Last-minute moving to Harlem checklist

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    There is nothing more hectic than last-minute moving. There are so many things to do before the big day and you might struggle to stay afloat. Luckily, relocating in a rush doesn’t have to be so difficult! If you plan everything out and tackle one task at a time, last-minute moving to Harlem will be a breeze. You will most certainly need the help of experts at Heart Moving, however. Aside from hiring professional movers, there are a few more things you need to do. So let’s look into them together and help you have a quick and efficient move!

    boxes in a driveway ready for a last-minute moving
    Pulling off a last-minute move is easy with good preparation!

    Before moving last-minute to Harlem, make sure to hire a team of experts

    If you want to have a successful last-minute move, this really should be the very first thing you do. You will definitely need help if you want to pull this off, and professional Harlem movers are your saving grace. One thing worth remembering is that if you’re relocating in the middle of the moving season, finding a date that suits you might be hard. Since you can’t book in advance, prepare yourself for the possibility of somewhat higher quotes. This is why you need a team of movers that are professional, affordable, and capable of relocating you in a small time span. With experts by your side, nothing can go wrong!

    Proper packing supplies make all the difference

    When moving to Harlem last-minute, it’s hard to do everything perfectly. In such a situation, obtaining moving boxes from a local grocery store seems like a good idea. However, you should take at least an hour or two out of your schedule and search the supermarkets for supplies. This will also help you cut down on the moving costs, so long as the boxes are in a good condition. You want to avoid tears, creases, or visible water damage, as they may cause the box to tear open mid-move. Alternatively, you can ask packing services NYC for a helping hand. Not only will they provide you with top-quality materials, but they will also pack everything up to standard, and make sure your items remain perfectly safe.

    a brown brick building in Harlem
    Good movers and good friends are the perfect combination for a smooth relocation!

    Try to declutter while packing as much as you can

    In most cases, decluttering is a slow process given how important it is, and how detailed you should be. But since you’re in a last-minute move, you can’t afford such a luxury. While packing, try not to do it without rhyme or reason. The less you pack in the end, the less you’ll have to carry, and the cheaper the move will be. If you’re uncertain whether or not you should keep an item, set it aside on a separate pile, and do the same for the items you’ll throw away. Before your cross country movers NYC arrive, go through these piles and do one final pass before throwing it all away. This of course isn’t the best method to downsize, but it is still effective and works great in a pinch.

    Last-minute moving to Harlem is easier with the help of a friend or two

    This may not necessarily be something to put on a checklist, but it can certainly be a  huge help during last-minute moving to Harlem. Even though your chosen movers will transport everything safely and help you reach the beautiful district of Harlem with speed, you still need to make sure everything is ready for their arrival. With a limited timeframe, you’ll need all the help you can get to properly pack and organize. So, grab your phone and check with your friends or relatives if they’d be willing to lend you a helping hand. At the end of the day, don’t forget to treat them to a cold beverage and a hot meal as a token of gratitude.


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