How to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment

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    Moisture is a great problem for many households. It is something we live with each day, and therefore it needs to be controlled. Your daily activities like cooking or dishwashing are producing most of the moisture. There is no escape, you’ll have to monitor and control moisture levels. And we are here to help you with this issue. Today we will provide useful info on how to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment. Let us begin.

    How to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment

    Why is this a great problem? Simply because if you do not control the moisture levels in your household, this can cultivate mold and mildew. Both mentioned can seriously damage your health, belongings, walls, and floors. Moisture can create condensation which can damage your windows and pipes. Once you let the mold in, it will lead to the environment suitable for the growth of bacteria. This can be a serious threat to you and your family. Therefore, you must remove moisture from the air by utilizing several methods that we will mention below. It is always better to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment, rather than to deal with a much problem later.

    sick person
    Moisture can cause health issues

    If you are in the middle of your moving, do not forget the importance of humidity and moisture situation. It doesn’t matter if you are renting or buying a new place, you must check the moisture levels. Once you are deciding on what to buy and inspecting properties, check every nook and cranny. You need to be sure if there is a potential for a future mishap, or if there was already a moldy environment. Sellers tend to mask the moldy area just by painting it over. This is a great way to identify bad landlords or sellers. Keep this in mind and do not become a victim of a fraud.

    While on the move

    Since we already mentioned moving, let us give you a piece of advice. If you are planning your NYC moving, you should consider hiring a proper moving company. Moving industry has a wide range of moving teams offering their services. Some or good and some bad. Therefore, you’ll need to research a bit before making a choice. Go online and find a couple of moving companies you find appealing. Do a background check and figure out if they have all the permits and licenses. Addition to that, if they have the right tools and enough manpower for the job.

    Movers offer a plethora of moving services such as packing, unpacking, and storing. Many more are there for you to choose, depending on your situation and what you move. Hence, we will help you and recommend one excellent moving team. Moving company Washington Heights is something you shouldn’t miss. Great experienced moving crews are standing ready to tackle any job you throw at them. They will handle your relocation with the utmost care and respect. Give them a call.

    Inspect your home

    One of the best ways to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment is to inspect your household. To know exactly the pros and cons of your environment will work in your advantage. This way you can control and prevent the unwanted situation from occurring. Inspect each room in your home, and do not forget to do the same with your shed, garage, and attic. Also, if you are renting a short term storage Manhattan, you should pay special attention to it. If you are visiting your storage a few times in a month, inspect it each time. By overseeing elevated levels of humidity, you can make a new home for bacteria, rodents, and insects.

    Inspect each part of your home where moisture can be present

    Control the humidity levels

    The home you live in, should not have high humidity levels nor to be extremely dry. You must make a balance here. It is recommended to keep humidity levels between 30% and 60%. How to calculate this you might ask? It is not that hard, you can either seek the help of a professional or install a humidity gauge yourself. Visit your local hardware store and buy a hygrometer that will help you stay on track with the humidity levels. There is no easier way to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment.

    Keep everything dry to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment

    It is important that you do not add moisture to the already humid environment. We already mentioned that everyday activities like breathing, are creating enough moisture. This is why you should pay attention to keeping your kitchen clean. And the bathroom as well. Those two areas are working with water daily, and they should stay dry as much as possible. If you spill something, dry it immediately. After taking a shower, clean and dry everything. Also, inspect your water pipes regularly. You don’t want a leakage or a pipe burst to occur while you are working or on a vacation. One of the greatest unfortunate events is the flood in your home. Have this in mind and keep everything dry and in a good shape.

    The best way to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment is to take care of the ventilation

    Another way to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment is to install a proper ventilation system. Most of the apartments already have one, which we can’t say for the mobile and regular homes. If you do not have it, install it as soon as possible. It is not that big of a deal but it is for sure a good investment. Also, clean and inspect it regularly. Take the same approach with your AC as well. These two systems will help with the air circulation and keep your rooms fresh. You can open a window and make a draft also. But not while there is a hot summer or the cold winter outside.

    air conditioner
    Consider having an air conditioner in your apartment

    Air circulation is important

    As already said, keeping the fresh air in your home during summer and winter might be tricky. But, regardless of the heat or cold, you should open windows in the morning and evening at least for a few minutes. Unless you do not want to let the mosquitos in, then use the AC. But there is nothing more satisfying than a dose of fresh air. So, to make a proper draft and the air circulation, it is important that you open all doors so the air can move without obstacles. Additionally, a good thing is to have your furniture a few centimeters away from the walls. This way air can rush in and dry the moisture that is accumulating daily. Do the same with your cabinets and closets.

    These were the very basic tips and tricks on how to prevent moisture in your NYC apartment. In conclusion, as long as you keep your air fresh, everything dry, and your ventilation clean, you’ll have no worries. Take this subject seriously and protect yourself and your family from the moldy environment. We hope you’ll be successful. Good luck.


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