How to pack a children’s room when moving

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    Packing your home is difficult. There are many reasons why. You need to dedicate a lot of your time to pack your household while going to work every day, taking care of your kids, pets, etc. The tension will slowly increase as the moving day approaches when cross country movers NY will finally arrive. For this reason, you need to plan your packing process well. The essential rooms should be packed last. What are the essential rooms? The kitchen, bathroom, and your kids’ room. Today, you should read how to pack a children’s room when moving 

    Pack a children’s room when moving after the big talk 

    You should not just start packing your house without informing your kids about the move. Moving is extremely stressful for children. Most kids do not want to change schools, find new friends, start everything all over again. Bottom line – no one wants to be a new kid in the school. However, you cannot cancel your move. Maybe you received an amazing job promotion, found a perfect house, etc. For this reason, talk to your kids. Explain to your kids all the reasons for your decision. Here is how. 

    • Benefits of the move – make sure to list them. 
    • The new house – show them around your new house and let them pick their new rooms. 
    • A tour around the city – explore your new city together.  
    • The new school – visit their new school as well.  

    Remember, first do the big talk then find packing and moving companies NYC for your move.  

    playing with kids
    Explain to your kids what relocation means by playing with them

    Declutter your kids’ room 

    Do you need to pack every single little thing you have in your house? You don’t. For this reason, declutter your house, kids’ rooms included. Kids grow taller every year. If you have not decluttered their wardrobes in a long time, you will have a huge task waiting for you. There will be shirts, jeans, pants, sweaters, and others that are now too small for your kids. If your kids’ clothes are in good condition, sell them.

    Organize a garage sale or sell it online. In addition to this, you can donate clothes to local and major organizations. Charities, such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army US offer a free pickup. Why is this important? You will spend less money and time on packing. Also, you should save the receipt of your donation and apply for tax reduction.  

    Pack a children’s room when moving with packing supplies 

    When you are moving, you need to gather packing supplies. Otherwise, you cannot pack your items for the relocation. That is why you should gather all the necessary packing supplies. You will need to use the same supplies for packing the rest of your household. First, get moving boxes. You can buy them from your movers or ask local stores and offices to give you, usually for free. Then, you can use plastic boxes. They are great for storage as well. Next, you will need to use something to protect your items. You can use bubble wrapping, newspapers, sheets, blankets, clothes, etc. Next, get packing peanuts to fill the empty space in the boxes. Shredded paper is a good alternative. Lastly, tape and markers. Get moving tape and make sure to seal the boxes properly. As for labels, a standard black marker is more than enough. 

    pack a children's room when moving by labeling the boxes with crayons
    You can let your kids label boxes with crayons

    Make an essential box/bag 

    Moving is hectic. However, you still need to eat, drink, take medication, charge your electronics, change your clothes, etc. It is especially important to maintain a routine. This way, you will help your kids relieve stress. Children thrive on routine. For this reason, try to have meals as always, respect their sleeping schedule, and similar. In order to maintain this routine when moving, make an essential bag. This bag will be extremely important when you are traveling. You should pack everything you consider essential but include the following. 

    • Personal documents 
    • Money 
    • A change of clothes 
    • Toiletries 
    • Electronic devices and their chargers 
    • Medication 
    • Toys 

    If your family is big, you should pack one bag for every member of the family. This way, you can avoid overstuffing your bag and the lack of organization. If your kids are bigger, let them carry their own bags.  

    Pack a children’s room when moving by including your kids 

    You should include your kids in the packing process. This way, your kids will feel less helpless. If they can contribute by packing their toys, your kids will be less opposed to the idea of relocation. For this reason, when you make a packing schedule, include your kids as well. Consider your kids’ age. Teenagers can pack the entire room by themselves. Younger kids can pack their toys, maybe some of their clothes with your help, and so on. You can also ask your kids what they would like to do. In addition to this, older kids should help you with packing the rest of your household. In addition to this, you should pack your kids’ room last. Again, this is important if you want to save your kids from moving stress. Let them have a room where have peace to do their homework, study, etc.  

    boy in red shirt
    Your kids can help you with packing

    The packing process 

    How to pack the rooms? Just like any other part of your home. Make sure to wrap fragile pieces in protective materials. Fold your clothes neatly. Do not overstuff the boxes. This can cause damage. Then, make sure to label the boxes as well. This is where you can get creative. Your kids can label the boxes by playing with colors and stickers. You can keep them occupied and entertained with this task. In addition to this, if your kids are small, you should get help. Hire a babysitter or ask your family to look after your little ones while you take care of packing. Lastly, you can hire professional packers and let them pack the entire household.  

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