How to help elderly people relocate long distance

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    When you find yourself in a situation where you need to help your elderly family member or a close friend to move, the most important way to help is to keep them involved in all decision making. Moving is stressful for everybody, especially for elderly people that depend on you for almost everything. Take a couple of minutes of your time to learn in what way you can help elderly people relocate long distance.

    Be considerate

    Arm yourself with patience and always keep in mind that you are here to help them to move. Moving nearby can be a little easier because you can gradually transport all of their belongings and make sure that they don’t feel so much stress about moving day. When you have to help elderly people relocate long distance, you have to plan everything along with them. This means that you should ask them to participate in decision making.

    One step that ensures a successful move is to hire professionals. When you are researching a moving company, see what kind of services they offer. Make sure that you choose movers who have experience with a long-distance relocation. It is not quite the same as moving nearby. Big cities, like New York, have so many moving companies, but it also means that the competition is high and you can get a good deal with reliable movers. Find out how good their references are when you need to hire cross country movers NYC. Price should be only one of the important elements of your decision. The best way to help elderly relocate long distance is to get help and advice from experts.

    Another thing, when you need to pack their belongings don’t forget to ask them to decide for themselves what they want to keep and what they need to throw away. Put yourself in their shoes, can you imagine how much valuables and memorabilia they have? Of course, the best way to help them is also to encourage them to get rid of unnecessary belongings. Together, you can make different piles of stuff they want to keep, donate or sell. 

    Once you finish separating all piles you can check with movers if they offer packing services. This is a great way to get more free time and spend it with your family. It is easier if a moving company do all the packing and unpacking so you don’t have to worry about taking care of your family and safe packing at the same time.    

    Check with their doctor before you decide to help elderly people relocate long distance

    No matter how old are your family members or friends you need to help, you should see how their health is. Meet with their doctor to learn if they need to prepare before the relocation begins. A doctor can help you to decide on the best way to transport them – assuming they have any medical condition that requires special care.

    Checking with a doctor before elderly relocate long distance
    Make sure to get them enough prescription before they arrive to visit a new doctor

    You can also try to find them a new doctor and provide them a feeling of security, once they move. 

    Choose the right kind of transportation

    Providing them safe transportation is one way of helping elderly people relocate long distance. With people that are walking with difficulties or disabled persons, a plane is a best and safest way to travel. They can not travel by bus for a long distance, because they need help getting on and off the bus every time they stop on a break. Do not forget to talk with the airline and ask for a wheelchair to transport them to the plane. Most airlines provide a wheelchair free of charge. In case you have a person with a disability who has their own wheelchair, you need to check it and use the one provided from the gate to the plane. Plan all the details in advance and explain them to elderly people relocate long distance.

    Older gentleman in a train
    The train is also a good way of transportation if it’s not a long ride

    You can accompany your family members if they don’t feel up to traveling alone. They will feel secure if you go with them and help them to settle in a new place. 

    Let them make important decisions

    Do not assume that they don’t know what they want. Your help will be more appreciated if you let them decide on all the important things. Allow them to choose where to place furniture, appliances or even decoration.

    Table filled with souvenirs
    Make sure to pack plenty of photos and other important belongings

    When elderly people relocate long distance most of the help they need is with transportation and packing, assuming they are in good health. They need to feel that they are in control of the situation and moving should provide them a nicer life.

    Moving them closer to you

    If your family is moving from some smaller place to be closer to you, make sure that you have enough free time to spend with them in the future. They are relocating long distance so it is easier for all of you, it shouldn’t be a burden for anybody. A big city can be a little scary for newcomers so moving should be well planned and organized. It is always best to hire local movers so you can concentrate on your family. Also hire moving companies upper west side, because the local company has the right equipment and they will make sure that your moving day goes smoothly. A part of helping elderly people relocate is to provide them safety and this is better with professional help.

    If they are moving into your house, make sure that you are on the same page. If you have discussed and agreed that this is the best solution for everybody, you will need to change your routine as well. Prepare yourself for a new living situation, because they will probably need time to adapt and understand that they are no longer the only one in charge. Involving them in decision making is a good way to help them relocate long distance and that they don’t regret doing so


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