Importance of keeping your kitchen clean

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    While for some people cleaning a house is therapeutic, for others is a dreadful choir. Still, maintaining the cleanliness of the home is very important. Keeping your kitchen clean is especially crucial since the preparation of the food is in the state. The unhygienic kitchen can lead to pest problems, or even worst to be a threat to the health. Take a look at why you should scrub your kitchen on a daily basis.

    Keeping your kitchen clean  guarantees good hygiene

    A dirty kitchen is the field day for the spreading of the germs and bacteria. Some of them may cause serious health issues and illness. Keeping your kitchen clean and tidy will decrease the risk of appearance of this pesky microorganisms. On a daily basis, you should wash counter tops, wash the dishes, sweep the floor. Sanitizing work areas and utensils is also very important in preventing the spreading of the bacterias. When it comes to food preparation, all the dishes and utensils that were in contact with the raw meat should be sanitized as soon as possible. Raw meat is especially vulnerable to bacterias like Escherichia coli or salmonella. Cooking meat properly should eliminate that risk of infection, but don’t forget to clean thoroughly all the surfaces that were in contact with it.

    Clean kitchen – no pests

    Dirty kitchens attract many unwanted and gross guests such as cockroaches, ants, rats, and mice. Dirty floors and food crumbs are like the magnet to this pests, and in no time you can be in the middle of the battle with the pest infestation. Keeping your kitchen clean will reduce the possibility of the pests appearance. The cleaning supplies have a strong odor that makes pests run in the opposite direction.

    Keeping your kitchen clean will keep the pests away.
    A clean kitchen is a pest-free kitchen.

    You will use your kitchen easier when it’s clean

    Cooking meals are so much easier when you don’t have dirty dishes laying around the countertops and empty wrappings all over them. Also, the messy kitchen can kill your mood for cooking healthy meals. It is possible that you will rather order some take out than make your kitchen usable. By keeping it clean every day, you will always enter into the tidy space. Except for cleaning it regularly, it is also important to organize your kitchen properly. Always keep the small appliances on their place, and try to keep your countertops and your dishes clean. It is very disruptive and time consuming to prepare food around the mess in your kitchen.

    Keeping your kitchen clean will make it more functional.
    Keeping it clean and organized will make cooking every meal a satisfaction, rather than the choir.

    If you have a lot of clutter in your kitchen, get rid off it. That doesn’t mean that you should throw it away – just store the items that you don’t use often in a safe place. If you don’t have the room in your home, there are many suitable storage facilities in Manhattan where you can keep your kitchen items that you don’t use often. Like fine china, Christmas or Thanksgiving kitchen decorations, the crystal glasses that you use only on special occasion etc.


    Your appliances will last you longer

    Most appliances in your home will be in the kitchen. Starting from the big ones like refrigerator and stove to the smaller one like coffeemaker and food processor. No matter the size of appliances – they will all last longer if you clean them properly from time to time. Most of the appliances, big and small, have the parts that are working hard when they are dirty. The motor will have to work twice as hard to start the vent or a filter if it’s dirty. That will mean that it will stop to work much sooner than it should be.

    By cleaning your appliances from time to time, you will be extending their “lifespan”. Simply washing the appliances after you use them, will mean that you won’t have to replace them often, which will save you some money in the long run. Keeping your appliances clean will also be very beneficial for any future kitchen renovation projects since you won’t have to waste time scrubbing the dirt off them that was acumulated for years.

    Keeping your kitchen clean will make your appliances to last longer.
    Don’t think that if you have bought the most expensive kitchen gadget that it will last longer. It may, but only if you maintain it properly and regularly.


    Setting a good example for your children

    When you have kids, your actions will speak much louder than your words. If you explain your kids the importance of keeping your kitchen clean and you personally don’t do that, it will have the counter effect. When your kids see that you stand behind your words, they will be more willing to help you with cleaning. Start including them into house choirs and they will sooner start adopting the good cleaning habits. Teaching good habits to your children by example is the best parenting method.

    When they see how much more functional the kitchen is when it’s clean, they will probably apply the same principle to their rooms. Also, when you declutter the kitchen and don’t hold on to any empty packings that you may use in the future (which you probably won’t), they will be more eager to get rid of some things that are cluttering up their space.

    At the next spring cleaning, the affordable moving boxes Manhattan that you get for that occasion may be full with the things that your kids have finally decide to get rid of. All because you’ve set a good example of not getting attached to the things that you really don’t need.

    Make a cleaning kitchen schedule

    By making the schedule, it will help you a lot in keeping your kitchen clean in all times. There’s no need to thoroughly scrub down your whole kitchen every single day. By making monthly and a day-by-day schedule for keeping your kitchen clean will make this choir much easier.

    Weekly choirs:

    • Every day – Wash the dishes
    • Monday – Sweep the floor
    • Tuesday – Sanitize sink and clean the appliances
    • Wednesday – Wipe down all the countertops
    • Thursday – Take out the trash
    • Friday – Sweep and wipe the floor with the cleaning supplies

    Monthly choirs:

    • Clean out the fridge
    • Wipe cupboard doors
    • Clean the stove
    • Wash the windows and curtains
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