Key differences between residential and commercial moving – NYC edition

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    For those who want to relocate their family homes and their business, or one or the other, they must know the differences between the two. Each relocation is hard as it is and with your unique situation, you can single out the key differences between residential and commercial moving. Today, we are here to help you set aside the budget, organize packing, find long distance movers NYC, and cover legalities for your relocation. But most importantly, we will divide those two and teach you how to prepare for residential and commercial moving. So tomorrow when you want to relocate your business along with your home, you’ll be ready for it. Let’s go.

    Both types of relocations need a good moving plan

    No matter what kind of relocation is in question, you’ll need a flawless plan for it. It is the nature of the business that requires it to be that way. So, the first step would be for you to inspect your assets and figure out the complexity of the move. Your cross country movers NYC need this information so they can appoint enough manpower, adequate tools, appropriately sized vehicles, and more. Also, you need this info to organize better with your time and budget. Therefore, you must inspect the environment as well as your belongings. Make sure you measure all your furniture and make the inventory list with most of your belongings that will be packed. Then, you should measure hallways, doors, and staircases to ensure your home or office space is safe to work in.

    several people making a plan
    Any relocation needs a plan. Especially a commercial one.

    The key differences between residential and commercial moving in this situation are the fact that in commercial moving you might have heavy machinery involved or expensive high-tech equipment. But this depends on the nature of the business you are running. Some people have equally expensive and hard-to-handle furniture at home so this one is debatable. All in all, most of the businesses have a bit more furniture to relocate than a single home. But when it comes to miscellaneous and small items, a family home will win this race by far.

    One of the key differences between residential and commercial moving is the type of moving company you will hire

    Walking in Manhattan is hard, let alone relocating. This means you must find a moving company that is specialized in moving through NYC. And right off the bat, we can recommend Heart Moving Manhattan as one of the greatest moving solutions out there. But if you want to search for a moving company yourself, you must begin your research as soon as you realize you are relocating. The first thing you must know is that the difference between those two relocations is that not all moving companies provide commercial moving services. So, this is the first thing you want to check. If they do, then you want to know what kind of service is in question and if they have all the necessary knowledge, tools, equipment, manpower, and vehicles to relocate your business.

    key differences between residential and commercial moving is the moving services you purchase
    Your moving company must be legit, experienced, and reputable. Be sure to find one no matter what kind of relocation you have.

    Now, there is a way to search for all movers no matter what you are relocating. Just go online, browse through moving-related websites, compare movers across the board, and check out prices and reviews. Find the services you like and once you gather enough information make a list of all the movers you like and start calling them one by one. Confirm they are licensed and negotiate as much as possible. After a few hours, you’ll find a suitable candidate.

    Moving services and estimates

    As you know, you can obtain your moving quote on the mover’s website, over the phone, or in person. One of the key differences between residential and commercial moving is that for residential moving this is not so important while for business it is. As a homeowner, you can inspect your home thoroughly, create a moving plan, weigh your cargo, and provide details to movers. Then they will provide a moving quote that can scale up or down by $100 or so. This can be fixed easily before signing a moving contract.

    But for a commercial move, we highly recommend using onsite estimates because the moving representative must evaluate everything in person. When moving a business, both parties must work together to ensure the business will have zero downtime and create a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. If you decide on using regular quotes for a business move and relocate without a backup plan, moving mishaps can have catastrophic consequences for you, business partners, and employees. Therefore, when moving a business, ask for onsite estimates to ensure you have adequate moving services in place.

    Packing materials required are another among key differences between residential and commercial moving

    As for packing materials, there are no differences at all. As we said before, a business owner or a homeowner can have equally expensive assets in their offices or at home. This means all those items need equal protection and an adequate set of packing materials. These are the materials you can choose from:

    • Cardboard boxes, plastic bins, metal containers, wooden crates, and customized boxes.
    • Blister packs, stretch foil, and wrappers.
    • Corner pads and dividers.
    • Packing paper, Styrofoam, and packing peanuts.
    • Adhesive tape and labels.
    cardboard boxes in a room
    Just make sure you have enough cardboard moving boxes. They are the best packing material on the market.

    Some are more expensive than others but you will purchase those that fall within the limits of your budget. And of course, if you need a higher level of protection as well. Just make sure you purchase enough moving boxes Manhattan. No matter what kind of relocation project you have on your hands, you can never have enough of those.

    Decluttering and packing are quite different as well

    The packing process was always boring and time-consuming. You must obtain all the packing materials we mentioned and dedicate a lot of time and patience to it. On the other hand, this is the best moment to clean a bit and get rid of some of the old items that accumulated over the years. Check around your home and inspect your loft, garage, and basement. You will surely find old electronics, appliances, and clothing that you can donate. Or even sell some of it online. If you are moving on a budget, you can even earn a few bucks this way.

    As for your offices, you can surely replace a few chairs and some IT equipment. Maybe it is time to do a system upgrade as well. As for packing, residents can pack overtime while business packing is usually scheduled and stressful. So, we advise you to spread packing-related tasks among employees and make it a bit easier. Also, you can purchase a packing service package from your movers and let them handle this part. Or if you do not care about the old furniture, you can rent one of the storage facilities in Manhattan and keep your items there until you figure out your next step. After all, your business flow is what matters the most. So focus on it primarily.

    Now you know the key differences between residential and commercial moving. It all comes down to the quality of the moving service and the company you are about to hire. Make sure you find the right one. Good luck.

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