How to prepare your delicate items for storage?

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    Sometimes during a move we revisit our memories, valuable and cherished treasures in the home. We will surely give our best to keep them preserved and undamaged. Packing them safe will minimize the risk of damage during relocation. Prepare your delicate items for storage or moving with these simple steps.

    Choose the right storage unit

    Moving time is usually hectic and expensive. You need to plan it and execute it without any bumps on the way. If you have decided to store some of your valuable belongings, you have to find a good storage unit that suits your needs. This is step one. There are many different types of Manhattan storage units to choose from. 

    First, you decide what items you want to store and then choose the right size storage unit. Make sure that you prepare your delicate items for storage and choose a climate-controlled storage unit, for better preservation.

    Learn how to prepare your delicate items for storage

    Before you start, remember always to:

    • Choose quality packing supplies
    • Clean, wash and dry your delicate items
    Ironing clothes
    Take some time to clean and iron your clothes before you pack them in a storage unit.
    • Wrap them and fill the empty space
    • Label everything
    • Disassemble large furniture¬†

    Choose quality over price in case of packing supplies

    If you are packing your delicate or fragile items for storage, first make sure you have good, quality packing supplies. This includes sturdy boxes, cushioning and plastic wrap. Having a quality, sturdy box is essential for packing your belongings for a longer period. Always choose a quality box, even if it is a little pricier. It is better to pay a little more money in the beginning and avoid the expense of repairing the damage, later on. Maybe some of your delicate belongings can’t be repaired or replaced. You can contact a local Manhattan moving company and see if they have moving boxes you can use. They are designed to sustain the handling during transport.

    Small cardboard boxes
    You can use boxes like these ones if you have small collections or for miscellaneous items.

    Prepare your delicate items for storage by cleaning them

    The next step is to clean or wash your delicate items before you pack them. If you are packing clothes, wash them first. If you pack them in vacuum bags fresh and clean, you will have them nice and ready when you need them. Otherwise, your unwashed clothes will only look and smell even worse after a longer storage period. 

    After you prepare your delicate items for storage place them in a vacuum bag
    Vacuum bags are excellent way to preserve your delicate clothes

    The same goes for furniture, carpets or anything else you clean and wash on a regular basis. This is a packing mistake you have to avoid.

    Use wrapping paper or plastic wrap for additional security

    You probably won’t move many of already packed belongings inside a storage unit. But, still, you need to transport them to the storage. This is why it is best to wrap your items when you are packing them. Placing them in a box is not enough. Use bubble plastic wrap or packing paper and wrap them and secure with a tape, if you need to. Especially if you are storing antiques, paintings or even delicate clothes.

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