How to get back some of the money spent on relocation

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    Moving can put quite a toll on your finances. Even the smallest moving task that you have overlooked can spiral into a huge expense. That is why great planning and organization are so important to the entire process. When you have your moving budget realistically set, it is quite possible to follow it throw. However, there’s no reason not to save or get back some of the money spent on relocation when that’s possible. You just need to know how, and this guide is here to help you with that.

    Get back some of the money spent on relocation through the packing supplies

    Anyone of the packing and moving companies NYC can tell you that you can save a lot of money on packing supplies. On the other hand, if you didn’t think about that when you were purchasing them, you can still get back some of the money spent on relocation from protective materials.

    Packing supplies can cost a lot, but the good news is that you can reuse them. They can double as the storage containers, toys to your pets or you can keep them for another relocation. If you have one planned for the near future, be sure to do that. However, if you wish to get some money back from your investment, you can always resell them.

    Don’t waste your time knocking on the doors of the professionals like Gramercy Park movers. Reliable and reputable moving companies are using only the original and new packing supplies, and they don’t shop around for used goods.

    But don’t despair – there are a lot of people who are buying second-hand packing supplies, especially the packing boxes.

    • Use the magic of the internet and you will find a surprising number of specialized companies which are buying such items.
    • Check your recycling spot as well. Some recycling centers pay money for the items you bring to them to process. Also, the companies with their own recycling stations are a good bet.
    • Local entrepreneurs may also benefit from your old cardboard boxes if they are clean and sturdy. You lose nothing by asking around in the local shops, craft stores or even pet shops, and you can get a nice pile of cash.
    Recycling bag
    Your local recycling center may compensate you for your reusable packing supplies.

    Earn some money from decluttering your home after packing

    Surely, the best advice you’ll ever get when moving is in question is to declutter your home before packing. Still, that can’t be always doable, like in the case when you’re packing in the hurry. With the last-minute move, that is something that can take a lot of the time you simply don’t have.

    If you didn’t sort out your household for any reason before the move, you should certainly do it after. Especially because it can help you to get back some of the money spent on relocation.

    All the things that are in great condition but you just don’t use or want any more, you can sell. But you have to unpack your boxes first and decide what you really need and wish to keep.

    First of all, make four piles:

    • Trash – in case that something unusable pass by while you were packing
    • Sell – for the items that are in good shape
    • Donate – for the things that are quite usable, but not in the condition to sell
    • Keep pile – items you want in your new home

    To shorten the process, make the selection parallel to the unpacking. As you take the items from the boxes place them into the suitable piles.
    Once the unpacking is complete, think of the best way to monetize your sell pile. You can make a yard sale, take your items to the second-hand shop or try to sell it on eBay.

    That way, your new home will be completely free of clutter. It will contain only the things that truly make you happy, while you will get back some of the money spent on relocation. Quite a win-win situation, you have to agree.

    Yard sale - great way to get back some of the money spent on relocation
    Yard sale or internet – it’s your choice, with the same result.

    If some of your items suffer damages, don’t hesitate to claim your compensation

    When you are using the services of the reliable moving company, they will be liable for the safety of your belongings during the relocation. It should be clearly stated in the moving contract, combined with the amount of compensation. Meaning that you have right for monetary compensation in the case your things turn up with damages on them, or don’t arrive at your destination at all.

    The minute you notice that some of your things are missing or have damages, don’t hesitate to call your movers and file a complaint. The longer you wait, the fewer chances that you will get compensation. While it is never fun to get your items broken or lost, this is one way to get back some of the money spent on relocation. It is certainly not ideal, but at least you will be getting something.

    Broken chair
    If any of your items aren’t in the same condition, make a complaint to your movers immediately.

    What is better than to get back some of the money spent on relocation? Saving it in the first place

    Knowing where to cut corners when moving on a budget is always a great thing. With so many ways to save money, the relocation doesn’t have to be such an expensive event after all. From starting to plan early, hiring affordable movers, trough decluttering your home, to getting free packing supplies. There are really many opportunities to make sure to stay in the budget and yet have a pleasant move.

    That is why the preparation and great organization is the key to the budget-saving move. If you are contemplating the move, explore all the options that are on your plate. Since they can save you a lot of green bills.
    In the end, no matter is your move at its start or its completed, it’s good to know that you can always get back some of the money spent on relocation, as demonstrated above. It will be less if you don’t save on the moving tasks upfront, but it still can pile up nicely.


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