Ideas for Halloween decoration of your NYC home

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    October 31st is almost here, and you’re still not ready for Halloween? Whether you’ve moved to NYC recently or you’re just too busy, there’s still enough time to prepare Halloween decoration of your NYC home! Follow our tips and ideas to deal with decorating your NYC home like a pro! Need space to store your household while renovating your home in NYC? Check storage facilities in Manhattan.

    Decide the right time for Halloween decoration of your NYC home

    When is the right time to start preparing everything for Halloween decoration of your NYC home? Well, there is no rule, but professional decorators recommend people to start decorating for Halloween at least two weeks before the holiday. If you can, do your best to start early. You will have enough time to choose a Halloween theme with your family, find costumes and make decoration preparations in time. Moving to NYC soon? Hire Upper Manhattan movers and relocate your things easily and safely before Halloween.

    Halloween decoration
    Get materials for decoration at least two weeks before Halloween, and prepare everything in time to avoid stress.

    Think of a theme and buy materials for decorating

    Decorating your home in tons of different styles and themes for Halloween is a real mess and can be too much. To avoid decorating your home ugly and without meaning, choose a Halloween theme. Try to tie decorations together with some themes. You can choose among many themes for Halloween decoration of your NYC home. Vampires, zombies, ghosts, witches, monsters, what’s your favorite theme this year? If you picked one, get some materials for decorating and costumes, of course. But, before you start decorating, make sure to clean your NYC home after the relocation.

    Make easy crafts with kids

    If you’re celebrating a Halloween with kids, include them in making Halloween decoration of your NYC home. Kids adore holidays, but they also like to paint and make things. You can choose a few easy craft projects for decoration. Kids can make paper bats, spooky face balloons, egg cartons bats, draw pumpkins, paint spooky invitations, decorate windows and others. If you’ve moved recently, you can save money on decorations if you create a Halloween costume with leftover packing supplies!

    a girl doing trick or treat
    Kids adore Halloween! Find interesting DIY crafts and let them create spooky decorations.

    Fun ideas for Halloween decorations of your NYC home

    1. Do Halloween pumpkin carving

    Pumpkin carving is among the main Halloween decorations. Almost every home in the US is full of pumpkin decorations or items with pumpkin motives. Shortly before Halloween, buy as many pumpkins as you need and decorate your NYC home for Halloween. Don’t buy them too early because they will rotten after a week. Whether you’re doing it with kids or friends, pumpkin carving is tradition adored by both adults and kids. To crave pumpkins, choose a design and face you want to cut. You can make a spooky face, toothed grin, a haunted house, or a bowl with an evil smile and fill it with bats. Just make sure to keep knives away from young children.

    2. Spooky front door

    When kids arrive and say: “trick or treat”, they first notice your front door. Think about decorating your front door. Guest or trick-or-treaters will be surprised if you create a spooky door. You can add some ghosts lanterns, piles of pumpkins or make mummy door! Just tape paper streamers to the front door, overlap the strips and make a wrapped look. Then, cut sheets of black and white construction paper into circles and make a face. Place parts of the face and tape.

    3. Create a ghost lanterns and piñata

    Ghost lanterns and piñatas can be really amazing Halloween decorations of your NYC home. People love piñatas, but kids adore them. Choose some spooky piñata and fill with candies. A spooky piñata can be both a Halloween decoration and a game for kids. Besides, you can easily make ghost lanterns. Use an empty and clean gallon milk jug and draw spooky faces on it. Once you finish, fill it with white holiday lights and decorate your walkway or living room.

    ghost pinata
    Ghost lanterns and pinatas are easy-made and great Halloween decoration of your NYC house that kids can enjoy.

    4. Make a Halloween garland to decorate your NYC home for Halloween

    Making a Halloween garland is a cheap and easy way to add some cool decorations to your home. You can make a garland with a message but you can also choose among many options of creating. Use oversized paper cutouts of candy corn, candies, and popcorn for a garland over the table. If you decide to make a garland with a message, think about the message. You can write a simple “Happy Halloween”, “Trick or treat”, or something personal. To make garland more festive choose orange and red colors, and for an eerie look choose black and red. Cut the paper into small squares and use markers to draw each letter on to the paper. Punch a small hole in the top with a hole punch and slide a paper clip through each hole. Paint your garland and hang it over a doorway.

    5. Decorate windows

    Decorate the windows for Halloween by placing craft bats, spiders, fairies, monsters and everything you want. You can also buy sprays for decoration, draw shapes and spray onto them. Your windows will be full of spider web, for example! Spooky!

    6. Make the walls look spooky

    It’s easy to decorate walls for Halloween without ruining them. You can draw, paint and cut flying bats and spiders with your kids. Use some tape and place bats around walls in your home to make them fly. Let them hang around your house and create a spooky atmosphere everywhere.

    7. Let pets be the part of Halloween decoration of your NYC home

    Outstanding Halloween decoration of your NYC home is nothing without good costumes! But don’t just think about yours, find the weirdest costumes for your pets! Include your pets in the Halloween celebration. You can choose among various costumes: bats, ghosts, zombies, monsters, skeletons, or attach them wings, mantle, hats, and other spooky accessories. Just make sure they feel comfortable and safe in costumes. If they do, they’re ready to be a part of Halloween charm of your home.

    pets dressed for Halloween
    Pick weird costumes for your pets and let them be the part of Halloween decoration and charm of your home.

    8. Design some craft spellbooks

    Need more NYC home spooky Halloween decorations? You can discover tons of DIY ideas for Halloween decoration of your NYC home. One more idea you can try is to design some craft spellbooks. We all have some books in our home. You can choose some whether they’re old or brand new. Design them to look like old dusty spellbooks. Cover the books in a removable leather jacket and decorate them. Place them on the table next to glass with red wine or around candles in the living room, to make a spooky gothic atmosphere.

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