How to pack fragiles for nationwide relocation

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    Long distance moving is rarely easy! There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and a bunch of items can get damaged. We compiled a perfect guide on how to pack fragiles for nationwide relocation! After you read this, you will have a clear picture of how to handle those items without a problem! Just follow our easy steps and you will move to your new home safe and sound!

    Gather supplies before you pack fragiles for nationwide relocation

    Before you even begin packing, you need to get certain supplies that are needed for this. Those packing materials will increase the durability and safety of your fragile items tenfold. Of course, there is a certain way of packing you need to follow if you want to pack fragiles for nationwide relocation safely. But first things first, the packing materials you will need are:

    • Old textile you do not need. This includes old t-shirts, blankets, towels etc. Use them and wrap them around the fragile items in order to preserve them from breaking.
    • Sponges, pillows and foam beans. These are great when you have more oddly shaped empty space in the boxes. Use them to fill up those spaces and prevent fragiles from tumbling around in the boxes. It will make them more secure and won’t allow them to break that easily.
    • Hard cases! Or any other hard and sturdy boxes. They are the best thing you can use when you decide to pack fragiles for nationwide relocation. They will protect them the best way they can. And if you combine them with foam pads you will have the best protection for fragile items ever!
    • Old paper and newspaper. They are mostly used as a wrapping material. Use them wet, because you will easily mould them to the shape of the desired item.
    Old newspapers used to pack fragiles for nationwide relocation
    Old newspapers are good when you want to pack fragiles for nationwide relocation

    Most of the time, your moving companies will provide you with packing services! This includes handling fragile and valuable items! They can offer you specially designed cases just for items like this! Make sure you ask their customer service about packing services NYC and how they handle breakable items.

    Get the boxes

    The next step you must take before you pack fragiles for nationwide relocation is to gather the boxes. Depending on what kind of items you are packing and how valuable they are, you will get proper boxes. Most of the time people take regular cardboard boxes and they do the trick. But make sure they are almost new and not used. Because more you use the boxes they become less durable. The durability of the boxes is very important for fragile items. Furthermore, you can always ask local glass shops, grocery stores or any other stores that handle fragile items if they have sturdier boxes. If by any chance you do not find them for free, you can buy them online or in home depot stores. They are specially made for breakable items. If, by any chance, you do not manage to get boxes for fragile items, remember to ask your movers. Most of the time they will have boxes for you, especially when you plan a long distance relocation. But, if you manage to get premium interstate movers NYC, you will surely end up with the best services your moving company offers you!

    a man holding boxes
    Finding boxes is essential for safety of fragile items

    Load them to the truck

    Once you pack your fragiles, it is time to load them into the truck. Remember, there are ways to load boxes into trucks. First, of, you need to put something on the floor! That something should be either wooden pallets or some cardboard. Second, it is a smart idea to place sturdier and bigger boxes as bases, and then stockpile smaller ones on top. Make sure your boxes do not tumble during the ride. You can secure them with ropes and tapes. Remember to label those boxes properly. It is good to know where you put your glasses, china, vases and other fragile and easily breakable items. Do not stack them together! Some of them, although still fragile, are more breakable than other. Make a hierarchy out of it and pack them accordingly. When it comes on packing highly valuable fragile items, then you should know everything there is about it. Learn about the guide to preparing expensive items for relocation. This will surely help you to relocate them safely and without any fear of getting them damaged.

    men packing fragile items
    Be careful when you load them to the truck

    Rent a storage unit

    This is one of the solutions to these problems! If you do not have enough room after you pack fragiles for nationwide relocation, then consider renting a storage unit. You can store all those items there, where they are safe and sound. And once you finish up with the transport, you can head back and pick them up. But, as with packing, there are issues you must know when you look for storage units. If you do not know how to find one, you may end up renting a cheap and unsafe storage unit. Trust us, you do not want to make that kind of mistake. Furthermore, think about the pros of renting a storage unit and you will know why it is such a good idea.

    Lockers with locks in different colors.
    Keep your fragiles in storage units until you come back for them


    When you want to pack fragiles for nationwide relocation, it is important to know everything there is about it. What material to use, how to use it and how to pack are just some of the questions. And, hopefully, we covered and answered them all here. Did you pack and move your fragile items? Do you know any other easy way to do so? Tell us in the comment section, we are happy to hear about your experience.

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