How to spend your last days before long distance relocation

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    Moving day is just a week away, and beside the excitement you feel, you’re wondering how to spend the last days before long distance relocation. Your moving schedule shows that you’ve completed all tasks but there’s always something we forget to do. Since long-distance is the most complicated and difficult type of moving, you need to double-check everything before the move. Use the time you have for finishing packing, confirming the details about relocation with your movers and get important documents. But don’t forget to devote some time to your family, friends and pets. Check our recommendations and enjoy your last days before the move! One hint: hire long-distance movers NYC and relocate without stress, easily and efficiently.

    Finish up packing last days before long distance relocation

    It’s always good to pack your household ahead of time, at least a month before the moving. This is especially important when it’s about long-distance moving. People usually pack non-essentials first, but last days before long-distance relocation should be reserved for finishing up the packing process. Focus on what’s remaining. There must be a few pieces of furniture, fridge, some kitchen appliances and essentials from the bathroom. If you have some IT equipment at home, make sure to pack them in original boxes or provide extra protection into regular moving boxes. Looking for a reliable long-distance company to relocate your household? Choose Chelsea moving company and get the best moving services with professional movers.

    a girl carrying moving box
    Make sure to check all moving boxes and finish packing last days before moving.

    Call professional movers to reconfirm all details about moving

    One of the final items to take care of before moving, and the task you mustn’t forget, is to call professional movers to reconfirm all details about moving. Call your movers to confirm the exact time and conditions of moving services before moving day. Don’t forget to ask about moving insurance. And if the weather forecast shows it will be a heavy rain or snow during the move, ask if moving should be delayed. Also, ask if extra costs can appear during unexpected situations. Feel free to confirm all the details and get all the answers you need before moving.

    Visit your pet’s vet

    Long-distance relocation is risky when it comes to moving with pets. You need to think about not only yours but also your pet’s last days before long distance relocation. If you’re moving with your pets, don’t forget to visit a vet. Before a flight, take your pet to the vet for a full check-up. You will get its vaccination records and health certificates required for flying. Your vet will recommend the best shipping containers and kennels for your pet. A vet can also give some medicines if your pet is nervous, anxious and stressed during the flight. Whether you’re relocating a dog, cat, bird, rabbit or some other kind by air, check airline for further information. Moving to New York this fall? Then you must check perfectly autumn things you must do in NYC this fall with your family and friends.

    a vet holding a puppy
    Visiting your pet’s vet is mandatory before a long-distance relocation. Visit your vet and get vaccination records and health info.

    Make a farewell party for family and friends

    Last days before long distance relocation are not only for obligations and solving remaining tasks. They exist for relaxing and saying goodbye to your family, friends, and neighbors. Take one day not to think about the moving process and invite them over. Throw a farewell party making barbecue at your backyard. Order a pizza and make a movie night. Or invite your dear persons to visit your favorite places in the town before you leave. Whatever you choose, take pictures and videos and capture happy memories. Show them how much you appreciate their presence and make a farewell video or tell your stories and memories you share together. You can even make special gifts for goodbye.

    people spending last days before long distance relocation in the park
    Last days before long distance relocation, gather your family and friends for a picnic or throw a farewell party.

    Collect important documents

    Preparing for short-distance relocation is much easier than for a long-distance. For example, if you’re moving to some city near your old home, even if you forget something, you can easily get back and pick that up. But imagine what would happen if you forgot passports and ID at home and realizing that at the airport? Or move thousands of kilometers and remember that you forget things from the safe? Last days before long distance relocation use for collecting and organizing important documents. Check if you have all at hand, starting with personal documents, medical records, school records, moving paperwork, money, passports, visas and other. Make sure to gather all financial and property-related documents, too.

    suitcases and documents on the floor
    Having all important documents, passports, ID cards, money and other valuables at hand is important while relocating on a long-distance. Check if something is missing.

    Important activities on the moving day

    When the moving day comes, it’s important to know and complete all moving day tasks and tips. Moving day is the most exciting but also the most terrifying day for people who move on long-distance. Even if everything is ready, and you’re waiting for movers to come, there are still activities you need to complete and check. To ensure stress-free moving day, complete the following tasks:

    • check if all documents and valuable items are with you
    • see if you’ve packed everything and if something is missing before the movers arrive
    • clear mess and obstacles before movers come
    • show movers boxes with fragile items
    • ask them to show you the bill and an inventory list before shipping
    • keep kids and pets occupied in a safe place
    • prepare the refreshments for family and movers
    • triple-check everything

    Visit your favorite places in town for the last time

    Moving long-distance or moving abroad means that you won’t have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite places in your old town often. Maybe once a year. Or less. Maybe never again, who knows? Take the time to eat at your favorite restaurant. Walk along the river and have your favorite coffee. Go with your children and pets to their favorite park. Or simply do some of the things you’ve always wanted and didn’t have the opportunity to do! Now is the best time. And don’t forget to take pictures!

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