How to stay healthy during the move?

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    Everybody who has moved anywhere, at least one time, knows exactly how stressful can a moving process be. That is why it is very important to learn ways to stay healthy during the move. Nowadays, stress is one of the biggest factors that contribute a lot to any illness even a common cold. That is why having professionals such as moving service Manhattan can be the exact thing that you may need in order to have this move without any hiccups. Although, having some very valuable tips and tricks on how to stay healthy during a move can only help. That is where we step in. Let’s see how may we help you.

    Stay healthy during the move – step one

    One of the simplest steps that you ought to follow in order to stay healthy during the move is to simply dedicate some time to yourself. Yes, you will be very busy, with packing but that does not mean that you should forget about your needs. So, that first and let’s say the most important step is definitely to eat! If you forget a breakfast that is the most important meal of the day, you will create a problem for yourself. You can get stomach cramps or any other unpleasantness regarding your stomach. There is a reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You know how they say: Eat your breakfast alone, share your lunch with a friend, and give your dinner away.

    healthy food
    Eat food that will give you energy

    Step two

    Another important step in order to stay healthy during a move is to investigate a bit. This means the following. If you are moving to a colder area from the one you currently live in, then you have to be prepared. Drink as many fluids as possible, try to eat healthily, but mostly drink a lot of water and warm tea. Adding some vitamins to your diet can’t hurt. Sometimes a change of climate can make you feel tired and strange. Nothing to worry about though, as long as you think about yourself and treat yourself properly.

    herbal tea
    Remember to stay hydrated

    The third thing to do to stay healthy during the move

    This step that we are about to mention, is very logical, however, it has to be mentioned. Mostly because a lot of people do not follow this step because they are worried if the move will go well, and will they forget anything, etc. All of this thinking is causing a lack of sleep. When you are sleep deprived a lot of dangerous things can happen. That is why it is a must to have eight-hour sleep at night. It may sound impossible to you right now while you are reading this because you know just how busy you are. However, this is something you have to take seriously, because a good night sleep is important as much as you drinking and eating properly, if not even more important. So, make sure to have enough rest, because moving will still be there when you wake up!

    Step four – have fun

    Even though it may seem far-fetched, you should try and have some fun in the last days in your old home. This can be done in a very useful kind of way. Have some friends over, order some pizza, have some beer, and have them help you pack. Not only that this great mood will help you stay healthy during a move, but you will also have fin whilst packing, which is let’s face it very annoying part of any move.

    Be safe

    Let’s go to some more practical ways to stay healthy during a move. When you are packing you can get injured. This is a fact. It goes from little things as what are you wearing, to bigger things like your lifting technique. So, let’s go with what are you wearing. People usually decide to wear something slouchy and baggy thinking that this is what will make them the most comfortable. Indeed, you will be comfortable, but you are risking an injury. You can trip, you can graze on a nail, and other dangerous things can happen. Also, make sure you are not wearing any shoes with open toes. Lace free sneakers are the answer.

    Heavy lifting

    The next agenda on our list is your lifting technique. Are you lifting with your back, or with your knees? What do you think is the correct answer? Knees. You must lift with your knees if you lift with your back, and if a box is even not that heavy, you can spray your back. This so painful and so unnecessary, especially when you are in the process of moving. Definitely the last thing you need. That is why the answer is obvious and by lifting any weight with your knees, you will be injury-free. So, let’s sum up everything we mentioned so far:

    • Do not skip breakfast
    • Stay hydrated
    • Have an eight-hour sleep
    • Have fun with your friends
    • Dress properly
    • Lift with your knees not back

    There is more where this came from. However, by following at least at first glance these easy steps your move will go in no time, and you will stay healthy and happy.

    cross-fit woman
    Lear the proper way to lift heavy objects

    No one ever said that moving is easy. Even if someone did say it, they were wrong. Do not feel bad if something does not go according to plan. Nothing is perfect, but you must give your best to stay healthy in the process and the only way to do that is to take care of yourself and your family. Step by step you will move no matter what problem appears, but health is always the most important thing to think about. Do not forget that, and hey let’s not forget that short term storage Manhattan is there for anything that you do not want to use right now. By storing it, you will also save a lot of space in your new home. Just saying!

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