Ideas on how to make your basement livable

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    Your basement can be used in many ways and not just as storage. However, most of the people use the basement exactly for that, storage! You should know that to make your basement livable is not very easy. Before you start thinking about the design and how to decorate your basement, you should think of the most basic things in order to remodel your basement for living. If you are buying a house that has a basement, you should think of remodeling it as soon as you move in. But first, you will have to hire a mover and figure out what kind of moving services Manhattan do you need for the relocation.

    How To Make Your Basement Livable?

    As we already said, basics first, design later! First of all, you will have to think of the cooling system, then you will have to add heating, to insulate walls, to fix and repair ventilation. The list just goes on and on! If you think it will be easy, you are wrong! However, there are also some real benefits here, you will be able to get a nice playroom for kids, gym for every day, bedroom, living room, you name it!

    First of all, you should declutter! Get rid of unnecessary things that you are keeping in your basement. Throw away old and rusty items and everything that you are not using at all. If you don’t want to keep some of the items, and they are in good condition, you can donate or give them to your friends or neighbors. But if you still have some items that you want to keep but they are in the way, you should consider renting Manhattan storage units. Call your professional and get a suitable storage unit.

    basement, junk
    You will need help to throw out all the junk and clean the basement thoroughly.

    Things to do Before You Remodel Your Basement

    Is this your first big project? You will need to prepare and organize! That’s why we are here to help! Before you make your basement livable you will have to take care of some other things. We have prepared a small “to-do” list that will help you to get organized:

    • The first stepCleaning The Basement. Honestly, this is the hardest and boring task. In order to complete this step, you will have to clean all the junk from your basement. You can ask your friends for help or you can hire your professional and get their packing services. Move the items you want to keep to the storage unit.
    • Second StepPerform a Moisture Test. Even though most people forget about the moisture test, it is very important to finish it before you start to remodel. If you notice any issue and any kind of leaks, fix it on time!
    • Third StepLocal Building Permits. You will have to check if there are some kind of restrictions before you start getting cozy with your basement as a living space. Ceiling height and number of exits are only two requirements that your basement needs to meet.
    • Fourth Step – Start Gathering Materials and Tools. There are different ways to make your basement livable. In order to remodel it on your way, you will have to contact a professional and ask what kind of tools and materials you should get. In addition, you can also remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank! Basement and kitchen at the same time, wonderful!
    Ask a professional what kind of tools and materials you will have to get for the basement renovation.

    Make Your Basement More Livable!

    Now that the most important part is over, here it comes – remodeling! You should not forget that you are not remodeling your bedroom, which is already a livable place. The basement consists of concrete walls and floors only, and in order to make it livable, you will have to finish a few more things before you move in!

    • Insulate Walls. When you finish the walls, your basement will look nicer and more inviting. Insulation is great protection from low and high temperatures but also from noise. There are many ways of insulation and the easiest one is adding polystyrene foam insulation directly on the walls.
    • Moisture protection. Add moisture protection in order to prevent moisture spreading beyond the concrete walls. You can also waterproof your basement!
    • Pick the right flooring. If you want to make a bedroom out of your basement, you should consider installing hardwood floors and a carpet. However, if you are turning your basement into a living room, you should pick the flooring that goes well with the design around.
    • Add some light! Since most of the basements are dark and have no natural lights, you will have to do something about it! You should install some windows, add lamps and chandeliers!

    Find A Reliable Mover

    If you are moving to a house with a basement that you want to remodel, you should slow down! First things first! Hiring Heart Moving, a professional moving company, to assist you with your moving process is highly recommended! Every moving process takes a lot of time and causes moving stress, otherwise. You should contact your professional mover and schedule an appointment!

    A professional mover has an ID number and license. They also have years of experience in the moving industry and well-trained workers. Heart Moving professionals also have a lot of other moving services that they are providing just for you! If you have any dilemma about the move, packing, moving, do not hesitate to call your professional mover. Their polite customer service workers will happily solve the dilemma and explain everything thoroughly. A professional moving company offers:

    • Local and Long-Distance Moving
    • Residential and Interstate Moving
    • Office Moving
    • Packing Services
    • Storage Services
    • Special Services (such as piano moving, etc.)
    business woman
    Call your professional mover and schedule an appointment.

    So, what do you think now? Do you want to make your basement livable? It’s not easy but it’s possible. In the end, you will get a lovely living room, bedroom, playroom for your kids, gym or even an office! Good luck with the renovation!


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