Move-in cleaning tips and tricks

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    Moving house brings lots of dust and dirt. Before the moment when you can sit on your new sofa and enjoy, there is quite a lot of work. Hiring a moving company, such as Chelsea, NoMad, or Greenwich Village movers, might solve some problems. However, deep move-in cleaning is really necessary no matter whether you are moving by yourself or with the help of movers. You might feel a bit lost with all those moving boxes and stuff all around, so you won’t know where to start. Here are the top tips and tricks for cleaning it the right way. 

    Cleaning your new home before or after moving in?

    Many people wonder whether to clean the house or apartment before or after moving in. Are you thinking about it right now? Do you have the same dilemma? 

    Well, there is no right answer to that pondering thought. We can only suggest that you should clean your new home both before and after relocating. The greatest advantage of doing it prior to the move is that there is no furniture. You can easily clean every spot and corner of your new home.

    A man cleaning a window
    If you can’t do it alone, hire professional cleaners to do it for you.

    But then all the moving boxes will be placed there. Unpacking will make quite a mess. What is even worse, the people you hire from your Manhattan moving company will be all around with their shoes. Unfortunately, your home will get dirty again. Therefore, cleaning your new home, but now after you move, is important as well. Only then will your new home become spick and span.

    Going back to the idea of pre-move cleaning now. You can use that time to meet the new place. You can inspect your new home and check what is good or bad. You will learn more about the walls, floor, doors, windows, lights, etc. That way, you will know if any repairs or medications are necessary. It will also help you to make a plan for placing your furniture and belongings.

    How to do the move-in cleaning right?

    If you really want your floors and walls to glitter, you have to invest some time and labor. You probably know that move-in cleaning is a demanding task. Two hours are not enough. Nor is one pair of hands. Ask your family members and friends to help you with it. Get some proper cleaning detergent and equipment. You can also use them to keep your new home clean and organized at any time later. And spend one day with those people cleaning, chilling, making jokes, and listening to music. 

    Where to start when cleaning your new home?

    Start high! Those places are rarely cleaned and dusted. So you have to make sure every bit is cleaned. Ceilings, chandeliers, lighting fixtures, fans, etc. are full of dust. That’s why you will need a ladder to clean your new home from the top. Also, clean all shelves and tops of cabinets or closets. What is more, it is really practical to start from there because some dust will fall during the cleaning. And you wouldn’t like dust and dirt on your floors after you clean them.

    A woman doing the move-in cleaning of the windows
    Clean as much as you can before the move. Start with higher parts and don’t forget about the windows as well.

    Move-in cleaning tips for the kitchen

    Once you finish with all the ceilings, you can move on to the kitchen elements. Needless to say, it’s a place for food and hygiene is extremely important there. While cleaning your new home kitchen, you should begin with the refrigerator. Here are five steps on how to deal with it:

    • Turn off and unplug your fridge.
    • Remove all the shelves, bins, and drawers.
    • Clean the walls and the parts you’ve taken out with a fine cloth, water, and vinegar.
    • Then, make sure to clean the outer sides of the refrigerator as well.
    • Wait for everything to dry, put the parts back, and go on with your move-in cleaning.

    There is one more kitchen appliance which can cause headaches. It’s the stove, especially if it is old and full of stains. Follow these tips to do it well:

    • Remove racks and pans. Put them in hot water with soap
    • Either clean the oven with an oven-cleaner or turn on the self-cleaning
    • Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for the stovetop.
    • While cleaning your new home, also clean the stove sides and space below.
    • Make sure you wash the racks and pans, let them dry, and put them back.

    When you finish with the fridge/freezer and stove, it’s high time you took care of the rest. Clean the kitchen cupboards and cabinets, wall tiles, appliances, sink, etc.

    Move-in cleaning tips for the bathroom

    Bathrooms are another oases of hygiene in our houses and apartments. The thought that someone has used it before is frightening. and makes you wish to clean your new home deep. Therefore, true disinfection is a must. Once you finish the ceilings and high parts, go down the walls and tiles on them. Clean the bathtub or shower, washbasin, toilet bowl, etc. Don’t forget about small parts, such as light switches, faucets, door handles, etc. Replace the toilet seat. There are many disinfection liquids so you can just choose those you are used to.

    A vacuum cleaner
    Make sure you vacuum clean all the floors and carpets before mopping.

    How to clean the floors?

    When you finish cleaning everything around, you can start cleaning your floor. The reason for waiting so long to finish with the floors is that they will get too dirty while you are cleaning the rest. There are numerous cleaning liquids that will clean your new home floors well. Be careful when choosing the products as some floors are sensitive. 

    As for the carpets and rugs, the best option would be to hire a professional cleaner. They can steam-clean the carpets. Otherwise, you will have to spend plenty of time to vacuum them properly. Or you can just replace them.

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