How to survive moving in the summer heat

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    Ice cream, gin and tonic, an open-air convertible drive, flip-flops, bikini, beaches… What do they all have in common? Summer, of course. It’s been an easy task. But, think about moving in the summer heat  — not an easy task at all! Not to mention the painful NYC temperatures, which can be rather high! You can hire some professionals, such as Tribeca movers or companies from other Manhattan neighborhoods. Yet, you can’t do without a bit of stress and sweat. 

    Sorry ladies and gentlemen as this is not a guide to flirting on the beach. Neither is it a quick recipe for delicious lime ice cream. We would rather tackle the burning issue of having to move in the heat when temperatures surpass 80°F. The ingredients for this weird recipe are reputable movers, a good plan, fresh water, light clothes, and sun cream.

    Survive moving in the summer heat with reputable movers

    Why would you cause more trouble moving by yourself? As if the boiling weather was not enough! Save time and hire some professionals to assist you. Just imagine moving from one state to another and how smooth it can pass with one of the long-distance movers Manhattan can offer. They can pack your stuff, load them onto a truck, transport them, unload the items from the truck, and even unpack them. They know how to do that regardless of the weather, be it a blizzard or a heatwave.

    Manhattan view
    Moving to Manhattan in summer requires good organization. Professional movers are there to help you with everything.

    When looking for movers, pay attention to details. You must understand what they offer and under what conditions. Prices may vary. And it doesn’t mean that you should go for the cheapest or the most expensive one. There are all-in-one services, which are usually far from inexpensive, but some people prefer them as well. 

    Create a plan for moving in hot weather

    Every well-done job starts with a good plan, hence a relocation. The first step is finding some truly good movers that can ease your NYC moving experience. Then you should ask for a quote so that you can plan how much stuff to move. If you are packing by yourself, start doing it on time. Later on, think about what you need to have during that move in the heat, things like drinks, food, sun cream, special clothing, etc. Finally, know your schedule and timing so that you don’t waste time outside in the sun. 

    Better start early in the morning

    Pick your moving hours carefully. We suggest that you choose the morning hours, everything before noon. The sun and UV rays are the strongest between 12 pm and 4 pm. In order to make the moving in the summer heat less difficult, you should have the move done before the sun reaches its peak. Most moving companies schedule moves in the morning. But if that’s not the case, try re-scheduling and asking for some morning hours. 

    Besides, a morning move leaves you time in the afternoon to unpack, arrange the items, and even chill for a while. It is important to stay sane and healthy during the move especially when you are moving in hot weather in NYC. A good plan and practical timetable will help you stay both physically and psychologically well.  

    Stay hydrated during the move in the heat

    Summer is a period when plenty of water is necessary for our bodies. As you are about to start lifting and carrying the boxes, you will need more water than usual. After all, you don’t want to risk getting dehydrated. Therefore, a  practical tip for moving in the summer heat is preparing a large number of water bottles. You can freeze them over the night and keep them in cooler bags while relocating. 

    Bottles of water
    With enough water supplies, you will get the energy to survive for sure!

    What is more, make frequent stops and breaks in case of long-distance moves. There are numerous gas stations and bars where you can fill your water bottles. Or you can just buy new ones. 

    Finally, it’s not all about water. Experts don’t recommend drinks full of caffeine and sugar since these products contribute to dehydration. Also, you ought to eat healthy food that consists of fresh vegetables. A diet plan will make your move in the heat much easier. It will keep you fresh, strong, and active.

    Watch out for overheating symptoms 

    You are going to spend a lot of time outside and in a vehicle. Since you are moving in hot weather, exposure to the sun will be high. You should learn about problems caused by overheating so that you know what to do if you feel any symptoms. You might need to stop all moving-related activities that day in more serious cases. 

    Protect yourself while moving in the summer heat

    As we have already pointed out, it can be scorching hot and horribly humid. Apart from keeping your organism refreshed, you also need to protect your skin.

    A man with a hat, sunglasses and white T-shirt driving a car while moving in the summer heat
    Choose the clothing carefully in order to protect your body and skin. It needs to be comfortable too.

    Here some tips to avoid sun strokes and sunburns:

    1. Choose light-colored clothes. Unlike dark-colored items of clothing, they don’t attract so much sunlight.
    2. Avoid synthetic fabrics and pick cotton or linen instead. These two types of fabric let your skin stay dry by absorbing sweat and moisture. 
    3. Make sure you wear a hat and sunglasses. Protecting your hair and eyes is equally important. 
    4. Apply some sun cream while moving in the summer heat to protect uncovered and unprotected parts of the skin.
    5. Put on some comfortable shoes such as sneakers. Stay away from sandals and flipflops as you might hurt your feet if you drop a box. Moreover, you can easily stumble and fall wearing that type of summer shoes. 

    Extra tips on clothes: Wear some older clothes, those that you use for gardening, cleaning, etc. You wouldn’t like to dress up to the nines and tear or stain your favorite clothes. 

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