How to reduce office relocation costs

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    Relocating your office is a challenging, time consuming and a quite costly task. It is hard to determine an accurate budget of such a complex move, especially when one wrong step can raise your expenses. It will also take a lot of your time and it can negatively affect your business. Still, with exceptional organization skills, a bit of help and with the rights tips on how to reduce office relocation costs, your commercial moving doesn’t have to be the money pit.

    Considering everything will help you to reduce office relocation costs

    In order to determine the office moving budget, first, you need to be aware of all the moving tasks. Also, how much approximately every task will cost you. Start by gaining holistic knowledge about the relocation that is upon you and all the activity that it will require,

    In this initial phase of relocation, ask yourself the following questions:

    • How many employees are you relocating?
    • Will any business operations be compromised during the move?
    • What office equipment, files, and furniture will you be relocating?
    • What will you do with what’s left behind?
    • Are there any restrictions that will influence the relocation plan?
    • Can you manage the move project yourself?

    Answers to these questions will help you to construct the most efficient plan of office relocation. Once you know how you will be organizing your office move, you can start determining the overall moving costs. Don’t lose the focus of the moving tasks since the following of the relocation plan can make a difference between staying within your budget and unnecessary overspending.

    Don’t waste time

    Planning isn’t just important for commercial moving – it is an essential part of every successful relocation. The crucial step that can save you some money on office relocation.
    How will planning then move to reduce office relocation costs, you may ask. Well, very simple. You see, when you have a lot of time to plan your move, you will also have time to learn about the moving costs.

    You can take your time when searching for professional office movers Manhattan until you find the best and most affordable ones. There’s no need to buy expensive packing supplies because you’ll have time to look for the ones on the discounts. You can organize your employees to help you pack your office instead of purchasing additional packing services from the packing company.

    When you move to your office in a hurry, you won’t have much time to choose movers. You will have to get ones that are available. That can cost you much more since the best affordable movers are booked months in advance. Also, you will need to hire professional packers since the moving day is so close. Not to mention that all that stress and chaos can affect your business.

    That’s why planning is the most important part of any office relocation. Especially when you’re moving on the budget.

    Reduce office relocation costs by starting to plan your move early.
    Starting with it as soon as your decision about the move is complete is the best things that you can do to ensure less stressful, easier and cheaper move.

    Think about your employees

    If you are moving your office to another city or state, that can be very stressful for your employees. For the ones that are coming with you, and also for the ones you’re leaving behind. It isn’t easy to pack up your life and move to a totally new place. No matter how great the job offer is. When you’re moving your staff with your office, make sure to prepare employees for relocation.

    Take some business tasks of theirs back and include them in the moving process. Ask for their opinion about the decoration of a new office. That way, your employee will be more excited about the relocation and they will feel valued. Not just as your workers, but also as human beings. If your employees are miserable at the new office, your business will suffer.

    Give them some time off before the moving day to get their affairs in order for the relocation and it will reduce office relocation costs in the long run. Always remember that the happy worker is a good worker. If your employee is burned out because you have burdened him with moving and business choirs at the same time, it will cost you a lot.

    Reduce office relocation costs in the long run by helping your employees with the move.
    People are every company’s biggest asset, and just ask yourself – will you be relocating your employers if that isn’t true?

    Remanufacturing furniture will reduce office relocation costs significantly

    When you have the customs office furniture, the chances are that it won’t fit perfectly into the new office space. Since it was designed especially for the previous one, you may find it unusable.
    Still, getting rid of old and buying new furniture for the new office will be a huge expense.
    You can reduce office relocation costs by simply remanufacturing office furniture. Not only that it can save you some money, but you also won’t have to deal with disposing of the old furniture. There are many companies that can remanufacture or refurbish your furniture so that it can fit perfectly into your new office.

    If the new office space is smaller than your current one, that’s still not a reason to dispose of your extra furniture. The extra chairs, cabinets or electronic can be useful to you someday. Since those things break easily, it’s good to have the replacement without the need to buy new items. Keep those extra items in one of the secure storage facilities in Manhattan, close to your office.

    Remanufacturing furniture can reduce office relocation costs
    All add together, the cost of monthly rent of the storage unit will be less than the cost of buying a brand new office furniture pieces.

    Resell or donate all the redundant equipment

    When it comes to redundant office equipment, it makes good sense to keep a few items like a spare one. All the rest, you can sell and invest that money into your office relocation. Of course, with the condition that equipment is in excellent shape.

    However, it can take some time to sell old equipment, so many companies avoid reselling redundant IT equipment altogether. Instead, they donate it to the charity. Not only that it is the right thing to do, but it also boosts the company image. It is also a good way to quickly rise corporate social responsibility in the eyes of the public and reduce office relocation costs in the process.

    Charities, social enterprises, and schools will greatly benefit from the donated electronic equipment. On the other hand, you won’t pay the moving costs for the items that you don’t need, or the proper disposal of them. It’s a win-win situation, that can only bring you something positive.

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