How to free up space in your home

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    Living in Manhattan for many means getting a small apartment you can barely afford. And even though these small apartments have their advantages – you are living in the best city in the world! – there might be some things that are not so great as well. For once, there never seems to be enough room for your things! This is why one of your main concerns when in Manhattan might be figuring out ways in which you can free up space in your home. In this article, we will discuss some of the methods you can use. Thanks to these, moving to Manhattan does not need to be a storage nightmare anymore!

    Learn to declutter to free up space in your home

    One of the best things you can do in order to get some more space for your stuff is to declutter. Throughout the years, we get a lot of, often useless, things. These can be small souvenirs and trinkets from our travels or small gifts we got for various occasions. They can also be random things we found on clearance racks or yard sale or the clothes we liked but never wear. However you got them, in your apartment there must be a pile of things that you keep, but seldom use. Clearing these out should be your priority.

    A shelf with clutter items.
    Think about all the clutter you have.

    First, go through each and every room you have. Look carefully over your things, and decide whether or not you need each one. If you really want to free up space in your home, then be ruthless when doing this. Especially pay attention to the wardrobe – this is where you will be able to gain the most storage after you are done. The rule of the thumb says that you should throw out anything that has not seen use in the last six months. The only exceptions to this rule are the things that have a specific sentimental value – your wedding dress, for example.

    After you have gone through each and every room you have, get some quality moving boxes Manhattan and start packing the clutter. You should figure out what you want to do with these. Do you sell them or donate them? Maybe no one can really use them so you will just toss them out? If you sell them, think about whether you’ll visit a second-hand shop, or hold a yard sale. You should also think about who you can donate to.

    Figure out different storage options in your home

    Now that you have made some room in your home, it is time to think about the various storage options that have opened up. First, let’s examine what storage really is, and what needs does it fulfill. A good storage solution does a couple of things. First, it creates more space for you by putting various things in one place. Then, it helps you streamline your organization process by grouping similar items together. Because of this, it will also save you time. When you have a good storage solution, then you will know where everything is, so you won’t waste time searching for it.

    Use different storage solutions to free up space in your home

    There are different storage solutions you can use. These, of course, depending on their purpose and the place where you will put them. Most professional organizers often recommend you use clear, plastic containers. There are multiple reasons for this. First, you can see through them, so you will not need to rummage through boxes or chests in order to find the right one. Then, they stack fairly easily. If you have a closet, you can fill it up with various stacked containers and you will have an organized and easy to find storage.

    A basket with candles and flowers.
    Use different materials for different rooms.

    Of course, you cannot put these everywhere if you worry about interior design. Their drawback is that they are not quite as pretty as, let’s say, some vintage chests that you might have. So, if you have space in other areas of your apartment, you may need to use other containers. For example, wicker baskets and boxes are fun and interesting, and they go well with a lot of modern interior designs. Wooden chests can fit perfectly in your bedroom or living room. Finally, you can even use the room under your desk to store some boxes that you don’t need. Just remember that whatever you are using, you should always keep your storage clean and tidy.

    Think vertically to free up space in your home

    If you realize that getting boxes and crates might not be enough, it’s time to start getting serious about storage in your apartment. One important thing that many long-term and short-term storages in Manhattan do is what is known as thinking vertically. This is nothing hard. You simply need to realize and actively think about the space in your apartment.

    Small bags on a shelf are great when you want to free up space in your home.
    Put lighter items on high shelves.

    There is a thing called prime real estate and this is where most people place the items they often use. This is an area in your apartment between your knees and your shoulders. When you put things on this height, it means that you will usually reach for them first. This is also the area where your eyes usually go to. Just think about how high in your apartment are your TV, shelves with books, fridge, and similar items. In order to maximize the storage in your apartment, you need to think outside of this zone.

    So, look at the space between your floor and your ceiling. Try to see just how much, or how little of it is filled up. Then, figure out ways in which you can use this knowledge to free up space in your home. For example, you can set up a bench next to the door where people can put their shoes on. Then, you can use the space under it as a shoe rack. You can also install small shelves on your walls for some lighter items. Doing little things like these might not seem like much, but they are there to help you maximize the space in your home.

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