Modern home renovation tips in Manhattan

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    It is not easy to find the perfect new home when moving. Too big or too small, too expensive, too old, in the wrong part of the city, with a weird layout – you can find some flaw with anything on the market if you look hard enough. But at some point, you’ll need to make the decision so you can finally find New York movers and relocate. So what is the solution? If you can’t find a home that’s already perfect, you’ll just need to make it perfect by remodeling it to your taste. With that in mind, we have put together some of the best modern home renovation tips in Manhattan that will turn any house into your dream home.

    Do your due diligence before diving into home renovation tips in Manhattan

    You’re probably excited to start planning the perfect layout for your new living room or wall color for your new bedroom. But there are some important decisions to make before you get into the specific Manhattan remodeling projects.

    Person reading home renovation tips in Manhattan.
    Before you start the work, do the research.

    Work out a timeline

    If you’re renovating a home you already live in, then you just need to decide when exactly you want to start. You can complete small projects on weekends. But if you’re planning a major remodel, do so at a time when you and your family will be least inconvenienced by the work and the chaos.

    However, if you’re combining a relocation with a renovation, things are a bit trickier. Talk to your long distance movers Manhattan about their delivery time – is there enough time between when you arrive at your new home and when your belongings are delivered for you to complete your planned projects? If there isn’t, you should consider renting storage and postponing the delivery instead. That way you’ll have more time to work in a conveniently empty home.

    Decide on a budget

    Even a DIY renovation in Manhattan is going to be on the pricy side of things. And if you recently spent a lot of money on Clinton movers, you might not be able to afford much. So before you dive in, take a good look at your budget. How much can you spend on a remodel? How much are you willing to spend? And what exactly would be willing to spend it on? Once you have a budget, you can look into projects that fit in it.

    DIY vs professional remodel

    Depending on the extent of your renovation and the size of your budget, you can either remodel the home yourself or hire professionals to design your interior and bring the ideas to life. It is certainly cheaper to opt for DIY. However, it is also harder and more stressful, especially if you have no experience and don’t know what you’re doing. So weigh your options carefully!

    House being renovated.
    Professionals cost more but work faster.

    Home renovation tips in Manhattan: the basics

    There are some home remodeling tips that will come in handy no matter what type of project you’re planning, when or where. These are the most important things to keep in mind when planning a renovation.

    Have a goal in mind and prioritize

    Ask yourself why you are renovating. Are you trying to sell the property and therefore want to make it more appealing and valuable to potential buyers? Or is this all about how the space functions for you, your family, and your needs? Maybe you’re looking to change up the aesthetics of a home you’re moving into? Whatever your reason, keep your goal in mind and let it guide you through renovation.

    Odds are that you won’t have the time or money to remodel absolutely everything. So you’ll need to focus on the projects most conducive to achieving your goal. If you’re looking to sell, for example, prioritize high return-on-investment projects because you’ll earn the most money that way. If you’re remodeling for functionality, then make sure your finished project makes the space more suitable for your needs. Finally, if it’s about aesthetics, then look for projects that visually enhance the space.

    Prepare your home for remodeling

    While it is possible to renovate your Manhattan home while you’re living in it, it’s certainly not comfortable. So the best thing you can do is to clear the space as much as possible. Rent an NYC storage unit for the things you don’t use on a daily basis, push the remaining furniture out of the way, cover everything with plastic to protect it and find a place for you and your family to stay during the renovation if that’s possible (and if the remodeling won’t take too long).

    Home renovation tips in Manhattan: the design ideas

    What you do to renovate your space depends on your home, your budget, and your own personal preferences. We have collected some of the most popular ideas for modernizing and upgrading your living space for you to consider.

    Living room.
    A bit of color goes a long way.

    Spice up the space with color

    By far the most popular and the easiest renovation project always has to do with painting. A fresh coat of paint can make your entire home feel like new. And while white and light nudes are always a popular choice, especially when you want to make a space appear bigger, they’re also not the most visually stimulating. So add some color in there! Don’t be afraid to use pastels for the entire room or paint an accent wall in a vibrant color that stands out completely. You should also consider patterns – dots, stripes, geometric shapes, and ombres all look amazing on walls when done right. Tie the color in with your furniture and decor and your home will look like it belongs in an interior design magazine.

    Make your open plan a broken plan

    Due to New York’s abundance of open-floor lofts, one of the most popular home renovation tips in Manhattan these days is to break up an open plan. An open plan seems like the perfect setup when you’re buying a home and some people do enjoy it. But new owners often find it uncomfortable to have no division between different spaces. To solve this without completely defeating the purpose of an open plan, a lot of people put up partial walls or other, more temporary, divisions like screens. This is a great way to split up the open space into what are essentially separate rooms without actually losing the feel of an open plan. Plus, it makes the space feel uniquely yours!

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