How to find reusable packing supplies

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    Moving your house or office requires a lot of planning and sometimes a lot of money that you will spend on transport, packing, and other related things. As you start to plan your relocation you will realize that you need to get loads of packing supplies so you can pack up your whole house. At this point, you have to consider getting reusable packing supplies, so you can benefit from them once again later on. Don’t be repelled by this idea, it doesn’t have to cost much more and you can find other purposes of your packing supplies.

    Everyday reusable packing supplies

    Reusable packing supplies can actually be everyday items that can be used again for something else. When you are supplying you have to get packing materials that will last. For example, instead of cardboard moving boxes, you can get plastic bins or crates. Or get some good quality moving boxes Manhattan because they surely can be used after you move. For wrapping wooden furniture or fragile items, buy moving blankets or furniture paddings.  

    Plastic bins and boxes

    A number one go-to packing material is plastic. This refers to reusable packing supplies of course. Plastic boxes are excellent because you will surely use them once you move. When you start to unpack you will see how fast you’ll make a pile of used cardboard boxes, paper, tape and much more. Unpacking after the move is not a great time to make another mess you’ll need to clean after. If you use plastic boxes, you can simply store them in the garage and pack whatever you want inside. It will keep your belongings dry and safe from dust, pests or anything similar. 

    Green plastic containers stacked on top of each other. This is a great option if you're looking for reusable packing supplies.
    You could also use plastic crates if you have them already. Just make sure to strap them when you load them in the moving truck.

    Store your seasonal clothes in them. You can switch them for every season if you want to have more room in the closet. Another great use is for a storage unit. People who are living in Manhattan are used to small living areas so in case you have a lot of belongings or you move often, rent a storage unit and store everything in there. You can rent it for a short period or a longer one. Plastic boxes are easy to open frequently and therefore they are the best solution for storage. 

    It is also good for local moving as it is for long-distance moving. If you are moving to Nomad Manhattan, check with your Nomad movers what kind of reusable packing supplies they offer. Plastic crates are usually used for tools or something else you have in bulk. It is the easiest way to transport it. 

    Moving blankets

    Moving blankets are heavy-duty blankets that provide excellent protection to your furniture and other belongings. They will prevent any scratches or breakages when moving. The good thing about moving blankets is that you can wash them and use them again. We don’t recommend to dry them in a dryer. They are a bit pricier reusable packing materials. If you have a tight budget, you can use old blankets or towels. It is a great substitute and it won’t cost you. Just make sure that you wrap everything fragile, especially if you are moving long-distance because the transport is longer.

    A pile of old blankets. Blankets are another type of reusable packing supplies.
    Use your old blankets if you can’t buy moving blankets, that way you will also save more packing space.

    When you have antique or wooden furniture, you need to protect it during the move. If you can’t buy moving blankets, consider renting them. It is extremely important to know the proper way to pack your antique furniture to avoid any damages.

    Furniture pads

    You probably already know about furniture pads. Smaller pieces are used for furniture legs when you stick them to bottom they don’t scratch your floors. Furniture pads are very useful reusable packing supplies and they are also washable, like moving blankets. Use larger pads to cover and wrap furniture and other items during the move. You can fill moving boxes with them, so your belongings can’t get damaged during the bumpy transport. It will prevent your stuff from moving around inside boxes. 

    One more excellent purpose of these reusable packing supplies is to use pads for moving heavy furniture. When you need to move something very heavy or large and you don’t have straps, forklift or else, you can place furniture pads underneath that furniture and then slide it where you need to. You will see that this is a great solution that will save you a lot of energy and trouble.

    Packaging paper

    So packing paper is almost a necessity for moving and packing. Use it for wrapping dishes, glasses, plates and once you move and later you can use it to wrap gifts, for example. Give your kids paper to draw or use it for some school project. Of course, you can always use packing paper to wrap whatever fragile and breakable items you are storing in your garage or attic. Anyway, this is the purpose of packing paper, to fill the void in moving boxes and to save your fragile belongings during transport.

    Recycled packing supplies

    Plastic or garbage bags are also packing supplies that can be reused. It is cheaper to pack your clothes in the garbage or large plastic bag. When you think about it, it can save you so much time in packing. If your clothes are on hangers, you can simply lay them on a bed, so all the hangers are on top of each other. Next, you will take a large plastic bag and poke a small hole on the bottom of the bag.

    Luggage bags
    A great trick for packing a large pile of clothes is to pack them with a plastic bag, all in one.

    Take those hangers in a bundle and pull through the hole. This way you will pack a large pile of clothes in one move. Also, if you lay them straight, one on top of another, you won’t have wrinkled clothes when you unpack.  So, as you can tell there are many different reusable packing supplies you can find and save money.

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