How to pack your king size bed for a long-distance move

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    Long distance moving requires good preparation especially when it comes to relocating bulky and heavy furniture. Not only that heavy furniture is complicated for disassembling and lifting, but movers will also charge you more for heavy shipment. Besides, trying DIY tips and tricks won’t work on long-distance relocation unless you want to damage, break or lose things. So, if you really like to sleep on your old bed and you want to relocate it, check our steps and pack your king size bed like a pro! Moving to New York? Hire Upper East Side moving company and relocate your king size bed along with your household fast and safe.

    Check the condition before you pack your king size bed

    There are many reasons why people want to relocate king size bed for a long-distance move. Among the most common reasons is because they used to sleep in that bed and they think it’s the most comfortable than any other. This is not true, of course. It’s just hard to separate from something we like and use for years. But, as you know that relocating king size bed can bring you extra costs, check the real condition of it. Before you decide to pack your king size bed, check if it’s very worn out and old. If it is, then, it’s not worth moving.  If you’re moving to Manhattan, find an affordable moving company to help you relocate your king size bed.

    a king size bed in an apartment
    If your bed is new or in excellent condition, moving it is worth the money, but if it’s damaged and old, consider leaving or selling it.

    Gather packing materials and tools

    Packing a king size bed tips and tricks would be impossible to try without using the right equipment. Before you start to pack your king size bed, make sure to gather all packing materials and tools. Although you are able to move the bed without that supplies, using them you will make the job easier and provide more protection to it during relocation. If you’re not hiring any professional moving service, this is what you need to pack a king size bed:

    • mattress bag, box in the right size or plastic sheeting
    • furniture pads
    • tape
    • moving blankets
    • moving straps or ropes and a few
    • hand tools

    Take the accurate measurements

    If you want to pack your king size bed without scratching the floors and damaging walls in your house, take the accurate measurements. Measure your bed carefully, and then measure all the doors, hallways, stairs and paths it needs to go through. If the bed doesn’t fit through everything, you will need to disassemble it and sometimes even move it through a window using special vehicle and equipment with professionals. Looking for the best ways to relocate furniture to a new home, consider trying room-by-room packing guidelines from professionals.

    a house plan drawing
    Take all measurements from the bed itself to all halls and doorways it needs to go through before disassembling it.

    Remove and mattresses, pillows, and sheets

    The first step about how to pack your king size bed for relocation is to remove all pillows, blankets, sheets, and mattress. Don’t relocate them with a bed, pack them in separate moving boxes or vacuum bags. If you pack them into boxes, make sure you label them “bedding”, so that you can quickly find them and prepare your bed after moving into your new home. King-size mattress is really heavy and If you don’t hire movers, call your friends to help you. Also, make sure you measure the mattress because the average door in an American home is 80 inches tall. King size mattresses are usually 80 inches by 76 inches. So if you want to start living in smaller spaces like a boss and keep your king size bed, do the measurements.

    mattress and pillows on the bed
    Make sure to remove all pillows, sheets, and the mattress before you pack your king size bed for a long-distance move.

    Disassemble the bed and pack the mattress separately

    If you have the original mattress bag, that’s the best solution to pack it for a long-distance relocation. You will also need help of at least two persons. First, place the mattress standing, typically on its side lengthwise. This position allows you to carry the mattress easier. When loading the moving truck or your vehicle, try to lie your mattress flat inside of the vehicle during transportation. Then, start with disassembling the bed. If you have it, the assembly handbook can help you to start disassembling. First, empty all drawers or storage under the bed and use basic tools. Remove the king headboard and frame. Use sealable plastic bags to put hardware parts like bolts, nuts, screws and other small parts.

    Wrap the bed frame

    When you finish disassembling and packing your king size bed, make sure you wrap it and protect it before loading into the truck. Wrap the bed frame completely in blankets or towels to avoid scratching. Once you finish with wrapping entire frame, secure it over with duct tape couple of times. This will provide extra safety during long-distance relocation.

    movers are packing a household
    Hire reliable movers to help you pack king size bed and relocate it to your new address easily and safely.

    Hire a professional moving company to pack your king size bed for relocating

    Moving a king size bed for a long-distance move is the right task for professional movers. Although you may have the strength to lift up heavy things, you don’t have appropriate equipment and experience to avoid injuries. Professional movers have experience in shipping heavy furniture and items, as well as reliable means of transportation. They will easily and safely move a king size mattress bed. And if you worry about the cost, full service packing and relocating for a king size bed and a mattress will cost at least $600, depending on the actual distance to your final destination. Although this may sound pricey, you won’t have to lift heavy things, find appropriate size vehicle and bother your friends to help you. If you want to save your money, disassemble your bed alone, and hire movers only for relocation and that will cost you around $300.


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