How to prepare your home for movers

We don’t have to tell you just how much work goes into the move prior to the actual d-day itself. There is a lot of packing, organizing, researching, scouting new homes, contracts, budgetary concerts, etc, etc. But, there is a special sub-category of these kinds of preparations, and that is preparing for the actual movers. So how do you go about trying to prepare your home for movers? 

Let’s start with the basics.

Prepare your home for movers by decluttering

So the first thing to do before moving company Washington heights truck comes into the parking lot an get ready to load your stuff is… well… to make sure that they can find your stuff. Let us elaborate. One of the biggest obstacles in trying to prepare your home for movers is that you just finished preparing your home for a move. This lovely process is sure to have left your house in some state of chaos or another.

Prepare your home for movers by decluttering
You don’t want this home to look like this before the movers arrive

To be honest, this is nothing unexpected or an issue in any way. Life being a mess that it is before the move, it is completely ok if your apartment, condo, a house or a room looks a little bit messy. But, you have to get it in order! That is the best (and only) way to properly organize and prepare your home for movers. So go around the house and throw away all the obvious garbage into a trash can and prepare to move on. The next step is rather connected with this one in function, and decluttering is a necessity before you can move forward to cleaning.

Cleaning and making safe

Now, when it comes to any kind of physical work, moving included, it is always “safety first”. This is why it is so important to clean up before your moving service Manhattan comes knocking. And that process starts with cleaning. Clean all of the house and all the items. Not only will it get you to notice any remaining clutter and visually inspect all of your possessions, but it will also allow you to have a better look at the house or an apartment on a bigger picture.

Cleaning and making safe
One last, big, cleaning!

What you are looking for here are things that can impede the immediate safety of the movers. Lose, heave furniture, uneven ground, unsteady carpets, unruly dogs… anything really. It is your job to make sure that the paid professionals can do their own job in optimal conditions. If they are some dangers that will not be fixed such as missing railings on staircases and such, be sure to warn them. They will very much appreciate it.


On we go with surveying your house. Now it is time to pack. Now, when one, such as most likely yourself, is moving to New York, there are a lot of things you need but also a lot you might need to leave behind, even if you are not that willing to do so.

There are no things like checklists when you want to organize

So go ahead, make a checklist and in it write down all the possible possession you have. Organize by three categories:

  • Keepers – the one you need/want to move with you to NYC;
  • Storage/Donation/Selling – all the possesions you simply can’t make room for in your move, but you still think that they are of a certain value or use;
  • Throw-aways – if any of the clutter survive, throw it away as you prepare your home for movers.

Now that you got that settled, you can make another subcategory. This one will be a part of the “keepers” group.

Special and valuable

Special and valuable are possesions that are fragile, expensive or essential. This is either best transported in your car or on your person or left for movers who offer specialized services.

Special and valuable
Very special – like your pets!

Oh, and these include living creatures two. Plants, for example, are often un-transportable by your movers, and cats, dogs, and other pets are even more so for obvious reasons. Consider special options for them.


Finally, you can move on with packing. Now, depending on are you packing them for your apartment or a cheap storage Manhattan you need a different kind of protections.

When focusing on transport, your biggest foe is the inevitable tumbling on the road. Fragile items are, of course, the most affected. Accidently they are also almost always the most valuable. Focus on materials to cushion the blows of the road and be sure to mark your boxes with “fragile“.

Packing is something you can do yourself – most of the time at least.

On the other hand, you can opt for storage. In this case, the enemy is a little slower and more discrete. It is the climate within the storage unit. Be sure that humidity is below 50% to avoid moisture causing mold and that there are no rats and other vermin that may damage your stored goods. Plastic bags over thoroughly dried objects are your best protection here, together with monitoring the environment in the unit on a regular basis.


When you ought to prepare your home for movers you need to make sure that the movers have full, uninterrupted and timely access to your apartment. This means parking space, hallways, stairs, elevators, etc. You should do some measurements.

Be sure movers can access your apartment

Knowing the sizes of windows and doors, the height of the ceiling and other variables that might come up are pretty important. One mistake here can ruin your whole (move) day, and in the long run, cost you a pretty penny.

Final words of advice

Don’t be too stressed out. In spite of all the things we told you to be on the lookout for when you prepare your home for movers, you don’t have to be under too much pressure. Just ask them! They will know exactly what they need or not. Communication with the movers prior to the day of the move is key!

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