How to negotiate with moving companies

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    Sometimes we have trouble when closing a deal. Maybe it is lack of experience or any other factor. But in the end, we may end up getting into more debt than you want to! Here we will discuss the best ways to negotiate with moving companies. This way you will surely make a good deal and probably save money. Stay on the right track and follow our simple tips.

    Before you negotiate with moving companies check them out

    A common issue people have before they negotiate with moving companies is not knowing anything about them.  A good old background check is very important because it holds a lot of pieces of information. The same information you will need to successfully close the deal with them. The first thing you must find out is are the movers licensed or not? You can easily use some of the other user-friendly sites whose purpose is to gather feedback from people who used certain moving companies. This is a great way you can learn about their hidden policies and what kind of people they are.  If you have this much information at your disposal you can start to negotiate with moving companies. This will only make it easier to seal the deal with the desired company. Especially if you are looking for local moving companies near you. There can be a lot of troubles if you do not know where to find them.  This is especially the case when you search, for example, for Chinatown moving company. A lot of relocators will come to your aid, but they can’t help you if they are not local. They do not know the streets as well as other truly local moving companies.

    A girl researching before she starts to negotiate with moving companies
    Before you negotiate with moving companies, learn more about them

    Compare the prices of the estimates

    The second step in negotiations is to learn about the estimates and compare them. Try to call moving companies you are interested in and ask them about their prices. After you learn about them, put them down on paper and compare them. Look for what is best suited for you! But remember, the cheapest solution is not always the best one! There are a few ways moving companies charge their services. It all depends on the type of moving. If you are moving locally, they will charge you by the hour. Long distance moving, on the other hand, depends on the distance, weight, size and other factors. Hourly estimates are easy to figure out since they can tell you almost immediately about it. There are factors that influence the prices of moving companies, such as:

    • Are there any elevators?
    • Available parking spaces
    • Size of the corridors
    • How big are the items moved
    • Distance

    But if you have all this in mind, you will know how to negotiate with moving companies. You will surely know what to expect, and what will cost you more. Check out other services your moving company offers. Maybe you can land a sweet deal in renting a storage unit. A good storage unit is very hard to find today. Always ask your moving companies about cheap storage Manhattan.

    Scales with question marks on them
    Compare the prices between moving companies

    Find out how to cut the price of moving

    There are also other ways you can save money on moving and negotiate a better deal. Most of the times, moving companies will offer you to cut some expenses on packing and packing supplies. This is certainly a very good way to lower the overall estimate of the moving process! But there is a risk if you decide to go for a DIY packing. The catch is, the moving company is not responsible for any damages during the transport. You will not get an option to buy moving insurance since you decided to pack yourself. But, this will save you money from buying overpriced boxes most moving companies sell. And, there are other costs induced in their price. Costs of boxes, moving, packing, loading, labor etc. When you know this you can easily decide to opt out from this service when you negotiate with moving companies.  If you decided to go for DIY packing then you must know where to find good boxes.  This will surely help you lover the price in the end. But, going for their service will bring you safety. They are professionals who know how to do their job. They will pack your items with care, and transport them to your desired location. Not to mention the moving insurance you will get. Therefore be wise when you think about this options. Because you are changing the safety of professional work with more money.

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    Learn more about the ways to cut expenses

    Things to avoid

    There are certainly many things you must not do before you negotiate with moving companies. If you avoid certain mistakes you will surely save more money and close a better deal with the moving companies. One of the issues is revolving around mistakes people make when packing. We know we already mentioned packing before, but we have to emphasize how important proper packing is. Bad packing leads to a number of mistakes. A lot of damaged items during the transport present a huge problem. And that is not only your problem but the movers as well. Because if they damage some of their stuff, you will have to pay for it. Make sure you know how to do it.

    A green sign with word NO written in it
    Be careful about the things you must avoid


    When is the right time to negotiate with moving companies? Well, right after you learned everything you need to know about them and what services they provide. Once you know that, and compare them with other movers, it is time to negotiate. Do not be shy to ask around how to lower the price and get a better deal. They will surely try to make it as affordable for both sides as possible. If you have any tips about negotiating then hit us up! We will be glad to hear from you!

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