How to organize a smooth move from NYC to Florida

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    Are you looking forward to singing: “I’m walking on sunshine”? Of course, you are. But first, you will have to organize that tremendous move from NYC to Florida in order to experience it. And there are numerous interstate movers NYC can offer, but you need the most reliable ones. It’s a long way from NYC to Florida, so you can’t risk very much. There are lots of things to do: decluttering, packing, hiring movers, relocating, unpacking, starting a new life, etc. It’s a huge change, so you ought to be organized and practical.

    A woman and a man carrying moving boxes
    You don’t have to do it alone. With the help of the right movers, everything will be easier.

    How to choose a company to move from NYC to Florida

    This is something that requires a bit of research. It is not recommended that you accept the first offer you get or find. In order to find a reliable Upper East Side moving company, you should spend some time comparing various offers. The fact that you are going to relocate from NYC to Florida sounds like a complicated plan and all you need is someone who can truly help. But finding the right movers doesn’t have to be so difficult if you take the following steps:

    • Ask some people you know well if they can recommend a moving company.
    • Visit the website of the companies that you might be interested in.
    • Write to them and call them to inquire about everything necessary for the move.
    • If their customer support is responsive and ready to assist, that can be a good sign.
    • Go through online reviews and see which reliable movers Manhattan can offer.
    • Make an appointment with three companies that seem to be the best.
    • They can give you an estimate of how much moving to Florida from NYC will be.
    • Check if they are members of or recommended by reputable organizations.
    • Read all the clauses and know the conditions before you sign a contract.

    Be ready for packing before you relocate from NYC to Florida

    The less stuff you have to move, the less you will pay. When it comes to long-distance moving, the cost of transporting your belongings depends on their weight and volume. Apart from that, the mileage of your move from NYC to Florida is also a significant factor. If you want to save money on that relocation, you should start decluttering.

    A couple packing to move from NYC to Florida
    Make a good plan for the move and carefully decide what you are going to take to Florida.

    In order to declutter and get rid of the things that you aren’t going to bring to Florida, you can apply the well-known formula of four piles

    1. The throw-away pile consists of all those irreparable and damaged items that are useless now. They might be a torn blanket, broken chair, cracked cup, etc. You can’t really sell or give them away and it is completely illogical to bring them to Florida. Also, recycle as much as you can while throwing away. 
    2. The give-away pile should include those things that you don’t need anymore but are not really for selling. Find a charity organization, shop, or local community and give some of those items to them. If one of your friends or relatives needs something, feel free to offer them those goods.
    3. The pile for selling consists of all those belongings that are in a good state but unnecessary for you. You can check with second-hand shops if they want to buy those things. Or just sell them online via various purchasing websites and portals. Besides, a garage or yard sale is a good idea.
    4. The fourth pile is for keeping. Those can be all the belongings that are in a good state and really necessary for you when you relocate from NYC to Florida. For example, why would you get rid of your kitchen utensils only to buy some new ones in Florida?

    Say goodbye before you leave Manhattan

    Leaving one state and going to live in another is not so simple. That action results in administrative issues, like changing addresses, dealing with banks, and respecting the laws of both states. Besides, if you are moving out of a rental apartment while moving to Florida from NYC, you must check how you can break the lease in a lawful way. You have to do it on time because it is highly likely that you will have to announce a 30-day notice period before leaving the apartment. 

    Moreover, the biggest difficulty is saying goodbye to all the people you know and leaving them behind. Make sure you have enough time to talk to everyone and spread the news that you are planning to move from NYC to Florida soon. You can also throw a goodbye party, brunch, or dinner for all your friends, colleagues, and family members. Don’t forget to invite them to visit you at your new place. 

    Four people having a party in the yard
    Spend your free time in the last few days wit your dear people doing what you all like.

    Fun facts to know before you move from NYC to Florida

    If you are moving to some new place, you should strive at learning as much as you can about it. In this case, you are moving to Florida from NYC, so we will give a little intro, provided that you already know something about it. Here are our top five facts about Florida:

    1. It is the third-most populous U.S. state with over 21 million citizens.
    2. This state is home to the largest number of oranges in the USA.
    3. It is the fourth-largest U.S. economy with many tourist attractions for everyone.
    4. Florida has a great many national parks with rich flora and fauna. 
    5. It attracts around 1,000 new citizens every day.

    And our last tip would be that you should stay calm and organized. You certainly know a lot about the new place you are going to live in. Whether you are moving for work, love, or just adventure, your move from NYC to Florida is a huge change. You can do it right only with a good plan and clear goals

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