How to spot a fraudulent realtor in NYC

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    It is hard to find a good realtor these days. More likely is that you will bump into a fraudulent realtor in NYC. Although today with the use of internet frauds are more sophisticated, there is a way to spot a scam. Here are some ways to spot potential fraud.

    A fraudulent realtor in NYC can be avoided – look for signs of fraud

    You have to be very careful when you are searching for your new home. It is not that easy to move to NYC.

    First, you should have a reliable moving service Manhattan and that is harder to find. The real estate market is overwhelming, but you have to stay focused and you can avoid a fraudulent realtor in NYC. Speaking of fraud, there are a lot of moving horror stories where rogue movers are involved. 

    Fraud alert sing on a laptop
    A fraudulent realtor in NYC will raise a red flag if you know where to look

    Start with the old saying: if it is too good to be true, it probably is. A most common scam is a fake listing. A fraudulent realtor in NYC will offer a great apartment for an excellent price, but when you want to see it, they say that it is no longer available. Next, you can expect them to show you some other listings.  This is a good way for them to show apartments that normally wouldn’t catch your attention. A higher level of this scam, so to speak, is when brokers take non-refundable application fees in open houses. They collect these fees from multiple open houses and you never see them again. 

    So pay attention to small things and if you don’t trust your realtor, find another one. Especially if you are moving often, you need both good real estate agents as you need good Upper West Side movers

    Another sign of a scam is usually when you see an online listing without an address. There is a name of a street or intersection, but there is no number in address. In this case, you have to check it out before you visit your agent. A fraudulent realtor in NYC will intentionally leave details. If you call them and ask for a number, you could check to see if this place is there, in fact.

    Look for dates of listings you are interested in

    Sometimes you will find a great apartment that is on the market for quite a while. Yet, another sign that something is not right with this listing. 

    One way to check the listing is to research that particular neighborhood and see other apartment prices. You can see if the apartment you like is in that price range. Everything too low or too high is questionable. 

    Fraudulent realtor avoids to clearly state a street number
    Expect similar apartment prices in certain neighborhoods.

    Ask proper questions to spot a fraudulent realtor in NYC

    Before you run through the door in the apartment chase, there are some things you should ask your realtor.

    First, check to how many people he already showed the place you are interested in. You will get a clearer picture of that listing. Also, check if there is a floor plan. If there is no floor plan on site, ask them to give you a plan. A fraudulent realtor will try to avoid this if the listing has any kind of fault in the plan.

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