How to secure sensitive data during an office move

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    Every company’s treasure is its business data. They can easily be lost and it is of utmost importance to keep them safe. Imagine one successful company which is planning to relocate to new premises in Inwood, Manhattan. For that reason, they hire some Inwood movers with great reviews. Just like each company does everything to secure sensitive data during an office move, this company does the same. But how does one manage to do so? How can you be sure your valuable information will be untouched?

    1. Hire good movers to secure sensitive data during an office move

    An office moving company with lots of experience and excellent reviews can understand these worries. No matter if you hire one of the local or long distance movers Manhattan has to offer, one is for sure. A reputable moving company will help its clients to protect data when moving an office. It won’t damage or steal data. Therefore, while looking for the right movers, do serious research. Compare the offers and reviews. Call them or have meetings together. Ask them every question of your interest regarding office relocation. 

    2. Develop a chain of custody plan

    The legal and medical business has long been using the so-called chain of custody. It is a concept of strictly following the protocols while carrying important items. To illustrate, everyone engaged in a blood sample transportation must stick to the rules defined by the chain of custody. In order to secure sensitive data during an office move, most companies make use of this concept. Namely, the chain of custody means that it must be stated who does what and how. 

    Team's hands together after creating measures to secure sensitive data during an office move
    Make a deal with your team on the organization of the move.

    Decide who will back up the data. Then choose people who will pack the computers, equipment, and documents. Set up clear rules on how to pack them and unpack them. Note that most mover offer packing services as well. A good solution is to seal the boxes, so it will be very easy to define if anything bad was done. What is more, someone ought to monitor those items all the time. 

    In case something goes wrong, you will find it easy to discern where and when the protocol was broken. But in most cases, everything passes great since no one dares do anything against the strong measures that protect data when moving an office. That is why a precise plan and logistics are essential.

    3. Do the back-up to secure sensitive data during an office move

    Only authorized people should do the back-up. They ought to save data on one of the numerous online cloud platforms or on external devices and memory drives. This should not only be a step to keep data safe while moving an office but also a regular practice. Data can be lost without moving the premises as a result of bugs or hacker attacks. Besides, there should be a document stating who did the back-up and where the data is stored. 

    Data storage cloud as a way to secure sensitive data during an office move
    Storing data on a secure drive can save lots of time.

    4. Set up passwords to keep data safe while moving an office 

    All computers, machines, and gadgets containing valuable information ought to have strong passwords. This is just an additional layer of protection, which helps secure sensitive data during an office move to new premises. Also, note down all the passwords, but make sure to keep that file with yourself. No one must see them.

    5. Pack electronics carefully

    All devices, such as computers and other equipment, containing valuable data should have protection. In case you haven’t done the back-up and your computers get damaged, you won’t be able to protect data when moving an office to a new place. In order to move IT equipment safely, you have to pack the devices in a proper way. Here are some tips for packing electronics:

    • The best option is to put them in their original packaging. Unless you disposed of those boxes, ensure that you have enough packing supplies. 
    • Make a moving inventory list and label each device. Knowing how many devices there are, you will be certain that a specific number of them must always be there. By saving the devices, you will also secure sensitive data during an office move.
    • Using newspapers to cover screens is not recommended since they can severely damage screens leaving newsprint on them. Use styrofoam and bubble wrap instead. Packing and moving blankets are also useful as covers. 
    • Mind the cables and tiny parts! You don’t want to end up with a bunch of intertwined wires. 

    6. Secure sensitive data during an office move — paper version

    Not all data is in software. All companies have offline, paper versions of documents. In order to keep data safe while moving an office, people also need to protect all those paper files and folders. A practical idea might be to put documents into cabinets which you will lock afterward. Ensure that those cabinets are waterproof. Finally, make a list of what is lying in each drawer.

    Document files
    You need to protect paper documents, such as contracts, invoices, reports, etc.

    7. Double-check in order to protect data when moving an office

    The moment prior to loading the items onto a truck, double-check that everything is there. Inspect the condition of the stuff. Report and note anything suspicious. By doing so you will lower the possibility that someone will try to do something bad. In case nothing happens, you will know you did everything to keep data safe while moving an office. A previously created moving inventory checklist will help you then for sure. 

    8. Double-check after the move too

    When the relocation has finished, it is common to check if everything is fine. There should be the same number of boxes as before the move. One can say they managed to secure sensitive data during an office move only when they inspect every box carefully and set up the devices again. If everything works great, the task has been successfully finished. 

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