How to make your new place feel like home after moving to Washington Heights

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    Change can be an intimidating thing. In other words, humans are creatures of habit and we feel safe in familiar settings. This is exactly why moving houses is so stressful for many people. Everything we are used to suddenly changes and we need time to adjust to our new surroundings. So, the moving company just completed their job and now you are in your new apartment in Washington Heights. Surrounding you is a ton of unpacked moving boxes along with bare walls and empty rooms. Keep reading to get a fill on how to approach this and make your new place feel like home.

    Unpack to make your new place feel like home

    You have most likely taken advantage of the packing services NYC has to offer during your move. However, the time has come to get your hands dirty. Try to avoid putting off the unpacking process. We know all the boxes and disassembled furniture can look daunting. But, the sooner you get on with it, the sooner you will stop feeling like a stranger in your new place.

    people unpacking
    Start unpacking to make your new place feel like home

    Step 1: Preparations

    Before you dive into the moving boxes, make sure that the walls in your new apartment are painted the way you want. It is easier to make any sort of changes to the walls and the floor while you are still unpacked. Perhaps the kitchen at your old place had green walls. And now you want to replicate that or maybe you want a completely new color. Another thing to take care of is making sure to clean the whole place before you start unpacking.

    Step 2: Furniture assembling

    Provided that you have hired a reliable moving company Washington Heights offers, all your moving boxes should be delivered and ready to be unpacked. Start by evaluating the space you have and deciding what fits best where. Assemble the furniture accordingly and do not hesitate to call help if you need some. Invite friends over if you have some heavy lifting to do or simply hire professionals to do the job.

    Step 3: Finishing touches

    This last step is where your new place starts to actually feel like a home. After all the furniture has been set up, it is time to find a place for all your belongings. Don’t leave your walls bare. Decorate the walls with paintings and posters to give the place a personal touch. Similarly, display your favorite decorative pieces on the shelves. What is more, consider investing in a few plants, in case you don’t already own some. They are a perfect pick to give your place a more homey vibe.

    plants on a shelf
    Adding plants for a homey vibe

    Make yourself feel at home outside of your place

    So, cross country movers NYC have done a great job on your relocation and now it’s your turn to get familiar with the neighborhood and the city. The best way to get accustomed with a new city is to go exploring with no final aim. Just walk around the streets and take everything in. Another great approach is to befriend the locals. Usually, they will know all the best places to go for food and where to go thrift shopping. All in all, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself and try to make your new place feel like home, as well as New York City.

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