How to pack your clothes without wrinkling them?

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    Few people look forward to packing when they move. In fact, packing is among the most unpopular tasks when it comes to the relocation process. You have to make sure not to forget anything, and properly pack all the fragile items you have. Not to mention disassembling the furniture or electronic devices. Amidst all the chaos, it is easy to disregard your clothes and simply throw them in boxes and suitcases carelessly. What you are left with after the move with Heart Moving New York City is a huge pile of wrinkled clothes that will take hours to iron. But, don’t worry! There are simple solutions and ways to pack your clothes without wrinkling them.

    Pack your clothes without wrinkling them- here’s how

    Not having to iron your clothes after a long-distance relocation is one of the best feelings ever. After all, there are so many other things to do, and you’re exhausted from moving and everything that it includes. Although long distance movers in NYC will do most of the hard work, moving is still a time-consuming and energetically draining process.

    clothes on a clothing rack
    Find out the best ways to prevent wrinkling of clothes when packing.

    Also, some things can be hard to iron in the first place, or they’re not supposed to be ironed at all, for example, silk blouses, thin dresses, or blazers. Fortunately, there are easy ways to keep your clothes wrinkle-free when you pack for a move, for instance:

    • rolling up the clothes
    • using a clothing rack
    • using a wardrobe box
    • bundle wrapping your clothes
    • putting clothes in plastic dry-cleaning bags

    Roll the clothes up

    When it comes to packing your clothes efficiently, one of the best ways is to roll them up. Rolling up each garment of clothing will not only result in the garment not being wrinkled after unpacking, but clothes packed this way take up less space compared to traditional ways of packing. Meaning, if you are renting storage in Manhattan as a way to avoid boxes taking up space in your home before moving day, you can rent a smaller unit as you will need fewer boxes for your clothes if you pack them this way. Make sure your garments are laid out flat before rolling them up since they will wrinkle anyway if you don’t smooth out any lines.

    Use your clothing rack

    If you own a clothing rack, it can be a useful tool when you’re moving. Simply put garbage bags over your clothes still on the hangers, hang them on the clothing rack and it’s ready to go in the moving truck! That way your garments will be nice and ironed when you arrive at your new home where you can put them straight in the wardrobe. This is a fool-proof method and there really is no way to go wrong. Just ensure you don’t squish the clothes once they’re in the moving truck.

    clothes on a clothing rack is one of the best ways to pack your clothes without wrinkling them
    Put your clothing rack to good use when moving! Use it to pack your clothes without wrinkling them.

    A wardrobe box will come in handy

    If you don’t have a clothing rack, a wardrobe box is your next best choice whether you’re moving interstate or locally. The general idea is similar, you simply transfer your clothes still on the hangers into the wardrobe box. The difference is that a wardrobe box will do a much better job at protecting your clothes from dust and dirt than a plain clothing rack. Since the wardrobe box is closed, you don’t have to put garbage bags over your clothing garments, but if you want to be extra careful, you can. Interstate movers in NYC will make sure everything is loaded into the moving truck properly, so your clothes will arrive at the destination just as you packed them.

    Pack your clothes without wrinkling them- bundle wrapping for the win!

    Bundle wrapping is one of the most efficient ways of packing clothes when you don’t have a wardrobe box but want to prevent wrinkling. If you’ve never heard of bundle wrapping, it’s pretty simple. You simply put the most wrinkle-prone clothing items as the outer layer of the bundle, and the most wrinkle-proof ones closer to the “core”. For example, you will lay your silk blouse flat and that will be your outer layer. Next goes your satin dress, but also flatten it first. After that, you can put your blazer with the collar up and sleeves out. The same goes for any shirts you may have. You want to put jeans and similar garments that don’t wrinkle easily last. You can use your socks and underwear as the core. Then, all that’s left to do is wrap your bundle and put it in a suitcase or moving box.

    Use plastic dry-cleaning bags to prevent your clothes from wrinkling

    In case you’re not keen on bundle-wrapping or rolling up your clothes, you can use plastic dry-cleaning bags. This is another straightforward hack. You just put your clothes in a plastic bag and lay them flat in a suitcase or a large box. You can even use a plain garbage bag. The idea is to make a thin layer of air between the clothing item and the plastic bag and prevent friction. This layer of air is what will keep the clothes wrinkle-free.

    Need to pack your clothes without wrinkling them? Use professional packing services!

    Your safest bet if you want wrinkle-free clothes when moving is to get professionals to do your packing. You can get a great deal on NYC packing services and lift the burden off your shoulders. Professional packers have lots of experience when it comes to packing all sorts of clothing items. This is a great way to save money if you need some assistance with your relocation but can’t afford or don’t need a full moving service.

    couple ironing
    Who wants to have to iron right after relocating? Use professional packing services so you don’t have to!

    Hopefully, you found some useful tips and learned new ways to pack your clothes without wrinkling them. The best option is, of course, to hire professionals. This is one of the best ways of saving money when moving if you don’t need a full moving service. Aside from that, you can also bundle-wrap or roll up your clothes. The simplest way is to hang the clothes on a clothing rack or in a wardrobe box. Whatever you decide, you will arrive at your new home with no need to iron your clothes.

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