How to minimize costs of apartment relocation

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    Relocating process takes a lot of time. Only thinking of it can give you headaches and stress. Sorting out your budget, making checklists, organizing and preparing in advance is a lot to do, and that is just a start. You should learn how to minimize costs of apartment relocation, especially if you are moving often. Hiring a professional mover is not a must but you will definitely need some of their services. So, today we will talk about how to minimize costs of apartment relocation!

    How to minimize costs of apartment relocation

    As we already said, the moving process takes time. However, organizing and making checklists will help you to finish everything on time and avoid unnecessary stress. Hiring a professional moving company is the best idea but you can also do everything yourself. If you have already decluttered your house and you need a storage unit for your belongings, cheap storage Manhattan should be your first choice.

    In order to save some money and minimize costs of apartment relocation, you will have to follow these steps:

    • Hire a Professional Moving Company
    • Do it Yourself
    • Purge
    • Find Free or Cheap Packing Supplies
    • Label Boxes Properly
    • Make a Garage or Yard Sale
    • Relocate Car by Yourself
    • Pack An Essentials Box

    Hire a Professional Moving Company

    Even though hiring a professional mover isn’t a cheap option, you might consider getting some of the services they can provide. However, moving your belongings is the most stressful thing to do so hiring East Side moving company is highly recommended. Every professional moving company has a license and well-trained workers. If you are not planning to get a full-package of their services, you can call and ask about the specific moving services that you need.

    In order to save some money, try to hire a professional mover during the off-peak days. That means you should avoid weekends and summer days when the professional mover is in high demand. Also, they often give a discount on some of their services. Some of the services that professional mover can provide for you are:

    • Good Communication with their Customers
    • Packing and Proper Labeling
    • Truck and Transport
    • Safety and Insurance
    • Storage Units
    • Special Services
    Minimize costs of apartment relocation. Rent a moving truck only from a professional moving company.
    A professional moving company will relocate your belongings fast and safely.

    Do It Yourself

    There’s one thing you will have to do! Rent the proper size of a moving truck! If you are planning to drive a moving truck by yourself, be sure to avoid rush-hour traffic to decrease fuel costs. However, if you are not experienced enough and not sure that you will be able to drive truck that is three times bigger than your vehicle (at least), it’s better to ask some of your friends to do that instead of you. Also, in order to minimize costs of apartment relocation, you should know how to pack a moving truck right!


    Before you even think of renting a moving truck, start purging! You will be surprised how many things you will find that you haven’t used in a long long time! Some of those items you’ve probably forgotten about already. An old lamp that you got 10 years ago, or even some old clothes that you didn’t wear for years and not planning probably. Things like this, you should leave behind, throw them away or give to someone if they want it.

    Find Free or Cheap Packing Supplies

    Except for the tape, other packing supplies you can find around you. Find free cardboard boxes in NYC and ask your friends and neighbors if they have some packing supplies that they don’t need too. Use blankets and clothes instead of bubble wrap to protect mirrors, flat-screen TV or any other fragile item that you possess. Tubed socks are good for protecting glassware. You can also use plastic bins, suitcases, and basket and pack your belongings inside.

    Pile of cardboard boxes.
    Get free cardboard boxes! Ask friends and family or employees in nearby stores.

    Label Boxes Properly

    Use color markers and label papers. Write on the label what each box contain and stick it on the box. This will prevent duplicating things after you arrive at your new destination. For example, you will know that you have cleaning supplies and you won’t waste your money on new ones when you go shopping for the first time.

    Make a Garage or Yard Sale

    Separate items you don’t want to move and make a yard or garage sale! This is also good because it can bring you a little bit of money. The items you didn’t manage to sell you can donate or give to some of your friends and neighbors. Make a garage sale at least a few weeks before the move.

    Garage filled with old items.
    Make a garage sale and earn some money back!

    Relocate Car by Yourself

    In order to minimize costs of apartment relocation, you should relocate your own car. Hiring a professional driver costs and you want to save some money, so this is the best option, do it by yourself. You can load your car with boxes and plastic bins filled with your belongings and hit the road. If the trip is long and you have to stay in some hotel overnight, try to find a hotel with secure parking. Prepare home appliances for relocation and move some of them into your car!

    Pack an Essential Box

    Prepare an Essential box for you and for each member of your family. Those boxes should contain hygiene products, a clean pair of clothes, sheets, pillows, blankets, medications, glasses, contact lenses etc. Also, do not forget to pack a box with toys for your toddler. If you have a pet, pack food and water bowl, food for a day at least and a couple of toys too.

    These were the things you should do in order to minimize costs of apartment relocation. If you follow this guide, you will definitely save some money and also relocate fast and safely! We wish you a good life!

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