How to protect furniture when moving

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    Protect furniture when moving is just one of the many relocation tasks that you have to do. Still, it is one of the most important ones since it will ensure its safety during transport to your new home. This guide will show you some tips and tricks that can help you to keep your furniture safe during your relocation.


    Use quality packing supplies in order to protect furniture when moving

    In order to protect furniture when moving, you will need more supplies than moving boxes, moving blankets and packing tape. Of course, these are the necessary tools, but you should also invest in more protective materials. The more quality packing supplies, the safest your furniture will be during the relocation.

    Here are some additional packing supplies that you should gather in order to protect furniture while moving:

    • Plastic wraps with bubbles
    • Mattress covers
    • Tape
    • Sofa covers
    • Corrugated cardboard sheets
    • Plastic stretch wrappings
    • Plastic bags (sealable)
    Packing supplies necessary for protecting furniture when moving.
    Using quality packing supplies will increase the safety of your furniture during the move.

    Protect furniture when moving by prepping it properly

    Even if you’re using the additional packing service from your cross-country movers NYC, it is your job to prepare your furniture for the packing. Professional packer’s responsibility will be to disassemble it, but it’s your job to clean it and dust it prior to their arrival.
    Cleaning and dusting your furniture is something that you always have to do, no matter are you moving on your own or using the services of the professional movers.

    It is the best way to prevent dragging dirt and grime into your new home. It will take just a few minutes per piece of furniture and it will save you a lot of hassle later. Not to mention that clean furniture will help you to keep your kitchen clean, as well as the rest of your home.

    Feather duster
    Clean furniture before packing it.

    Dismantle furniture

    The best way to protect furniture when moving is to dismantle it completely whenever is possible.
    Depending on which Upper East Side moving company you’re using for your relocation, this task may be included in the basic moving services. In most cases, it isn’t unless you purchase additional packing services.

    Either way, this is the step that you should never skip. Relocating furniture in one piece is a bad idea. Not only that you will need a much bigger moving vehicle, but it will also put your belongings in danger. Also, some furniture is even impossible to move if you don’t disassemble it. For example, packing the king-size bed won’t be possible if you don’t remove its removable parts and a huge mattress.
    Any piece of your furniture that can be safely dismantled should be put apart.

    Of course, in order to protect your furniture when moving it is important to dismantle it correctly:

    • Follow the dismantling instructions from the owner’s manual to the letter
    • Prevent losing small pieces (like screws and handles) by putting them in sealable plastic bags that you will label or tape to the frame of the furniture piece that belongs to
    • Be gentle and careful when using the drill for unscrewing the screws.
    • Dismantle all the furniture at least one day before the moving day
    Power drill
    Make sure to gather proper tools for disassembling furniture.

    Proper wrapping will protect furniture when moving

    Wrapping your furniture correctly will keep it safe during transportation. Don’t hesitate to use a couple of layers of the plastic wrapping or sheeting. If you’re lacking the wrapping materials, old or packing blankets can come in handy. Use plastic sofa covers or a plastic wrap to protect your upholstered items.

    When you’re packing the items that have glass or mirrors in them, consider extra protection. First, tape a giant “X” sign on the surfaces covered with glass or mirrors. It will make it less likely to shatter during the move. After that, wrap these surfaces completely in the plastic wrap with bubbles.
    Always place this type of items in between two sheets of corrugated cardboard for safer transport.


    Be careful when packing the moving vehicle

    In order to protect furniture when moving, it is important to know how to pack moving truck right if you’re moving on your own. This is very important, so take some time to develop a bulletproof plan.

    Having a good plan will help you not only to protect your belongings than your health as well. When you’re moving on your own, you’re in risk of the many moving injuries. The most common ones are very painful severe back injuries, that can haunt you to the rest of your life.
    Having a good plan for loading your truck can diminish the risk of those injuries.

    Create a wall out of the heavy boxes

    Start stacking the boxes at the back of the truck. The boxes should be the same size and with the heaviest content. For this section avoid any boxes that contain fragile items.

    Place the square furniture

    After you built a wall of heavy boxes, start loading furniture with a square shape like wardrobes and dressers. Placing them directly against the box wall will limit the shifting during the move. Put packing blankets or corrugated cardboard between every piece of furniture.

    Use the space on the top of the dressers

    When packing the moving truck, you need to use every centimeter of the free space. Place lightweight boxes on the top of the dressers and other square furniture and save some room.

    Place pictures and mirrors between soft items

    Sliding mirrors and pictures between mattresses and other soft items will provide them more safety. Placing them between the sofa cushions is also a great idea.

    Load sofas and couches vertically

    This method will save you a lot of space that these bulky furniture items take. Placing them vertically will make more room at the moving truck for your other belongings. Especially if you couldn’t disassemble your seating furniture.

    Protect furniture when moving by securing it with straps

    Most of the moving vehicles have straps that you will use to tie down your items and prevent them to shift while on the road. When you are renting a moving truck, don’t forget to ask are the straps included and how you should use them properly. If the straps aren’t included, make sure to get some since it is an essential piece of moving equipment for protecting your belongings during the relocation.

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