How to pack antique furniture like a pro

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    As we already know, the moving process can take a lot of time and give us stress. Therefore, we will try to organize, make checklists and plan ahead in order to finish everything properly and on time. A lot of people went through the moving process at least one time in their lives and some even a few times per year. People move because their job requires it because they want to start a life with their partner or simply because they found a better and nicer place to live. You should know that you will have a lot of packing to do, but there are some items that require special care, such as paintings, mirrors, furniture etc. So, let’s see now what is the best way to pack antique furniture.

    How to pack Antique Furniture like a Pro

    You should take extra care if you want to pack antique furniture properly. Since most of the antique pieces of furniture are very fragile, they can be very difficult to pack and move to your new home. If you want to avoid unnecessary risk and troubles while packing, you should consider getting packing expertise NYC. Professionals will use the best technique to pack antique furniture safely and quickly.

    This will save some of your time and also make you calm because you will know that your precious antique furniture will be delivered to another destination in excellent condition. You have two options, hire a professional mover or pack antique furniture yourself. Now, let’s see what you should do in order to pack antique furniture like a pro!

    • Hire a Professional Moving Company
    • Find and use the right equipment
    • Use proper packing materials
    • Do not use newspapers
    • Packing for Storage
    • Take care of Edges and Corners
    • Mirrors
    • Proper labelling
    Blue label paper on a wooden box.
    Properly label each box, especially if they contain antiques.

    Hire a Professional Moving Company

    If your budget allows it, the best solution when moving comes in question is to hire a professional moving company. Every professional moving company has years of experience in the moving industry and good workers. Packing your antique furniture is not an easy task to do, especially if you have to do it by yourself. Every good and professional company has a license. Also, they will calculate the costs of your move in advance so you won’t have any hidden costs at the end of the move.

    Hiring expert interstate movers NYC is easy and also a smart choice. Call them, schedule an appointment and explain what do you want and what kind of services do you need. Often, they offer discounts on some services. However, if you want to save some money, try to hire a professional moving company during the off-peak days. Some of the services that professional mover can provide for you are:

    • Huge Truck pool
    • Packing and Labeling
    • Safety and Transport
    • Unpacking and Recycling
    • Storage units
    • Special services ( special services cost some extra and some of them include, moving a piano or a home safe, stairs services, long distance carry services etc.)
    A professional mover will pack antique furniture fast and easy.
    Hire a professional moving company to pack and relocate your antique furniture.

    Find and use the right equipment

    If you decide to pack antique furniture yourself, you will have to invest in new packing materials. Get bubble wrap, sturdy boxes, tissue paper, and strong paper. If it’s possible, get special boxes, to pack your paintings and mirrors. Try to find all these packing materials a few weeks before the move. Also. if you decide to hire a professional moving company, you won’t have to worry about packing materials because a professional mover will provide them.

    Proper Packing Materials and Packing

    If it’s possible, you should use multiple layers of paddings to cover and protect your antique furniture. Dress your furniture with foam or bubble wrap. Polystyrene balls and bubble wrap are also good to absorb the impact on the smaller items packed in boxes while moving, loading into a moving truck or in transportation.

    In addition, you will have to pack the rest of your belongings too, so, in order to save some money, check on where to look for free cardboard boxes in NYC.

    Do not use newspapers

    It is not recommended to use newspapers when you want to pack your antique furniture. The print from newspapers can transfer. So, if you really need some kind of paper that is similar to newspapers, you should use acid-free tissue paper instead.

    Packing for Storage

    If you have to use storage units, even for a short time, do not use plastic sheeting for your antique furniture. If your antique furniture is wrapped with plastic sheeting, due to weather changes (humidity). it can cause moisture which will lead to mold and your antique items can be completely destroyed.  However, most of the storage places in NYC are good and very well equipped. Check on what are the advantages of storage in NYC.

    Outdoor storage facility.
    If you want to store your antique furniture, you should get a climate-controlled unit.

    Take care of Edges and Corners

    Try to find and use some kind of tubular-shaped padding. Also, you should use blankets if you have them. Blankets are very useful and they will protect your antique furniture from scratches.


    Mirrors are very fragile and sensitive. If not packed properly, they can break easily. So, if you have antique furniture with mirrors in your home, before packing, try to detach them from the dressing tables. Pack both parts separately and protect the mirror with moving blanket.

    Also, if you have to move on short notice, check on 6 tips for moving last minute!

    Proper Labeling

    After you’ve done the packing, you should label every box, especially those that contain antique furniture. Labelling boxes will let the moving crew know which boxes contain antique items so they will move those a minimum amount of time and like that prevent any kind of damage.

    Now you know how to pack antique furniture like a pro! Have a nice move and good luck!

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