How to prepare for a Manhattan job interview

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    Manhattan is a big and busy place. Getting here was hard, and finding a job can be even harder. Well once you do find yourself invited to an interview, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some guidelines on how to prepare for a Manhattan job interview.

    Getting familiar with the company helps you prepare for a Manhattan job interview

    Once you get to the interview, after your Manhattan movers help you to settle down, there are two things that your employer needs to believe in order to give you a job offer. First that you are right for the company. And second that you want to work for the company. In order to do that, you should try and discover as much as you can about the company itself.

    Extended hanshake
    Knowing about your future company makes you seem interested in working there.

    Find out about their line of work

    Different companies have different attitudes and different expectations of their employees. Modern lines of industry like web design or IT has a more relaxed attitude while banking or law firms have a more traditional, strict way of dealing with their employees. Knowing your potential company gives you an idea of how to approach your employers which is vital when you prepare for a Manhattan job interview. You don’t want to seem too casual nor do you want to seem too professional. Every company wants to feel that you actually want to work there.

    A good way to show that is to research what they do and comment on your impressions. Showing that you researched them will make you seem like an interested candidate. Everyone likes to be praised and giving them professional compliments on their good work, and knowing what you would improve if asked to will surely give you a positive feedback.

    Research their competition

    Knowing the competitors of your company gives you a better insight into where your company stands. Comparing wages, working conditions and company stock market value will give you a valuable idea when negotiating pay and working conditions. It is also good to show that you are familiar with the competition but prefer their company. Knowing what competitors do wrong and what you would improve will definitely give you a leg up when getting interviewed. Just make sure not to come off as a know-it-all. Keep this in mind when you prepare for a Manhattan job interview.

    Inquire about your future position in the company

    When the interview ends you should know what your position in the company will be. That means what will your duties be, who will be directly superior to you and what are the conditions for advancement. You should also inquire how will your performance be evaluated. This will give you the required information for deciding to take the job and will also let your interviewers know that you mean business. If your performance evaluation will be based on a group level find out exactly what your duties are within the group and what knowledge does your position require.

    Set your appearance straight

    Remember, when you go to an interview you are presenting yourself. Your outward appearance should always reflect your inner attitude.


    Being properly dressed will have a huge influence on whether you get the job or not. Gone are the days when you could just wear your best suit and go to any job interview. Now you need to know what is the company’s policy on wardrobe. You don’t want to come overdressed or underdressed, and if you don’t do your research you definitely will. There are usually three possible wardrobe policies:

    • Casual
    • Business Casual
    • Business professional
    Man and woman in suits
    Wearing proper clothes is half the job.

    For Casual you want to look polished and relaxed. But not too relaxed, save that for when you get the job. Avoid short skirts, shorts, slippers, sandals, t-shirts or jeans. Even though the workplaces wardrobe is casual you don’t want to risk looking uninterested. Be casual but respectful.

    Business casual, you want to step it up a bit. No need for suits yet, but a nice attire is expected. A long sleeved shirt for men, and a skirt and nice conservative dress for women should do just fine. You want to look nice and professional, but not too professional. The golden rule is to be one step more professionally dressed than your employers. Show your respect but don’t overdo it.

    For Business professional style, a suit is a must. Depending on the company the expected level may vary, but you almost always want to wear your best suit. Here we are talking about law firms and banks. Businesses in which you wear a suit every day. So in order to follow our golden rule, you should really try to step it up. Don’t shy away from spending some money when you prepare for a Manhattan job interview.


    Whatever the dress policy, you need to be well groomed. For a Business professional environment, this goes without saying, but think that you can get away with being badly groomed in more casual working environments. Your hair, your teeth, and nails should be taken care of. Whatever clothes you wear, make sure that they are clean and pressed. You want to fit in, but no look as if you don’t care. If you don’t take of yourself the employer is going to think that you are not going to care about your job. Be showered, clean and pressed. Also, don’t bathe yourself in perfume. For the Business professional environment, you can put some but generally, avoid using any. Being clean and shower is more than enough.

    Man at barbers
    Proper grooming is necessary.

    Body language

    Once you get to the interview, remember that your body tells a story as much as you do. Your posture should be straight yet relaxed. If you are too stiff you will come off as nervous. If you are too relaxed you will come off as uninterested. Sit up straight, maintain eye contact and give firm handshakes. Stay calm and breathe. If you are not used to going to interviews you should try and find someone to help you rehearse. Confidence and straightforwardness are what you want to project. Just think of the people you’ve talked to very little but are still somehow nice to be around. That is what you want to project. Greet everyone and don’t shy away from making eye contact.

    Two friends talking to prepare for a Manhattan job interview
    Rehearsing the interview with a friend is a great way to prepare.


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