How to lower moving expenses in NYC?

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    We all know how much NYC is really expensive. The life in this big city offers a lot, but in return requires more. That is why it is good to know how to can lower moving expenses in NYC. This way you can be sure you will save some money you will probably need for something. So, get ready to pack and move to your new home, knowing you will pay less for your relocation process!

    Lower moving expenses in NYC by doing it yourself

    This is basically the first thing anyone would advise you to. If you wish to save money on relocation, then do not hire movers at all. OF course, if you are more than certain that you can do this by yourself. But, have in mind that relocating process is not a simple task. There are a lot of factors that influence how much money you will spend on it. Packing materials, loading, unloading, traveling, gas prices etc. Those are just some of the small factors. The biggest one is, how much time will you spend preparing to move.

    You will probably need some help to do it. Do not shy away from asking your friends for help. They will surely help you, and in return, buy them some dinner or at least some drinks. This is a good way to show appreciation to them because they selflessly helped you.  One other way you can save money is if you get a storage unit.  Storage units are a great way to keep your items safe while you transport big bulky items. Consider getting short-term storages Manhattan. This is great for those who are going for the DIY moving option.

    An image of DIY items used to lower moving expenses in NYC
    You can always go cheap with the DIY move


    Get the moving supplies

    Before you even begin anything moving related, you need to get the moving supplies. Of all the ways you can lower moving expenses in NYC, this one is the best one. You can easily save a couple of hundred dollars just by getting supplies yourself. Starting with affordable moving boxes Manhattan, wrapping materials, duct tapes, labels, markers etc.  Of course, moving companies will provide you with these supplies, but they will charge you extra for it. You can easily get them at the local stores. Most of the times they will give you the boxes for free. So you will end up with the bunch of packing boxes ready to be filled before relocation. As for wrapping materials, you can use your household items. Perfect wrapping supplies are old newspapers, blankets, t-shirts, towels etc. If you have any of them, use them! They are good protection against scratches and possible damages that can happen during the relocation.

    A man carrying boxes
    Lower moving expenses in NYC by gathering supplies yourself

    Chose the time of your relocation

    As with every purchase, the timing is of the essence. This is especially the case with moving companies. Depending on the time of your relocation, you will either pay more or less. Lower moving expenses in NYC by choosing the season when you will relocate.  During the spring and summer, there are a lot of relocating requests. This will lead to a shortage of movers and higher prices. During this period a lot of people are heading for vacations and relocations. So traffic jams become inevitable.

    The prolonged traveling will only cost you more. Instead, chose to move during the autumn and early winter. This is when the school year starts and people are way over heels in their jobs. The search for moving company is not that great, so the movers will probably lower the price just to have a job to do. Whether or not you move during these particular seasons, one thing is certain. Start packing in time. You will save yourself a lot of trouble if you start packing in advance. Not to mention time and money as well.  There are common packing mistakes to avoid if you wish to save money and not get stressed about the relocation process.

    Image of a autumn leaf
    Autumn is the best time for relocation

    Planning is everything

    If you have a good relocation plan, then you are on a sure way to save a lot of money. A good job done is only possible If you planned ahead of time. Start planning months in advance. Furthermore, dividing the tasks into smaller and more easier to accomplish tasks. Smaller tasks are easy and therefore you will complete them sooner. And before you know it, you will complete big tasks as well. A good moving plan means you will have enough time to fix the issues that can occur. There are guides on successful relocation that you need to follow. After you learn about them, nothing will come as something hard any time soon.

    A man writing down his plan
    A good plan is half job done

    Get rid of the stuff you do not need

    The main thing you must do if you wish to lower moving expenses in NYC is to get rid of the items you do not use. There are several ways you can do this. Give them as a gift to your friends and family, sell them or donate them to the needier. Either way, you will end up with fewer items to move, therefore less money you will have to spend on it. Those three ways are just one of the ways you can clean up your home without any problems.  After you are done with all of this, you can head out and relocate to your new home

    Lowering moving expenses in NYC is not that hard once you know what you must take care off. These tips will surely help you to finish your relocation in no time, and even save some money. Do you think our tips are good? Do you think you have something to add up?  Feel free to do so in the comment section! We are happy that we can count on your feedback

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