How to get the right moving insurance?

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    When you are about to move, you should think about so many things. Among those things is definitely getting the right moving insurance. This is an important part of any move for so many reasons. Whether you are moving to Manhattan, or somewhere else, getting a good moving insurance is definitely something you should do. It can help you not to think about your items when you have so many other, more important things on your mind while moving. From finding the right moving company to getting the right packing material. So many things to think about when moving, right? At least you will be at ease knowing that your items are protected by a professional moving company and the right moving insurance. So, let’s see how you can get the right moving insurance.

    What is moving insurance?

    Before we start talking about what is the right moving insurance for you, we have to know what the moving insurance in general is. Getting moving insurance means that you are aware that who works can make mistakes. The same goes for a professional moving company and its employees. There is a possibility that some items get damaged, scratched, broken or maybe even lost in the process of moving. Hopefully, this won’t happen, but by having the right moving insurance you are covered for anything that may happen.

    It is important to cover all the possibilities

    Once you hire Upper East Side movers you should dedicate a little extra time to finding good moving insurance. The fun fact is that moving companies cannot provide you with moving insurance, but they can give you a good recommendation. So, if you are not sure about the right moving insurance, listening to advice from a carefully selected moving company is a way to go.

    You will get a valuation

    Having the right moving insurance means that they will give you a valuation. This is also something that a moving company can do for you as well. What us a valuation, you ask? Well, as the word itself says valuation is an assessment of how much the moving company will reimburse you in a case of something happening to your items. There are a lot of clauses where you should be extra careful when checking out, because depending on what moving insurance you have picked, if you have packed on your own, and something gets damaged there is a real possibility that the moving company will not be in an obligation to reimburse you. You simply have to be careful about things like that. Then there are shipping insurances, etc.

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    Make sure you know terms of insurance

    Finding the right moving company

    Before finding the right moving insurance, you should find the right moving company. As we have already mentioned earlier, moving companies cannot provide you with moving insurance, but they can provide you with a recommendation and valuation. Before all that let’s see what you need in order to find the right moving company:

    • Find companies online
    • Choose at least three that seem appealing
    • Look for the reviews
    • Check to see if they have a license for this line of business
    • Check how long they are in the business

    These are the things you have to cover in order to avoid fraudulent companies, fraudulent realtors, etc. Nowadays, when everything is accessible online people unfortunately have a lot of bad experiences with fraudulent companies.

    What happens if you don’t get the right moving insurance?

    There is a possibility that you don’t get the right moving insurance, or that you don’t get it at all. This is not a big deal, but you have to face the fact that if something gets damaged, the moving company depending again on the moving company you hire will cover around 10 percent of the loss. On the other hand, if you don’t want to get moving insurance, maybe you can simply do this move as a DIY project. Have some friends over, some pizza and refreshing drinks and start moving. No moving companies, no insurance and then you won’t have to deal with all this. However, there will be a lot of work. Packing, transportation, unpacking, loading, unloading…

    DIY worker
    Sometimes it is smarter to get professional help

    It is not as simple as it sounds. So, choose your battles. What is easier for you? To dedicate some time to finding the right moving company and moving insurance, or to simply move on your own, without all the paperwork. If you do decide to move on your own, nobody can guarantee you that you won’t break something, or lose something in the transportation. Actually, chances are bigger of that happening, without the moving company and moving insurance. Now you can make an informed decision.

    Maybe you really do not need it

    If you think about it, you may not need the moving insurance. Think about your possessions. How valuable are they? If everything you have is on some level replaceable, then moving insurance can be redundant. If you have some very valuable items, then you can simply move those items all by yourself, but still have the movers transport all other items. Definitely something to think about.

    Moving is an exhausting process. It takes a lot of planning and thinking. Also, it takes time. A move itself takes about a day, depending on where you are moving, but all in all, it is a process and you have to dedicate some time to it. The same goes for finding the right moving insurance. Step by step, you need to think about the circumstances of your move, and depending on that, make the decision to get moving insurance or not. Whatever you decide, good luck with the move, and be patient. Remember, it is a process.

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