How to disassemble furniture when moving: Step-by-step guide

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    It is a fact that the home moving process can get quite exhausting. Also, it can get even harder if you have to move bulky and heavy items. Sure, the first step is to hire long distance movers Manhattan. In the meantime, you can commit to preparing your furniture for relocation. So, we’ve put together an ultimate guide on how to disassemble furniture when moving. We can help you finish this job safely and efficiently. Ultimately, the goal is to disassemble your furniture and move it undamaged. Meaning, there won’t be any potential injuries for anyone involved in the process. So, keep on reading and get all the details on this matter.

    Where to begin if you have to disassemble furniture when moving?

    Moving furniture requires good preparation and organization. As well as the whole process of moving. However, before you disassemble furniture for moving it, you have to prepare it. For the rest, you can always hire moving service Manhattan. So, here is how you can prepare your furniture for disassembling.

    Is your furniture worth moving?

    As you already know, the more items you have, the price of your relocation will be higher. That’s why it’s crucial to assess the situation regarding your furniture. So, one choice is to move most of your furniture pieces to your new home. If so, you should know that that will cost you good money. Logically, the enormous weight of your furniture pieces will raise the price of moving. You should also know that the moving professionals will charge you based on the total weight of your shipment. Therefore, the conclusion is that it’s often cheaper to buy new furniture upon arrival than to haul old one. Also, this is one of the reasons to consider disassembling furniture before moving. Because it’s often an easier and more practical thing to do.

    Two people holding a white chair
    Some furniture items might not need disassembling.

    Steps to take before you disassemble furniture

    Reliable and experienced Washington Heights movers will always suggest good preparation. So, before you disassemble your furniture, you have to measure furniture items and doorways. Because there will be some furniture pieces that can pass safely through all doorways, corners, and hallways. Logically, those furniture pieces can remain as they are and be moved safely. But before deciding on this matter, we advise you to measure the doorways and hallways. Afterward, measure the dimensions of all the furniture items that have to be moved. Precisely, measure their height, width, and length. Then, compare the values to see if you might have any fitting problems. Also, if some of the larger furniture pieces won’t fit safely through any of the openings along the path, disassemble them. Or you can hire Manhattan moving and storage to store them safely.

    Find the right help

    There are many ways to get through the process of disassembling furniture when moving. Here are some of them.

    Ask for help from your friends

    It is always recommendable to ask friends for assistance. We don’t advise you to try to take apart large and heavy furniture all by yourself. Because there are dangers in the process. Also, some furniture disassembly steps require at least two pairs of hands to do it successfully. Not to mention the time you’ll need to do it all by yourself. So, ask someone you trust for assistance. For instance, you can ask a friend, neighbor, or co-worker. Or some of your family members. The more helpers you can gather to help you disassemble furniture when moving, the better.

    Man caryying a couch
    Ask your friends to help you with the process of disassembling and moving furniture.

    Read the instruction manuals for your furniture’s disassembling process

    Having the instruction manuals on hand will ease the dismantling of the big furniture pieces, no doubt. Also, it will surely make transportation to your new home safer and easier. That will be of great importance for larger items such as an armoire, or a china cabinet. However, even though you might feel like you can manage the task without consulting the assembly instructions, read it anyways. Because some furniture pieces need to be taken apart in a very specific order. So, it is always better to refresh your memory during the furniture disassembly process. Finally, note that in most cases, furniture disassembly instructions mean furniture assembly instructions followed backward.

    Get the correct tools to disassemble furniture

    To handle this process correctly, acquire the correct tools for dismantling safely your bulky furniture items. So, you are going to need some screws, bolts, and nuts, for instance, along with the other essential tools. Also, those screws, bolts, and nuts must be different in size, depending on the type of furniture. So, you’ll need one complete set of screwdrivers for removing the screws. Finally, get one set of wrenches to remove the bolts and nuts.

    Person choosing a screwdriver
    Get the right tools for your furniture disassembling.

    More tips for dismantling furniture before moving

    • Along with the needed tools, don’t forget to get a small hammer. This tool will come in handy when you’re disassembling your furniture for relocation. But be very careful when and how you use this tool. You can easily damage your furniture with it, but also yourself. So, be careful and use it properly.
    • Some of your furniture pieces may acquire some special disassembling tools. So, read the instruction manual and check the details before the process starts. That way, you will save your time afterward.
    • Last but not least, do not disassemble furniture items that are nailed or glued together. Those kinds of items are simply not meant to be disassembled. Also, some movers will refuse to help you disassemble this kind of furniture. Simply, they will refuse it due to the very high risk of damage.

    Good organization is half the work

    As you could see, it is not so difficult to disassemble furniture when moving. However, it isn’t to be taken lightly, as it requires good organization and planning. If you follow our advice and prepare properly for this task, we guarantee you’ll have successful relocation and undamaged furniture. Then, after the process is over, you can enjoy the time after your move.  

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