How to prepare employees for relocation

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    Whether you are moving to a bigger or more upscale space, office relocation is a cause for excitement. The right attitude and a positive outlook will surely make this daunting venture into a pleasant experience. Nonetheless, such an approach does not reduce all the chores that need to be taken care of. One of them being the way you prepare employees for relocation. If done correctly, all the other chores will seem like less of an issue. After all, we are sure you are aware of how potent a well-organized team can be. Now, seeing the importance of this step, it is highly reasonable that you would want to know its intricacies. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon just the right text.

    A man holding a meeting in order to prepare employees for relocation
    A great way to prepare employees for relocation is letting them know what’s in store for the period that approaches.

    Collective creation of a moving calendar

    As soon as you decide that the move is imminent, be sure to notify your staff. Giving them a moving date will mean a lot to every individual and allow them to allocate enough time to adequately prepare. You can assemble a meeting where you would go over the moving calendar that works for everyone. This meeting should also consist of you providing necessary key milestones and their deadlines. This will show to be of great help to you when you prepare employees for relocation. It will also make it tremendously easier to keep everything organized and under control. While at the meeting, provide every employee with the following information:

    • The address of your new office space
    • Your new phone number
    • Available parking facilities
    • Public transportation that goes there

    Employees as a part of the process

    As previously mentioned, involving your employees into the office relocation process is often crucial for its success. However, it’s important that everyone is aware of their responsibility, as well as of the quality of execution. A project as big as this one is dependant on these micro-actions, and if every individual does their job in a proper fashion, you guaranteed a positive outcome. Depending on the number of people in your staff, a team should consist of 1 to 10 people, further separated into three groups:

    1. The paperwork team

    Find responsible individuals who are capable of handling this important part of the relocation. These people will be the point of contact for the new and old office building management. Make sure that the first thing on their list of tasks is checking the dates on the lease agreement. What comes next is the double checking the utility policy that comes with the lease of the new office. These include water, gas and electric as well as security systems, janitorial and trash services. Doing these chores early in the whole process will save you a lot of headache in the future if anything turns out to be off.

    A group of people in an office being a team
    Make sure to wisely assemble the teams, so that you get the maximum efficiency from every individual.

    The paperwork team should also be responsible for defining the regulations or restrictions that both the new and old offices abide by. Acquiring a key necessary for building access or parking pass information should also be a part of their job.

    2. The company hiring team

    This team will be responsible for hiring all the companies that will aid you in your moving process. These include necessary contractors, system furniture installers, a design firm, and anyone else you might need. In order to prepare employees for relocation that are a part of this team, make sure that when they call expert office movers Manhattan, they ask the following questions:

    • If a valuation coverage is offered, what kind is it?
    • Do they offer fixed rates or will there be additional charges?
    • What is included in the provided quote?
    • Will you have an assistant such as a moving coordinator, a corporate relocation consultant?
    • Are crating & packaging and the driver included in the package?

    3. The inventory team

    People that make up this team will have to make an inventory of all the things you plan on bringing to your new office space. An experienced moving company is of the essence when relocation of an office is at hand. That is why team 3 needs to work with team 2 when choosing your moving company. The movers will need to know how to transfer any and every large or troublesome item. Upper East Side moving company is a good call, so make sure to give them a ring and discuss possible collaboration. The inventory team also has a task of planning feasible routes for moving any larger items that require extra assistance. It’s important noting that some pieces of your equipment may require authorization from the vendor prior to moving. Make sure to have a word with the moving company of your choice regarding this matter.

    A man explaining to a woman something on a laptop
    Open and adequate communication will get you through this whole undertaking.

    Communication is key if you want to prepare employees for relocation adequately

    You probably think about communication regarding the tasks you’ve distributed. Yes, this is important, but the fact that you are running an office tells us that you know this by now. What’s important is that you keep in mind how this change can affect your employees on other levels. Be enthusiastic and make sure your team stays motivated for this whole process. They should view this change as a positive step. Make sure to be vocal about the reason for your relocation. What does this mean for your job as a whole? Explain how the clients, customers, and suppliers will be impacted. Be mindful with people with families. A change of location can drastically alter their tight daily schedule. If you want to prepare employees for relocation, you need to give them time. Time to plan out their activities and adjust their routines. Understand that they can also go through a great deal of stress during this time. Be patient and motivating, and this new chapter in your life will be a great experience.

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