How to pack and move paintings

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    Packing is one of the hardest parts of the relocation. You will have to pack all those bulky and heavy things. But sometimes simple and delicate items can be much more valuable. The best example of this is the paintings. If you are not attentive while you pack and move paintings, you will cause very expensive damage. But even if the painting is not expensive, you still lose a thing that is precious to you. If you take your time and stay patient, you will easily pack and move paintings.

    Get organized while you pack and move paintings

    The first step you need to take while you do anything related to moving is to get organized. If you procrastinate and do not get organized on time, you will have to work under a lot of pressure. This means you might forget an important task which might ruin your paintings. The best way to avoid this problem is to write down a packing checklist. Write down all the things you need to do in the proper order. This way you will never forget an important task. If you want to avoid procrastination, then place the checklist somewhere you can always see it. This way you will feel guilty if you are slacking off.

    Get proper packing supplies for the task

    Before you do any packing, you will need packing supplies. There are many types of packing supplies you need while you pack and move paintings. The most essential of these are the proper boxes. You cannot use the regular random moving boxes for this. You need to get the boxes that match the size of your paintings. The best rule of thumb is to get specialty boxes that are a bit larger than the frame of the painting. This way you will have enough space for the wrap which will protect your painting. Yes, you will need to get the packing wrap or other types of cushioning materials. These will protect your painting while in transit. If you have a tough time while you look for moving supplies, you can hire Manhattan movers. These professionals will find the supplies for the job so you have nothing to worry about.

    Protect the face of the painting

    You need to make sure you protect the face of your artwork. You need to wrap your artwork in some kitchen wrap. Make sure to use several layers of this protective material. Be sure you do not damage the painting while you do this. After you use it, you can wrap it in a few more layers of packing wrap to be safe. If the painting has a glass covering the task will be much simpler. You will need to mark the glass with an “X.” Make an X on the glass with some masking tape. This will prevent the glass from breaking while in transit in most cases. Even if it does break accidentally, it will not move around too much and damage the painting.

    A painting
    Make sure you take your time to protect the face of the painting

    Wrap your paintings

    Wrapping the painting as mentioned above is not as easy as it sounds. There is a whole procedure you need to do to wrap your painting properly. First, you need to get some brown paper that is twice the size of the frame of the painting. Once you do that, place the paper on a flat surface. Now place the painting face side on the paper and wrap it as if it is a present. Be sure you do not use the newspaper for this since these can leave marks on the painting. Once you do this, you need to tape the paper all around the frame so you prevent movement while in transit. Now you can wrap the painting in the cushioning material of your choice. If you want even more protection, buy corner protectors. These will protect the corners of the frame.

    Packing supplies, get packing supplies to pack and move paintings
    Use plastic wrap and tape to ensure your art stays safe while in transit

    Seal and label the box

    Once you wrap the painting, you need to seal and label the box. The seal part is obvious. Be sure you use packing tape firmly so your box does not open while in transit. Label the box as fragile. This way everyone who handles the box knows that they require extra attention. Do not be lazy and do not avoid this task since it might save your painting.

    Label the boxes with paintings as fragile

    Get professional help

    All these things you need to do to pack and move paintings might sound complicated to you. You are not the only one to feel that way. Many people get overwhelmed by this task. The best option to avoid this problem is to hire movers. The trained professionals do these types of tasks regularly which means they have a lot of experience. They will ensure your precious paintings arrive at your new home in one piece. Paintings are not the only things movers can move. Some movers move special items like pianos. If you hire piano movers Manhattan, you will have an easy time while you move your piano. Do not take any risks while you move your piano since these replacements are very expensive.

    Mover, hire movers to pack and move paintings
    Movers can handle all the tasks related to relocation which includes packing paintings

    Moving special items like paintings requires a lot of focus and planning. You need to make sure you have enough time to do this task. You do not want to work under pressure while you pack your painting since you might make a mistake and ruin the item in question. This can be a huge waste so do not procrastinate.

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