How to pack toys when moving long distance

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    Children, especially small ones, don’t understand what moving means. The thing they do understand is when you take away their toys. This is why moving is hard to explain to kids, and packing their bedroom and toys even harder. If kids can’t find their toys they usually get upset, angry and sad. So, where to start if you’re moving with kids? You need to pack toys when moving long distance and deal with kids being attached to their favorite toys. If you need help with relocating and packing kids’ toys, check out our tips! And if you need more space to store bulky furniture from your kids’ room during relocation, check out storage facilities in Manhattan.

    Talk to your kids and let them pack toys when moving long distance

    A huge mistake is to just go around and pack kids’ toys. Just because they are small, it doesn’t mean they don’t notice the changes in their room and their favorite toys missing. This can lead to crying and kids react negatively to moving. It’s very important to explain moving to kids before you pack toys when moving long distance. Depending on the age, there are various books for children that describe moving. Tell them about new exciting things they will have in their new home. Also, encourage them to pack their favorite toys into boxes. Kids will find this very fun and they will easily accept the change. If you need professional help and guaranteed safety of your items during long-distance relocation, consider hiring Upper West Side movers to help you.

    teddy bear in a suitcase
    Before you start packing toys for relocation, talk to your kids about how they feel and let them pack some toys.

    Let them keep their favorite toys for moving day

    Kids are very emotionally attached to their favorite toys. Packing their favorite toys into boxes is not the best idea. Instead, let kids pack their favorite toys in one small box. They can keep playing with them until the moving day. Besides, they can keep them during moving day. Ask them what their favorite toys are before you start packing toys when moving long distance. That will also give them some comfort and familiarity during the move. When moving long-distance, make sure to find the right way to pack your kids’ room.

    pack toys when moving long distance
    Letting your kids to keep their favorite toys during relocation on moving day will make them feel more stress-free and happier.

    Get various packing supplies and materials

    Make sure to provide various packing supplies and materials to pack toys when moving long distance. Although the easiest way to pack toys is to simply pack as much as possible in a larger box, this way many toys can get damaged or lost. You surely don’t want to damage fragile and expensive toys, especially kids’ favorites. Besides, many small toys have moving parts and fragile pieces. To avoid unpleasant situations get the following supplies:

    • Large and various sized moving boxes
    • Bubble wrapping
    • Newspaper or various paper for filling the gaps
    • Sealable plastic bags
    • Trash bags
    • Tape
    • Scissors
    • Markers for labeling
    • Moving blankets

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    Sort out toys

    Before you begin packing toys when relocating long distance with kids, start by sorting toys. There are probably many kinds of toys in the kids’ room, plush toys and teddy bears, action figures, Barbie dolls, puzzles, LEGO toys, and others. You can’t pack everything the same way. You can pack plush toys in trash bags, small and fragile parts in sealable plastic bags, and others into moving boxes with a certain protection.

    Get rid of old and damaged toys

    You can actually save money if you get rid of some toys before you pack toys for a long distance move. Moving is a great way to get rid of old, damaged and unnecessary toys. You can throw away broken toys or donate toys your kids are not using anymore. Besides, if you have some toy collection or expensive toys your kids don’t want anymore, you can sell them! Professional movers charge by the hour but also by the weight of the shipment. The average cost for a long-distance move is between $2,000 to $5,000 per move for more than 100 miles. Get rid of unnecessary toys and save money during relocation.

    baby playing with toys
    Getting rid of toys your kid is not using anymore or donating them will lower your shipping costs.

    Hire professional movers to pack toys when moving long distance

    To relocate without stress, hire professional movers to pack toys when moving long distance. Only professional movers can pack and load all kinds of toys easily, efficiently and fast. They are experienced and have the proper equipment and the best packing supplies to provide maximum protection to the toys. Besides, you can take moving insurance for additional safety of your items.

    professional packers load the moving truck - they can help you pack toys when moving long distance
    Hire professional movers to pack toys when moving long distance and you’ll avoid possible accidents and damaging of toys.

    Remove water and batteries from toys

    Many toys have water or batteries inside, so removing them is important when you need to pack toys for moving long distance. Make sure to remove water from water pistols and toys, to prevent any unwanted spills during long distance. This way you will protect other soft and electronic toys in the box. Don’t forget to remove batteries, too. If the toys will be stored in storage or boxes on high temperatures this will stop them from corrosion.

    Clean and wrap delicate toys

    Don’t forget to clean and wash the toys before you start packing them for a long-distance relocation. Hygiene is very important for kids’ health. Imagine opening moving boxes in your new home and seeing the dusty and dirty toys. Clean everything you can and your kids can start playing right after unboxing in a new home. When it comes to delicate and fragile toys, use bubble wrapping, paper or moving blanket and wrap them for more protection.

    Pack soft toys in bags

    Packing soft and plush toys is the easiest. You don’t have to get moving boxes and supplies for extra protection. You can simply use large tote bags or trash bags and put their teddy bears into them. These bags are ideal for moving, but not for storing toys.

    Put large and heavy toys at the bottom of the box

    It’s great to know how to pack toys when moving long distance. Place heavy and sturdier toys at the bottom of the moving box. This will let you to carry moving boxes easily and protect fragile toys from becoming damaged. If you notice some gaps around the box, you can use newspaper and bubble wrapping to fill that gaps. Once you finish packing, seal the boxes with tape and label boxes with fragile items.

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