How to pack souvenirs when moving?

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    Moving and packing in general, are two activities that many people find stressful and exhausting. It is true that the process of packing usually takes most of our time during relocation. However, when it comes to fragile items, such as souvenirs, you need to be extra careful. So, in this article, we are going to discuss a few basic tips on how to pack souvenirs when moving without potentially damaging them. Furthermore, we are going to talk about the importance of not only properly packing your souvenirs but also gathering the right packing supplies for them in the first place. We would also like to point out that hiring professional Manhattan moving and storage companies is a must when relocating fragile items such as souvenirs.

    Before you start packing your souvenirs…

    First of all, there are a couple of things you need to do before you pack souvenirs when moving. These few tasks that you need to do are there to ensure that your move and overall packing process go as smoothly as possible. The last thing you need when relocating is to worry and stress about a broken souvenir that was not properly packed.

    Take a look at your inventory

    To get a good idea of how many packing materials and supplies you may need, take a good look at your inventory. There may be souvenirs of various shapes and sizes in your household inventory. It is for this reason that we recommend creating a small but effective checklist of all of your souvenirs that need to be packed. You can list all of your souvenirs as well as many other items in your inventory for that matter, according to their size or category. Some of your souvenirs may be small and sturdy but chances are, you will have a number of souvenirs of different sizes, shapes, and quality.

    Creating a checklist.
    Create a simple checklist when you pack souvenirs for moving.

    Gather the necessary packing supplies

    Your souvenirs as well as other items you may have in your household inventory, need to be properly protected during a relocation. This is why acquiring the right packing supplies is necessary. The right packing supplies are going to protect your souvenirs during a move. There are some packing materials that you may already have. The rest you can usually find online or by contacting your professional local Clinton moving company that offers packing services. The essential packing supplies that you need when you pack souvenirs when moving are the following:

    • Cardboard boxes. Depending on the number of souvenirs you have and their size, you may need several cardboard boxes.
    • Bubble wrap and packing foam. These items are the first line of defense. It is not enough to put souvenirs inside a box. You must ensure they are protected from any damage.
    • Packing tape and scissors. Once your souvenirs are inside a cardboard box, it should be taped several times with packing tape.
    • Labeling materials. Each box containing fragile items such as souvenirs needs to be properly marked and labeled.

    How to properly pack souvenirs when moving

    So, now that we have talked about some of the things that you should do before you start packing your souvenirs for your relocation, we can get into the actual procedure. You have gathered the packing supplies but now you need to know how to use them properly for your souvenirs.

    Secure the boxes first

    First of all, start with your cardboard boxes. Open them and fill the bottom of the boxes with soft padding. You can use the packing foam or if you did not find any, use old newspapers. You can practically use any other material that will provide the cushioning effect.

    Separate your souvenirs

    The next step is where your checklist comes in handy. Take a look at it and separate your souvenirs based on their size and shape. Do not stuff one cardboard box with all of your souvenirs. This will likely only lead to unwanted damage.

    Use bubble wrap on each souvenir

    Each of your souvenirs, regardless of their shape, size, and quality should be wrapped in bubble wrap. We have already mentioned that bubble wrap acts as the first line of defense. Take one souvenir at a time and wrap several layers of bubble wrap around it. Of course, if they are very fragile, you should do this procedure with extra care.

    Pack souvenirs when moving with bubble wrap.
    Use bubble wrap and secure each souvenir separately with it.

    Start filling your box

    Slowly put one souvenir at a time inside your cardboard box. Make sure each of them has some breathing space. Once packed inside a box, do the final check to see if there is enough room for each of them and if they are moving too much when the box is moving. If there is too much space between the items inside the box, fill it up with some more soft padding.

    Close and label the box

    The final step is to ensure the box is closed. This is where your packing tape comes into play. Check if the box has multiple openings and wrap each of them with several layers of packing tape. After this, make sure you mark and label all of your boxes containing your fragile souvenirs before you move them.

    Ask your friends for some help

    When in doubt, ask for help. Packing fragile items such as souvenirs is one of the reasons why you should never underestimate a local move in NYC. You should ask your friends to help you pack if you are on a tight schedule. This will speed things up and make your packing process more efficient. Moreover, you get to have more fun while packing with friends than if you were on your own!

    Friends packing together.
    Call your friends and speed up the packing process!


    In order to pack souvenirs when moving, there are a few key tasks that you need to do. Make sure you get your souvenirs organized and acquire the necessary packing materials. Follow our basic packing tips and with the right local movers Manhattan, you are in for a safe and easy relocation!

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