How to pack clothes for moving

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    Moving day is approaching and you still have your full closet staring back at you. While NYC moving is much easier with a professional moving company handling your packing, some might not have that luxury. So, those of you that have to pack clothes for moving all on their own – this text is for you. In it, we will go through the essential methods that will make this process much smoother and simpler.

    Getting rid of the redundancies

    As with every big project, before you get to the concrete work, you have to address some preparations. And, when it comes to packing clothes, what needs to come before is getting rid of the pieces you no longer need. This has many benefits to it, some of which include:

    • having fewer items to pack and transport, further reducing the overall time of relocation
    • saving on packing materials
    • starting your new life having only the things you actually have use of
    Three small stacks of coins
    Decluttering is a great way to reduce your moving expenses, whilst getting rid of the items you actually don’t need.

    So, a great way to go about this is to take out all of your clothing pieces and lay them in front of you. Go through every closet in the house and make sure it is all out in the open. You would then start sorting these big pile into three smaller ones:

    1. keep
    2. donate
    3. toss

    As you can imagine, the first one would consist of items that you ought to keep. In this bunch, there should be items that you have worn in the past nine months. Anything else that also does not have emotional value will not make the cut, and goest to further sorting.

    Donate the clothes you no longer use but has kept its shape and condition. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone: declutter your closet, and give to those in need. As for the items that are left, feel free to toss them in the trash. Try not to be too sentimental. After all, you have been living without these items for so long and didn’t even notice they are gone. This way you will have more space for new belongings and you won’t need to get a storage unit.

    Another option

    One small yet important group of items may show up. Those are the pieces you do not wear as often, but that do have certain emotional value. As with every other item you need more space for, opting for Manhattan moving and storage and their storage unit is a great idea that will solve your situation.

    Sorting the clothes prior to packing

    If you are moving to a particularly cooler climate or a warmer one, you want to pack appropriate clothing items last. This will ensure easy access which is super useful when all of your belongings are still packed, and the heating is still not on. In addition, do not forget to set aside the combinations you and your family will wear come moving day.

    A girl in winter jacket blowing snow
    Pack clothes for moving so that the items you will need in your new home are on the very top.

    Having some older t-shirts and other clothing items can come in handy when it comes to packing. Instead of taking up the valuable box space, you can use these pieces as cushioning materials. They can fill up the holes in boxes that hold sturdy objects. You can wrap them around dinnerware and other fragile items you have.

    In case you are taking your dresser with you when you move, consider leaving some of the clothing items in there. Spare yourself the packing and unpacking hassle at least a bit, and keep lighter items in the drawers. Just make sure to wrap them with plastic wrap, so as to ensure they do not open.

    How to pack clothes for moving?

    When folding your clothes, you want to make sure your folds are neat and tight. This will help fit as many clothes into each of your boxes. You want to fold the clothes inside out. This will ensure that the creases are easier to get out when you unpack. Bundle wrapping is also a great option, only if you don’t mind getting your clothes slightly creased. You would lay our a large piece of clothing on a clean surface. A table will do. Use a jacket, winter coat, large sweater or anything else of a similar sort. Lay clothes on top of the large piece one by one. Start with the next largest size, and work towards the middle, until you reach the smallest clothes. Finally, take one end of the largest article on the bottom, and begin to roll until all of the clothes are wrapped tightly together in a bundle.

    Packing options

    While packing your clothes in boxes is an option you can go for, we suggest that you try out something a bit different. Since clothes are by no means breakable, you do not have to provide as much structure to the container that is holding them. So, your luggage, suitcase and any kind of bag will do the job just fine. You can save a lot of that precious space for something that needs a bit more protection.

    Fine pieces of clothing on hangers
    While plain t-shirts can survive the trip even in a garbage bag, your more precious pieces should get special treatment.

    For the items you to keep them from getting wrinkled, we suggest that you opt for wardrobe boxes. They are tall, with handles on both sides, and are equipped with a hanging rack at the top. However, keep in mind that these boxes are expensive. You would use them only for really special items.

    In order to pack clothes for moving, you can also opt for vacuum-sealed bags. Once filled with clothes, and sucked out of the air, they will prove to be fairly thin bags of clothes which can be packed in suitcases or boxes with greatest of ease.

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