How to organize a small living space in NYC?

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    It can be difficult to live in a small apartment or house. Especially if you have lots of stuff. It is important to keep everything tidy and find a place for each item. If you don’t know how to organize a small living space in NYC, remember to be creative and resourceful. Think both inside and outside of the box to find some practical solutions. In case you are moving house and downsizing, your Heart Moving Manhattan NYC movers can help you with unpacking. That way, your stuff will be organized from day one. 

    Organize a small living space in NYC right after the move

    Are you one of those people who have found a new place for living? Is that place not as big as your old one? Do you worry about downsizing? Don’t worry so much because a good plan beforehand and reputable movers will suffice and help you get organized in a small NYC home from the beginning. For instance, if you are moving from Chelsea to West Village, you can pay your West Village movers to do the unpacking. Moreover, we highly recommend you should do that. They are professionals and will know how to do it right. 

    Storage ideas for small houses and apartments

    There are many ways how you can arrange all your belongings and keep them in order. We will present you with the five most usual small NYC home storage ideas and tips. Therefore, you can try which of them are useful for your living space and apply them.

    Declutter — get rid of unnecessary things

    The best way to make more space at home is to declutter. With every new year, we bring more and more stuff to our homes. And we just keep the old ones and push them to the deepest places in our closets. The problem appears when we have to deal with sentimental clutter since there is no space for new things. That is usually the biggest issue that we face when we want to get organized in a small NYC home. However, it is not so difficult to solve.

    A living room
    Get rid of old clutter in order to free up space for new things.

     Go to every room. Look into every wardrobe, closet, shelf, or cabinet. Empty them and put the things into four piles:

    1. Throw out all damaged objects, torn clothes, broken items of furniture, etc. 
    2. Give away unnecessary things to people you know or into charity.
    3. Sell stuff you don’t need to organize a small living space in NYC and earn money.
    4. Keep the rest and enjoy free space. 

    Organize a small living space in NYC vertically

    If you don’t have much space in your rooms to put big wardrobes or closets, you have to find a different way to store your stuff. Of course, you can find some storage services NYC can offer. But if you don’t want to pay so much, check for other ideas. Make use of vertical shelves both inside wardrobes and on walls. By installing shelves, you will get organized in a small NYC home and they can function as decoration as well. Go high and play with wood or metal designs. Besides, placing hangers on walls and doors is a great idea too.

    A part of a living room
    Shelves, cupboard, and cabinets are very useful in small places.

    Maximize the use of boxes and drawers

    If you have drawers, a good option is to put dividers in order to separate things and keep them organized. That’s how you can keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer without fear of mixing them and making a real mess. In case you don’t have drawers, you can get some boxes instead. There are numerous boxes and baskets with beautiful designs and a dual purpose. They are not only useful small NYC home storage ideas but also make order in a way that is natural and modern.

    Hidden spots as small NYC home storage ideas

    Every apartment or house has some secret spots that can do magic for storage. It can be under the stairs, under the top-floor ceiling, inside walls, under the floor, under beds, etc. In order to get organized in a small NYC home, you need to have an eye for details. You should use every inch in a practical way. This particularly refers to blind spots that seem to be useless and empty.

    A hole in the wall used to organize a small living space in NYC
    Blind spots are great for shelves and storage.

    Get some dual-purpose furniture

    Modern furniture is designed to combine both practical and aesthetic purposes. Today, people live in spaces of all sizes. Some people rent one room only. Therefore, the market has adapted to them as well. So, go to your favorite department store. You can buy some folding tables and chairs, storage benches that also serve as settees, etc. There are even small objects that function as coffee tables, chairs, holders, shelves, or ladders. 

    Room-by-room tips to organize a small living space in NYC

    In order to make it even easier for you, we will share some advice on how to get organized in a small NYC home for all rooms separately. Thus, you will have a clear picture of what you can do to enhance your in-home storage potential. You might wish to try the following:

    1. In the kitchen, install smaller appliances inside cabinetry and use wall hangers.
    2. Fill in space under your bed with boxes or zipped vacuum bags in the bedroom.
    3. As for the living room, ottomans, shelves, and sofas with storage space are perfect.
    4. In the bathroom, put glass shelves, wall or door hangers, organizers, or baskets. 

    Look around and you will see more options

    All in all, the point is that you can’t have space for bulks of items in a tiny home. If you want to organize a small living space in NYC, you have two options — either rent some warehouse unit or declutter and re-arrange your stuff at home. The second option is cheaper and many people find it more useful. Remember to be practical and the solutions will come if you know where to look for them. 

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