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    People believe that a local move is easy. The long-distance ones are usually done because of a job or love. Rarely, people change states just to buy a bigger home or to change scenery. For this reason, you shouldn’t think that local movers are less capable than long-distance ones. All Manhattan moving companies should have the same traits regardless of what kind of move they do. Therefore, when looking for local moving company traits, you should look for traits of a good moving company. Moving is a difficult task to do, and you need a professional hand to help you. A local move is not less complicated than a long-distance one just because the distance is shorter. There is still packing, loading, and transporting to do. Therefore, if you are financially able to do it, you should hire movers for your local move. 

    Experience and reputation are the local moving company traits you need to look for 

    When looking for a moving company to hire, you should look for the one with a good reputation. A good reputation is one of the signs that you are hiring the right moving company. A company with a good reputation must have positive reviews from the previous customers online. In the case of a local company, a positive review from your neighbors, friends, colleague, and family may mean a lot. Combine all these online and personal reviews, and you have a perfect company for you. 

    The next trait to look for is experience. A moving company with an extensive experience means they will know how to provide a good result. Experience equals success in most cases, and this is what you want in office movers Manhattan. 

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    You should read a couple of moving reviews

    License and insurance are very important traits of a moving company 

    All local moving companies in NY must be licensed by the Commissioner of Transportation. If your local company has one, that means you won’t be scammed. To be sure your local moving company is reliable, you can call your state’s commerce commission or department of transportation office to check. You should do it just to be on the safe side.

    Even with the most experienced movers, mistakes could happen. They are the main cause of disputes with movers. If the moving company has good moving insurance to offer, you can handle a dispute with movers easier if one happens. It’s important to have a good backup plan in case of some damage and mistakes. 

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    Talk to your movers about insurance and licenses

    Good communication and estimate shouldn’t be overlooked

    Local moving company traits should also include good preparation, communication, and an estimate. Before a moving company offers you an estimate that includes every detail and fee, without hidden cost, they should ask you about details of your move. A serious local moving company should send someone to do a home inspection in person and ask you for details such as:

    • Mileage 
    • The size of your items 
    • Duration of your move 
    • About elevators and stairs as they affect the move 
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