How to pack family heirlooms for transport

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    Moving requires a lot of preparation! Sometimes accidents happen and you end up with broken valuables. It is important to know how to pack them if you want to keep your family valuables intact. Here, we will discuss the best ways to pack family heirlooms when moving. So in the end, you won’t have to worry about them getting damaged. Just follow these simple tips and you will pack and move them in no time.

    Pack family heirlooms in special boxes

    Depending on what kind of items you wish to transport, the variety of boxes differ. Starting from small, medium and large ones. There are also boxes with sturdier parts. Use them for better protection. What you transport will decide what kind of boxes you will use. For example, jewelry and other breakable valuables require hard cases. These hard cases almost always come with padded interior. The pads are usually made out of foam, sponges or some other padding fabric.  When you place them in the case, the pads will secure them more tightly. But, do not worry, they will not break from the pad pressure.

    So, before you begin packing your top priority must be to find quality moving boxes Manhattan. Finding them is easy enough because there are a lot of places you can search for them. For instance, you can always ask your local art galleries and jewelry shops about the cases. They will surely give you enough information about where you can inquire them.

    A box padded with sponge used to pack family heirlooms
    Pack family heirlooms in designated boxes


    Do not pack them yourself

    There is a great difference between DIY packing and professional one. Sometimes you can pack family heirlooms yourself if they are not breakable. But then comes the time when they are very fragile. If you are not certain you can do it, then leave it to professionals to do it. There are moving companies that offer specialized packing service for valuables. They know exactly how to pack them and store them in the vehicle.

    Yes, there is a precise way of packing and storing. So, in the end, it won’t get damaged. This is the best way to make sure your valuables are in good hands. Packing experts NYC will surely provide you with the best and foremost professional services! So in other words, don’t handle fragile and valuable items yourself. Leave it to them! Seasoned and experienced workers are far better at it anyway!

    A red hand with "stop" word written on it
    Do not pack valuables yourself

    Never put breakable items together

    You might think this isn’t a good idea, but trust us, you risk ending up with broken glass! Although it may seem like a good idea to pack them together to save space, they can easily break. During the transport and constant vibration, glass items tend to fall over or damage each other. This is where padding comes in handy!

    If you can’t find good padding materials, use the ones you have! You already have that stuff in your household. Things like old fabrics (towels, shirts, blankets) are good for wrapping. They act as a cushion and a protection layer to the breakable glass items at the same time. Learn more about the ways of packing breakable items before you pack them. This will only greatly ensure the safety when you pack family heirlooms.

    Find a proper storage unit

    Like with transportation and packing, it also depends what kind of storage units you use. If you are already overcrowded with items you want to move, then store some items. If the truck is heavily packed, you risk of possible damage and breaking. Research your local place for a reliable and good storage unit. Storage units often provide the best conditions for keeping valuables. Depending on how valuable they are, they offer a different kind of units.

    From heavily made ones to those designed for short use. This is a smart idea if you want to store them for a short period of time. Just enough until you move other items to your new home. Storage units provide perfect shelter and protection against damages. Ask your moving company do they pose reliable storage units in Manhattan you can use. Use it to store your valuable items there and then come back once the move is done.

    Storage unit boxes on top of each other
    There are special storage units made for valuables

    Snap photos of your items

    In the end, this is the best solution you can have for protecting yourself. If you are letting movers pack of course. Take a picture when you pack family heirlooms to have a proof of their state. Most of the time moving company will provide you with insurance. Always take moving insurance when you plan on moving your valuable items. This leaves you with peace of mind knowing your items are insured. In case something bad happens, the moving company will cover the costs of possible repairs or damages. Photos are proof of the heirlooms original conditions before you give them to relocating company.

    Person holding android phone
    Always take a picture of items you are about to pack

    Give them away for safekeeping

    In the end, the last thing you can do is to give them for safekeeping. Later on, you can return and pick them up. Have in mind not to give them to anyone! Family heirlooms carry great emotional value over financial. They are a part of your family for so long. Take care of them however you can. Give them to someone you fully trust! These people are either your closest relatives or best friends. They know how much you value these items, and will take proper care.

    When you pack family heirlooms for transportation you need to prepare yourself.  Fragile and breakable items are an issue in the hands of people without experience. Have this in mind when you handle them. Always pack with special care in mind. If you already did these sorts of transportations, leave a comment below. Any tip and trick regarding this are more than welcome with us! We are really happy to hear from you!

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