How to store your winter gear in Manhattan

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    Do you like to ski or you generally enjoy all the winter sports? If the answer is yes, then you must have a huge collection of winter gear. When summer comes to Manhattan, it is no longer fun or useful, but rather it takes away space for your summer clothes. For this reason, here is how you can store your winter gear properly so you can use them the next year as well.

    How to store your winter gear – ski and snowboard edition

    Ski and snowboards are big, hence they take too much space. The best solution would be to rent a storage unit. Manhattan movers have one of the best storage units on the market for a reasonable price. If you want to be sure your winter gear is safe and secure, contact this moving company. In addition to this, even if you store your winter gear in your unit, you have to buy the rack for skis and snowboards. The rack will offer the support your winter equipment needs, so make sure to get one.

    Ice Skates

    If you like to ice skate during the winter, then you must love your ice skates. It is only logical that you would want to store them properly as well. You should never put your ice skates on the ground. This way, you are potentially endangering someone since you or someone else can trip and fall. For this reason, you should buy hooks to put on the wall where you can hang your ice skates. This way, no one will hurt themselves and you can use them the next winter as well.

    white ice skates hanging on the rack
    Hang your ice skates the rack

    Store your winter gear in one designated area

    Would it be wonderful to store your winter gear in one designated area? You can make the additional storage space at your home as well. An entryway or a storeroom would be the perfect solution even when you are still using your winter gear. This way, you will not have to clean your floor every time someone comes back home covered in snow. You can take off your boots and jacket right at the entrance and clean the snow.  In addition to this, before you hang your jacket inside the closet, hang it outside so it can dry more quickly. You can also put a couple of hooks for this purpose as well. There is another benefit to giving some air to your jacket; you will avoid the unpleasant smell which can develop when you put wet clothes inside the closet.

    Use a rug

    When you enter your house all wet from the snow, you will need something to clean it off with. A simple solution is to have a rug at the entrance and one in the front of your designated area where you store your winter gear. This way, you will avoid muddy floors and snow all over the house. In addition to this, you do not have to choose a fancy rug. It is better to have a simple one so you will not have problems throwing it away after one season of mud and snow.

    Store your winter gear in storage bins

    Storage bins are perfect for this situation. Not only you can pick their size, but also their color as well. You can store gloves, mittens, hats and other smaller pieces of clothing. Storage bins are extremely functional so make sure to buy a couple of them. In addition to this, they will help you to keep your designated storage area organized. If you have children, put their clothes in one storage bin and make sure they can reach it. Storage bins are also great for storing your children’s toys.

    Rent a storage space

    If you are living in a small apartment in Manhattan, it is hard to get that additional space to store your winter gear there. For this reason, it would be wise to rent a storage space. You can search more about NYC moving since all the moving companies offer storage units as well. This way, you will have a nice place to store all of your winter gear without giving up some room in your own home.


    Shelves in the combination with storage bins are the perfect combination. It is quite easy to install shelves in your designated area. Everything will look much more organized if you decide to buy them. You will not have to lose time looking for a specific piece of your sports gear. In addition to this, you can even label your storage bins. Most of them are made of plastic. You can use a marker to write down what it is inside.

    store your winter gear by buying shoe rack
    Use a shoe rack

    Shoe racks

    To maintain organization in your storage area, buy some shoe racks. This is the best way to store your winter shoes and boots. If put your shoes on the rack, they will dry more quickly. Similar to your ice skates, you will not trip over your shoes if they are neatly stored on the shoe rack.

    Winter clothes

    When you want to store your winter clothes, here is what you need to do.

    • Wash them first even if you believe they are not dirty. It is always for the best to store them after a good wash.
    • Expensive pieces should be taken to dry cleaners.
    • Do not use fabric softeners because it will attract bugs.
    • If your clothes are damaged, repair them before you store them for several months. This means repairing zippers or sewing buttons back on. If you are not sure how to do it, then take your clothes to tailor shop.

    If you put follow all of these steps, you can reuse your winter clothes for the next several seasons.

    clothes neatly folded
    Prepare your winter clothes for storing

    How to store your winter gear

    As you can see, there are many ways to store your winter gear. Follow these steps, and you can enjoy the winter wonderland the next year as well without spending money on the new gear.


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