How to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC

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    Packing everything properly for a move can be overwhelming. You have to make sure to pack your glassware carefully, disassemble furniture, and don’t forget anything in the process. But what about your costly Persian rugs? Although it might seem self-explanatory, it is not all that simple to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC. Professionals at Heart Moving NYC can be of great help.

    There are also a few simple steps you should follow when packing your rugs if you want to avoid irreparable damage. Find out valuable tips and save your luxury oriental rugs to proudly display in your new home. 

    Persian rug
    Learn how to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC with our tips.

    Pack and move expensive rugs from NYC-here’s how

    Looking after your Persian rug is a part of the deal. When you pay that much for a beautiful rug, you do your best to keep it as good as new for as long as possible. That is why giving it proper attention when packing for a move with interstate movers in NYC is of utmost importance. Here are some tips for packing your expensive rug:

    • clean the rug thoroughly
    • fold it or roll it up
    • wrap it well and secure it
    people buying Persian rugs thinking how to pack and move expensive rugs from NYC
    When you buy a Persian rug, you must learn how to care for it properly when you move.

    Clean your rug

    Before you get to packing your rug, it is important to clean it. Your best choice is to get it professionally cleaned before your move with long distance movers in NYC. If you don’t want professional cleaning services, clean the rug as well as you can by yourself. You don’t want any dust or bits of food left in it. The worst-case scenario is to attract pests that will ruin your precious possession. To prevent that from happening, vacuum your rug thoroughly and if you have the chance leave it out to lay in the sun for a few hours.

    Fold it up or roll it, depending on how long it’ll stay that way

    The next step is to either fold or roll your Persian rug. Since these rugs are usually large, you will need some help to do it. Whether you’ll fold or roll it will depend on the circumstances. If you need to pack it just until you move, then you should fold it. On the other hand, if you are storing it in storage in Manhattan, you are better off rolling it up, since if left folded creases will form that will be hard to flatten once you unfold the rug. Make sure you put the rug face down before rolling or folding it. Also, check to see the direction of the grain, since you want to roll the rug against the grain for optimal results and prevention of damage.

    Hire professionals to help you pack and move expensive rugs from NYC

    Your best bet when it comes to relocating costly rugs is to hire professional NYC packing services. Trained moving experts know exactly how to pack and move expensive rugs from New York City. If you have the option, you will be best off with professional services, but if you don’t then try to stick to our guidelines. Take good care of your Persian rugs and they will last you through the move and a long time after that!

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