Ideas for redecorating after the kids move out

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    When kids grow up and start their adult lives in new homes, a large number of parents become afraid of empty nests. In New York, many young adults are moving to Manhattan more and more, thus leaving their parents behind. Some empty nesters move as well. But most people opt for redecorating after the kids move out, therefore staying in their old homes. Either way is fine, just consider what is more practical and useful for you.

    What’s the easiest way to move?

    If you want to move to a new place, you are probably thinking of downsizing. In that case, you ought to find a reputable moving company, which is usually better than relocating by yourself. For example, if you live in Clinton, it is only logical to seek for a reliable Clinton moving company that can help you. Before moving, it is a good idea to go through all your belongings and sort them out. Give away or throw out those you don’t need. Therefore, the move will be cheaper.

    Top tips for redecorating after the kids move out 

    If you want to stay in your home and don’t fancy the idea of relocating, you should think about how to improve your house or flat. Instead of spending money on a moving company NYC, you can direct your budget toward recreating your space after the kids move out. Here are the top ideas of how to do that.

    Transform your empty nest bedrooms into guest rooms

    Those bedrooms where your grown-up children used to sleep are now free. In case you haven’t had a guest room so far, this is the right moment to create one. It won’t be difficult to transform your empty nest bedrooms into rooms for guests as most furniture is already there. If that furniture is not damaged, why shouldn’t you use it? If something is missing, you can buy it and add it to the new guest room. 

    Set up a new home office

    The coronavirus pandemic has increased the need for home offices. Many people are working from home at the moment. If your children have just moved out, transform their bedrooms into home offices. Check some home office design tips and apply those that suit your needs. This idea for redecorating after the kids move out is also practical for those who are doing or planning to do some freelancing jobs. This is also cost-effective if you want to cut costs and shift your business from a rented office to your home.

    Home office
    You can make your personal workspace at home and enjoy working there.

    Make it an entertainment room

    If you feel like your living room is small or not enough for all the entertainment stuff you own, then this extra room can serve as a room for fun. You can put there anything you want — a gramophone, a stereo, a pool table, board games, a minibar, a game console, etc. When you transform your empty nest spare bedroom into an entertainment room, both you and your partner can enjoy with friends at the same time. While one crew is in that room, the other crew can occupy the living room. 

    Transform your empty nest spare room into a library

    Are you a bookworm? Do you have piles of books that you can’t put on the shelves in the living room? Use the opportunity of redecorating after the kids move to make a library in your home. Then, you will have space for shelves with books only and maybe an armchair to sit while reading. If your job requires lots of books, this room can also be a study or an office, all in one. 

    Redecorating after the kids move out can result in a study or library room
    It can be a multifunctional room as well.

    Redecorating after the kids move out to get more space for hobbies

    A great many people have hobbies. This is especially true for retirees who have long been empty nesters. If your hobby requires space at home, then you can use those old kids’ bedrooms. When recreating your space after the kids move out, set up a sewing machine there, or turn it into a place for the things you collect. It can also be a small atelier (either for hobby or work) or space for making handicrafts.

    Create exercise rooms there

    You are getting older, so looking after your health is of utmost importance. Besides, staying fit will make you more satisfied. Now that you have lots of free time, you should use it in a better way than just eating and watching TV. For that reason, recreating your space after the kids move out can result in a new gym or yoga space. That way, you can exercise at home every day, preserve or improve your body shape and weight. What is more significant, you will be healthier

    Some workout equipment and a woman's legs
    Exercising is important for health. So why don’t you create space for it in the spare room?

    Other useful ideas for redecorating after the kids move out

    There are many more ideas for changing the purpose of your children’s former bedrooms. Some of them include the following:

    • You can make a playroom for your grandchildren there.
    • Creating a home spa there can be a fascinating idea.
    • Some people, who lack storage space, make use of those spare rooms.
    • Also, just redecorating after the kids move out, without changing the rooms is OK.
    • You can enlarge one of the rooms next to it by adjoining the two of them.
    • Make it a big closet room where you can place all your clothes and shoes.

    Why is redecorating after the kids move out a good idea?

    The main reason is that you don’t need those rooms as they are anymore. By changing their purpose, you will refresh your home. Also, redecorating after the kids move out will help beat the feelings of loneliness and nostalgia. Now, you have more time for yourself than ever. Use it smartly and tailor your home to satisfy your needs. 

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