes to find the next song you want to listen to.

    Where to find songs for your moving day?

    Therefore, sit down one afternoon. Next, log in your favorite music app and pick the songs you want to include in your playlist. Depending on the app, you might need to buy the songs, download them, or just add them to your personalized playlist inside the app.

    Music on the phone
    Use music apps to create personalized moving day tunes playlists.

    What is the best moving day playlist?

    First of all, music tastes vary. Not everyone would like to listen to the same songs. Due to that, we can’t suggest one comprehensive list of songs for your moving day. It would end up as an extremely teasing experience if you had to listen to classical music instead of your favorite rap, or pop music instead of your preferred heavy metal. 

    That’s why there is no such thing as the best moving day playlist. To be more specific, there isn’t one and only playlist that can be called the best. Every individual ought to tailor their own set of tunes, which will help them unwind and beat that stress. 

    Yet, if you are moving long distances had better choose some tunes that bring positive energy. Since your journey is going to last long, you shouldn’t listen to slow and heart-breaking songs. Instead of them, you should opt for cheerful songs with fast rhythms, jolly melodies, and catchy lyrics. 

    What are some popular moving day tunes?

    Even though we can’t give you the exact list of songs you should listen to while you are moving, we can recommend some popular moving day tunes. These are evergreen hits that almost all generations love. If you don’t like each of these, you might wish to include one or two just to boost your energy and cope with the relocation drama. 

    Based on that, here are some chilling songs:

    • Ray Charles — Hit the Road Jack
    • Willie Nelson — On the Road Again
    • Billy Joel — Moving Out
    • Rascall Flatts — Life Is a Highway
    • Lynyrd Skynyrd — Sweet Home Alabama
    • Madness — Our House
    • Calvin Harris — Let’s Go
    • John Lenon — Starting Over
    • Pharell Williams — Happy
    • Reel 2 Reel — I Like to Move It
    A girl is ready for moving and listening to her moving day playlist
    Pack everything. Get the relocation ready. Start your journey. And listen to your favorite songs.

    Hm… Me no likey!

    As we have written before, there isn’t a playlist that will satisfy every person in the world. Due to that, our moving day playlist is a compilation of tunes related to moving, starting over, and optimism. 

    Moreover, you are more than welcome to create your own mix of songs for your moving day. This is just to give you a grasp of inspiration. Besides, this will make you move and start thinking of the tunes you would like to listen to while relocating.

    No time to make a moving day playlist?

    Do you feel like you are too busy to look for the songs? Or do you have to do tons of other things before you move far away? Don’t worry. Nowadays, lots of apps have categories and hashtags, so you can type “moving day tunes”. Then, you can play them and enjoy. However, the main disadvantage is that the list is not personalized and someone else created it. 

    Other ways to have a stress-free move

    Now, you have music and all your favorite songs. Thus, your moving day playlist is ready and you will feel better. But what about your physical health? Don’t forget about it. For that reason, you should stay healthy during the move and take care of your diet. In order to support everything, you need to be strong and physically active.

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